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Lady Paperclip
15 April 2020 @ 09:33 pm

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Also, like, I don't know how you do this, but I have blanket permission to podfic or translate my fic, just drop me a comment once you've done it so I can link it to everyone!

This is just a space to speak to me! Whether you just want to say hi (or bye), give concrit or suggestions, request something you think I should write, rec something you think I should read or watch or listen to, or ask me anything, go ahead, I'm listening.

Jenn (Lady Paperclip)
Lady Paperclip
31 January 2016 @ 10:18 pm
Lady Paperclip
t: New York (Saint in the City)
f: Young Avengers
p: Kate/Cassie
ch: femslash100 kinks table - #25. Temperature, #26. Texture, #8. Breath, #18. Pain.
r/wc: G/1008
s: They’re Young Avengers, emphasis on the young part, and they’ve both definitely earned more than a little simple happiness.
n: [Title is a song by The Academy Is...] Canon divergent AU in that Cassie has never died. Four drabbles linked into a seasonal-themed story, ridiculously fluffy, I've no regrets.

It’s so hot that apparently no one wants to try and end the world or whatever.Collapse )
Lady Paperclip
t: My Boyfriend's A Superhero And All I Got Was This Lousy ER Trip
f: Daredevil
p: Claire/Karen, Matt/Foggy
ch: trope_bingo - superhero
r/wc: PG/2013
s: [canon AU] “I thought we were going to come up with a better-” Nelson begins, visibly stops himself, and continues: “-explanation of that thing that definitely happened.”
n: I just couldn't resist.

Claire’s seen all kinds of shit at 4 a.m. in this ER, but these aren’t her usual kind of people.Collapse )
Lady Paperclip
t: does joe bring flowers to marilyn's grave
f: Revenge
c: Louise; Nolan, Penelope, Lyman
ch: fan_flashworks - floating
r/wc: PG-13/1860
w: Spoilers for all of season four; references to mental health issues, canon-typical murders etc
s: It's an existence, anyway.
n: [Title from Father Lucifer by Tori Amos] I just love Louise so much, you guys. So much.

nothing"s gonna stop me from floating.Collapse )
Lady Paperclip
t: in my race to get out of this place i am checking my face in the back of a spoon
f: Gotham
c: Harvey; Cat; Barbara; Oswald; Bruce
ch: fan_flashworks - sleepless
r/wc: PG-13/3632
w: Spoilers for all of Gotham season one; violence; gruesome imagery; canon-typical triggers
s: Hey, tomorrow we’ll eat your guilt with pancakes, you can start all over again.
n: [Title from Geek Love by Nerina Pallot] The first 3 vignettes were written for fan_flashworks; the other 2 were done later on after the deadline.

Her face twists and screws and he doesn’t even know what he’s angry about, anymore.Collapse )
Lady Paperclip
t: The Quickest Way To A Woman’s Heart
f: The Musketeers
p: Athos/Ninon (past Athos/Milady, implied others)
r/wc: PG/1860
s: [Modern AU] “We had to take Athos shopping for a waffle iron to impress a lady,” d’Artagnan pipes up.
On the other side of the room, Milady snorts into her coffee.
n: [Title from] Written for pennyplainknits; I’ve been taking requests, and hers was: Ninon/Athos or Athos/Failure. Buying the Waffle Iron was the first mistake. I’ve basically gleefully written a fic where everyone is the worst, you’re all welcome.

Athos is definitely going to get himself new friends at some point.Collapse )
Lady Paperclip
t: with the furies breathing down your neck
f: The Hunger Games
c: Johanna, Finnick
ch: fan_flashworks - The End of the World and fc_smorgasbord - 093. stubbornness
r/wc: PG-13/1060
s: [Present Day AU] Johanna supposes that if you considered it from a different angle and squinted a lot, some aspect of this might actually look like a road trip.
n: [Title from the REM song It's The End Of The World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine).] Finnick and Johanna roadtrip the apocalypse. I'm handwavy about it, as I am about people like Annie, so, just, go with it. And I quote The End of the World by Skeeter Davis at one point.

The years have changed them both more than a little.Collapse )
Lady Paperclip
t: sugar sugar, honey honey
f: Selfie
p: pre Henry/Eliza
ch: trope_bingo at dreamwith – food and cooking
r/wc: G/1450
s: [Bakery AU] “I don’t think people are leaving you crack-laced muffins, Henry,” Sam says.
n: [Title from The Archies] I offered to write AU ficlets for people on twitter, and the first to come in from teaboytoaliens was a Henry/Eliza bakery AU. This wasn’t as Henry/Eliza as I meant it to be, but I enjoyed myself a lot (and got to mention a thing from the show that I think about far too much). And if you think I wasn’t listening to Suga Mama by Beyonce while writing like 2/3 of this, you would be wrong.

When he squints, he can see where her shoes have left sparkles on the pristine linoleum.Collapse )
Lady Paperclip
t: Barnacled Warship
f: Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell
p: Arabella/Jonathan
ch: hc_bingo – combat
r/wc: PG/1325
w: Vague PTSD or equivalent thereof, so, bear that in mind.
s: Arabella’s husband has returned from the war. Well, at least, someone’s husband has.
n: [Title is a weirdly fitting Johnny Flynn song] Probably tilted slightly more toward the TV version than the book, just because the Arabella/Jonathan dynamic is more… IDK, something, anyway. But works whichever medium you’ve consumed. I just love them so muuuuch. So I guess next time I’ll write something with less angst and more magic/bonking.

Fidgeting with his clothes with tics that he has brought back with him the way other husbands bring home souvenirsCollapse )
Lady Paperclip
t: i don't wanna be your superman
f: Young Avengers
p: Kate/America
ch: femslash100 - kinks table: 2. anonymity, 9. clothing, 21. restrained, 12. exhibitionism, 22. roleplay & femslash100100 - 181. costume
r/wc: PG-13/1255
s: [canon-divergent AU] “I can’t believe you came to ComicCon dressed as yourself,” Billy is saying for about the thirtieth time.
n: [Title from Save The Day by Train] Set in a slight AU where everything's the same but no one knows who America is - if she's non-powered or not gone public with her powers, you can pick! I just had the idea of Kate cosplaying Hawkeye at ComicCon and someone mocking her for it, and obvs it was going to be America. I'm actually working London ComicCon this weekend!

Kate wonders if she’s being checked out or caught out.Collapse )
Lady Paperclip
t: What I Used To Want
f: Marvel (Young Avengers/Hawkeye/Avengers)
p: Kate/Jess
ch: femslash100 - kinks table prompts: 15. humiliation/shame, 13. food, 5. begging, 4. bathing
r/wc: PG-13/1005
s: "We had that horrible conversation that Billy pointed out didn’t pass the Bechdel test – yes, I get the irony – and I came to apologise, but, erm, apparently I hit on you instead. My bad.”
n: Four drabbles linked into a story; set sometime after the Fraction Hawkeye run, but otherwise, don't ask about timelines.

Kate isn"t blushing Kate isn"t blushing Kate isn"t blushing.Collapse )
Lady Paperclip
t: chasing their tails trying to track us down
f: Selfie
p: Henry & Eliza; pre Henry/Eliza
ch: fan_flashworks - Amnesty prompt: communication
r/wc: PG/3730
w: It’s an Elementary AU, so mild references to past drug abuse.
s: [Elementary AU] “Did you think that that was an appropriate outfit to wear to a crime scene?” Henry asks.
n: [Title from I Know Places by Taylor Swift.] I… have no idea how this happened! Earlier this evening I was like “…I should probably get around to watching Selfie”, and then I was writing an Elementary AU for it where Henry’s a consulting detective and Eliza’s his sober companion who’s weirdly good at all this, eventually. My dodgy knowledge of certain bits of certain social media is probably showing.

When he was a kid, they had a dog that humped the furniture. He presumes this is much the same thing.Collapse )
Lady Paperclip
t: Over The Crushed Ice
f: MCU
p: Bucky/Loki
ch: mcu_aufest
r/wc: PG/2125
s: [Normal!AU] “That’s Loki Laufeyson,” Angie replied, reaching for a bottle of kahlua. “You’ve seen him falling out of every single bar in this city, usually accompanied by underwear models.” She screwed up her nose. “I don’t know how he gets hold of that many underwear models, actually, he must have some agency’s number.”
n: Written for aurilly for the MCU AU Fest. I'd love to come back and play with this 'verse sometime :)

On the whole, Bucky likes bartending.Collapse )
Lady Paperclip
t: Horribly In Love
f: Much Ado About Nothing
p: Beatrice/Benedick
ch: ficmountain 2015
r/wc: G/1504
s: Her mouth is a delighted curve that belongs to him now and yet does not belong to him, and sometimes Benedick wonders what it would be like to marry someone who did not know all of his flaws already.
n: Written for the Night on Fic Mountain exchange (sort of like summer yuletide).

Their marriage bed comes twined with laughter.
Lady Paperclip
28 June 2015 @ 12:20 am
Tables and cards for things.

General fandoms for femslashficlets @ dreamwidth.

1. Deathless Aphrodite of the spangled mind
2. Some men say an army of horse
3. ...among mortal women, know this
4. ...for those
5. He seems to me equal to gods that man
6. stars around the beautiful moon
7. you burn me
8. their heart grew cold
9. you came and I was crazy for you
10. not one girl I think
11. I simply want to be dead.
12. may you sleep on the breast of your delicate friend
13. here now
14. but me you have forgotten
15. stand to face me beloved
16. someone will remember us
17. when all night long
18. and on the eyes
19. Moon has set
20. spangled is

Card for hc_bingo

alien abduction insomnia de-age wings archaic medical treatment
self-harm abandonment issues combat sensory deprivation hallucinations
restrained whipping / flogging WILD CARD sex pollen drowning
on the run group support side effects slaves accidents
forced to participate in illegal / hurtful activity loss of possessions amnesia loss of home / shelter major illness or injury

Card for seasonofkink @ dw

begging punishment mechanical/technological sensation play objectification
non-body fetish hedonism possession/collars gender play striptease
size kink threesomes WILD CARD uniform kink flirting/seduction
phonesex/sexting consent play/negotiation emotion play/jealousy age kink shaving/waxing
dirty talk domestic service/manual labour chains/locks impact pain play humiliation

card for trope_bingo @ dw

rare pairs food and cooking superhero immortality / reincarnation sharing a bed
coming out (of the closet) in vino veritas / drunkfic fluff bubble bath Unhappy ending
virginfic au: alternate gender norms FREE SPACE in Another Man's Shoes  huddle for warmth
animal version (or human version) Bite mark/bruise au: band fake relationship fuck or die
spanking au: space transformations locked in poker/strip poker
Lady Paperclip
t: i’m like a lawyer with the way i’m always trying to get you off
f: Young Avengers/She-Hulk
p: Kate/Jennifer, Kate/Patsy, Kate/Patsy/Jennifer, Jennifer/Patsy
ch: femslash100 – kinks table prompts: 6. biting/bruising, 3. authority, 17. obedience, 1. altered states, 14. groups
r/wc: PG-13/1250
s: Kate tries a law internship. Nobody gets a lot of work done.
n: [Title is a Fall Out Boy song, yep.] Written so the 5 drabbles are distinct scenes, but strung together into what kind of resembles a story (and much lower rating than the prompts suggest!) I couldn’t resist, I’m not even sorry. Don’t ask about timelines; sometime post Young Avengers and Hawkeye, and post the recent Marvel Now She-Hulk run.

Kate chokes, and covers badly.Collapse )
Lady Paperclip
t: and you’re doing oh so well these days
f: Agent Carter (MCU)
p: Peggy/Howard (past Steve/Peggy)
ch: towerparty – lightning round
r/wc: R/2505
s: “You ever think we missed our chance?” Howard asks.
“We’d only have squandered it,” Peggy responds.
n: [Title from Liquid Diamonds by Tori Amos.] My prompt was there's something 'bout a midnight rain, and, as ever, whenever I’m meant to be writing smut, I went for pretentious and vaguely sad instead. This probably won’t make much sense if you haven’t watched Agent Carter.

She and Howard are fundamentally different in so many ways, but they bear more matching scars than they’re ever comfortable admitting.Collapse )
Lady Paperclip
03 May 2015 @ 08:22 pm
t: Star Whisperer
f: Thor
c: Sif; Warriors Three, Thor, Loki, Heimdall
ch: space_swap
r/wc: G/3000
s: “Are there carnivorous plants on this planet?” Sif asks Loki.
Loki lifts and drops a shoulder. “Perhaps,” he says. “I just thought the illustrations in the book were particularly animated.”
n: [Title is a Tori Amos song.] Written for thinkatory, who wanted worldbuilding in space for the Thor people. Couple of notes: I've mixed comics and films for Hogun's homeworld stuff, and I've made Sif and Heimdall siblings in this like they are in the comics.

Part of proving herself as strong and brave as any Asgardian man was learning their drinking songs and not flinching at any of them.Collapse )
Lady Paperclip
19 April 2015 @ 10:50 pm
Placeholder for my Not Prime Time letter.
Lady Paperclip
18 April 2015 @ 10:19 pm
Dear Author letter for mcu_aufest.

Hi author!

Firstly, I'm already obscenely overexcited because AUs are like my only love, so whatever happens and whatever you write I shall be delighted by it! Thank you! Next, a handful of suggestions that will hopefully make this a bit easier for you.

+ General Likes: Slow burn/build, first times, meetcutes, tropes, clichés, fluffy angst, angsty fluff, happy endings, background pairings/friendships, slice-of-life, character cameos, canon divergence, alternate meetings etc.

+ General Dislikes: Major character death (even canonical! Feel free to take that out), extreme daddy issues, addiction, hurt/comfort as the only focus, character bashing, infidelity sad endings.

+ Porn: Fine by me! Just keep it vaguely in character. I like spanking, rimming and lots of kissing. Similarly, G-rating/pre-relationship things are ALSO OKAY.

+ If you want to include additional background ships/friendships, since I just said I like them, here's some dynamics I like: Tony/Pepper, Tony&Rhodey, Tony/Pepper/Rhodey, Rhodey&Pepper, Jane/Darcy, Thor/Jane, Clint/Sam, Nat/Bruce, Peggy/Steve, Peggy/Howard, Peggy&Jarvis, Peggy&Angie, Peggy&Daniel, Peggy/Daniel/Jack, Clint&Nat, Steve&Sam, Steve&Bucky, Clint/Sam, Lance/Bobbi, Trip/everyone, Fitz&Simmons, Jemma/Skye, Steve/Thor, Sif/Fandral, Loki/Bucky, Sif/Loki, Loki&Sif.

+ Re: normal/depowered!AUs: love them! If you want to have them all as people with superpowers who also go to high school/hunt vampires/run bakeries et al, cool, and if you want to have them doing those things but as secret night-time superheroes then cool, and if you want them to have never heard of Asgard/Iron Man/espionage and just be living in their apartment as a normal person that's all good. Basically, whichever works for you works for me.

+ Re: non-canonical pairings: I'm not a fan of infidelity/conveniently killing off canon other halves, so if you either want to remove the relationship altogether, or have them as exes, I'd prefer that please.

+ If you're feeling extra creative, feel free to combine AUs together: like maybe they're all witches and wizards who live in an apartment complex, or a stripper goes to their local bakery and falls for the person behind the counter, or whatever other prompts I've asked for. I'm aware this is a tricky one, but if the muse bites/it looks like fun, go for it!

+ I really don't need plots if they stress you out - similarly, if you like plots, go you! - so I'm perfectly happy with slice-of-life/vignettes/failboats in love.

+ I realise most of this applies to writing, but hopefully it also works out okay if you're an artist!

+ If you're bemused by all of this/have extra questions, anon commenting should be on on this journal, and if that doesn't work, you can also ask me anon at neitherusenorornament on tumblr.
Lady Paperclip
t: the needle and the thread
f: Doctor Who
p: Sally Sparrow/Larry Nightingale
r/wc: G/1210
s: “Locked door mystery?” Larry asks when he walks in, hair damp from the rain outside, and Sally smiles and shrugs a shoulder and says: “something like that.”
n: Written for dw_guestfest, where people write about minor characters. Just squeaking into my posting date!

Mostly, Sally can do this.Collapse )
Lady Paperclip
t: scramble in the summer sky
f: Young Avengers (Hawkeye)
p: Kate/America (Billy/Teddy, Kate/everyone, etc)
ch: towerparty and femslash100100 – 147. bond
r/wc: PG-13/3010
s: Circus!AU. Kate’s first week, when she was still pretty sure this was a terrible idea and also not one that real people actually had – seriously, in the twenty-first century, who ran away with the circus – America came up to her three days in and said without preamble: “is anyone going to come looking for you, Princess?”
n: [Title from 99 Red Balloons, because it came up on shuffle and I haven’t turned it off for an hour now.] My prompt was this vaguely terrifying picture of clowns, so I decided to try and do a circus AU! This challenge is a 24 hour one and I’ve been out most of the day, so this is a bit fragmenty; I’d like to come back sometime and maybe do more with this world. Anyway.

‘This isn’t your Summer of Sexual Discovery, is it?’ America asks dubiously.Collapse )
Lady Paperclip
t: with symphonies and thoughts like sharpened darts
f: The Musketeers
p: Athos/Milady, pre-Porthos/Aramis
ch: trope_bingoblack market
r/wc: PG-13/9000
w: Implied offscreen non/dubcon; Aramis has Alisha’s power from Misfits combined with Spiderwoman’s pheromone powers and that’s bad both for him and those around him. Nothing too dark, but, I’m warning.
s: Superpowers AU. Athos can’t remember a time when he didn’t know what was going to happen before it did.
n: [Title from Trains (Rose, Mary & Time) by Johnny Flynn] Well, I’ve been wanting to write ace!Athos for a while, and this seemed like a good time. With endless love and time for tgrrrmilk, who helped me plot this out, listened to me whinging, and read it through for me. Hopefully, this will become a series, so, look out for more parts in the future!

He was an optimist, once, about the flexibility of the future, about its possibilities, but he isn’t anymore.Collapse )
Lady Paperclip
t: Not Fade Away
f: Sherlock Holmes (Ritchieverse)
p: Mary/Watson (vague implied Holmes/Watson, or OT3 if you headtip and squint)
ch: come_at_onceGood morrow, friends, Saint Valentine is past. // fc_smorgasbord 5. unexpected emptiness ; gaping chasm.
r/wc: R/1740
s: Their marriage begins with a piece missing.
n: [Title is a Rolling Stones song, isn’t it.] I very very loosely interpreted this prompt, ha, and it was all much angstier and less porn-y than I wanted it to be/than it was meant to be. But I like it, so, hey ho, there we have it. Set post Game of Shadows/the whole Reichenbach thing.

John’s energy and fear and love turned solely onto her is beautiful; it is terrifying.Collapse )
Lady Paperclip

au: spaceretail therapyfake charityscrew the rules i have money!au: magic
au: hooker/porn/stripperzombie apocolypseobnoxious in-lawsholidaypoker/strip poker
lampshadegenderswapWILD CARDde-agedscrew the money i have rules!
locked intalking appliance sidekickdeal with the devilmind controlau: daemons
au: fantasyschool nurseau: cop/detectiveblack marketsecret twin/doppelganger

Lady Paperclip
t: too many war wounds and not enough wars
f: Agent Carter
p: Peggy/Sousa/Thompson, Peggy/Sousa (past Peggy/Steve)
r/wc: NC-17/6645
w: General series spoilers, particularly for character stuff in episode 5; d/s, caning.
s: The truth is that either individually or between the two of them they could seriously hurt Jack Thompson, hospitalise him for as long as they saw fit, and they all know that; and yet Jack still walks through Sousa’s apartment door and puts himself in their hands and they honour that because how could they not?
n: [Title from Irresistible by Fall Out Boy.] Well, this was… unexpected. I obvs ship Peggy with everyone she’s ever met because she should bang everyone, but this fic just kind of popped up fully-formed and, erm, yeah. This. I still think Thompson’s a jackass, but that just kind of made me want to write this more? I’ve not done much 1940s research, so, sorry if anything’s jarring/bad. Anyway, enough notes, enjoy this character/relationship study that is also just porn.

Love to TheMarcusCircus for beta-ing the caning for me; all other fuck-ups are my own.

They both cried a little afterwards, tangled in his sheets.Collapse )
Lady Paperclip
31 January 2015 @ 01:29 am
Drabbletag 5 at femslash100 is closing, so there's a drabbleathon to fill as many prompts as possible before it does. I've done... well, 4 for now.

Burn This Floor
Agents of SHIELD | Skye/Jemma | G | ponytail | set season one/pre-Jemma’s haircut | title from Pound The Alarm by Nicki Minaj

Burn This FloorCollapse )

Trade Negotiations
Disney Princesses | Elsa/Merida | R | patience | I ship these two so much tbh

Trade NegotiationsCollapse )

Shut Up and Drive
Young Avengers | Kate/America | G | road trip | title from Rihanna | (also for femslash100100 – 161. camera)

Shut Up and DriveCollapse )

The Musketeers | Constance/Anne | PG | dress fitting | vague season two spoilers

DamaskCollapse )
Lady Paperclip
26 January 2015 @ 01:49 am
Hello person!

Sorry for being so late getting this up, I knew I'd forgotten to do something! I've got a few general likes/dislikes and then underneath some more specific things for the various fandoms. I think most of these should fit for either fic or art, depending on what medium you're working in.

Letter!Collapse )
Lady Paperclip
t: missing some pages
f: Guardians of the Galaxy
c: Nebula; Gamora, Thanos, Ronan
r/wc: NC-17/6600
w: Body horror, torture, gruesome bits, gore, child abuse, possible implications of paedophilic Ronan, general murder/violence, abusive father, vagina dentata, dubious sexual consent.
s: It’s strange, the way things work out. Nebula has no idea why she’s the one with blue skin, when green has always been the colour of futile envy.
n: [Title from Icicle by Tori Amos.] Not particularly canon-compliant with the pre-Guardians Nebula comic, btw, but I did draw on some ideas. This is pretty much relentlessly horrible, so please pay attention to the content warnings; I included everything I could think of that’s implied. Thanks to la_dissonance for reading through the first 5k for me! Ugh, all I wanted to do was write an ill-advised vagina-dentata-inspired ficlet.

Gamora’s the one who has time to think about others. Nebula would rip out her sister’s throat right now if she thought it would make all of this stop.Collapse )
Lady Paperclip
t: despite your heart of gold
f: Marvel Cinematic Universe
c: Peggy, Tony, Howard
r/wc: G/4315
s: Peggy doesn’t mention that she’s played chess for her life against Russian masters and won in more straightforward matches than the one she just played against her godson, over milk and cookies on a Sunday afternoon.
n: [Title from Xxx 88 by MØ] For some reason I wanted to write this before Agent Carter rocks up and switches all the canon again. Presumably I’m still having all the feelings about Legacy Babies etc. Important: I’ve followed the timeline roughly but inaccurately, don’t ask questions about, like, dates. Also, Peggy and her husband never had children, in this version of events. *cough*

Peggy is handed Anthony Edward Stark, a bundle of blankets with a shock of dark hair.Collapse )
Lady Paperclip
t: may these memories break our fall
f: Doctor Who
p: Amy/Rory
r/wc: G/1711
s: Perhaps they’ve seen their fill of the miraculous, the beautiful, the unusual, the impossible, the terrifying; perhaps they haven’t seen their fill of reality TV after all.
n: [Title from Long Live by TSwift.] Written for sonicshambles for the public_call fic exchange. Set post 7x05 – The Angels Take Manhattan, with Amy and Rory adjusting to life in the 40s.

After a while, Amy starts thinking of it as jetlag.Collapse )
Lady Paperclip
t: put it in reverse and hit him again
f: Agents of SHIELD
p: Hunter/Bobbi (background implied pre-Fitz/Mack)
r/wc: R/15,400
w: Spoilers for 2x08, and everything up to then.
s: Is it any wonder, these days, that he opens his mouth and Bobbi just pours right out?
n: I have a few notes for here, eek.
1: I had a go at making this canon-compliant, but I didn’t try that hard, so sorry if I’ve messed up the timeline/canon relationships between characters etc.
2: This is set between 2x08 and 2x09, like, if there was a month between them instead of… not a month.
3: PEOPLE: thanks to laria_gwyn and torakowalski for betaing/handholding the first half (the second half is all on me, guys); and the stuff in scene 7.5 was taken (with permission) from ideas by @goshilovearrows. Thanks!
4: Linking to AO3 for this one, because it's too long for one LJ post. I CAN'T BELIEVE I WROTE SO MUCH.

Bobbi is annoyingly collected for a woman who just came so hard she fractured the sun roof.
Lady Paperclip
t: Some Turn To Dust Or To Gold
f: MCU/Agents of SHIELD
p: Trip/Sharon
ch: writerverse’s November Table Of Doom – affinity & genprompt_bingo – past, present, future
r/wc: PG-15/8025
s: “Let me guess,” Sharon Carter says, “my aunt was your kind of weird jack-off material back in the day, and you think I’d like to know that. Or, hey, you’re pretty sure banging me gets you one step closer to actually being Captain America.”

Antoine can’t help screwing up his face. “People say that to you?”

“The first one,” she shrugs. “The second one I’ve extrapolated.”
n: [Title from Centuries by Fall Out Boy.] Originally I wanted to write this for writerverse’s quick fic the other week (for the prompt you looked too small in their big, black car to be a threat to the men in power - Kate Bush), but the words didn’t come fast enough, so, have it now. I actually mostly just want these two to be forever bros, but I do ship it a bit too, which is how this came about.

Three relevant bits of information for this fic:
1. We don’t know for certain that Gabe Jones is Trip’s granddad, but I needed a name.
2. Peggy Carter and Gabe Jones totes dated in canon.
3. I have probably screwed up the timeline a bit and maybe some SHIELD Academy details; that’s on me, sorry.

‘I promised my granddad I’d have nothing to do with SHIELD,’ Antoine admits, gaze on his chopsticks. ‘But my mom’s the one who’s still alive and she was always much better at emotional blackmail than he was.’Collapse )
Lady Paperclip
t: How You Get The Girl
f: Young Avengers
p: America/Kate (background Billy/Teddy, slight David/Loki)
ch: femslash100100 – 179. Question
r/wc: PG-13/3545
s: Diner!AU. America has never pretended she can’t be hypocritical, but she’s also a hell of a lot better at subtlety than Teddy is. Which is why nobody’s plaguing her to ask out Weirdly Graceful Trust Fund Student.
n: [Title is a TSwift song. But you knew that.] I asked my twitter feed what I should write, and the first response from tambourine was Amerikate Diner!AU, so that is what happened. I also always wanted to write America and Loki as Awful Awful BFFs, so I snuck that in. And an overabundance of Taylor Swift, don’t look at me, I’m still listening to 1989 a lot, AREN’T WE ALL.

‘Haters gonna hate hate hate hate hate,’ Loki says, flatly.Collapse )
Lady Paperclip
t: what spring is like on jupiter (and mars)
f: MCU – Captain America: The Winter Soldier/Guardians of the Galaxy
p: Sharon/Gamora
ch: femslashexlionessvalenti
r/wc: PG/3530
s: AU. Gamora is probably the least easy person to get a handle on here, and Sharon is including the sentient tree who can’t say more than three words in that assessment.
n: [Title from Fly Me To The Moon.] Set post-Guardians, though I’m pretty handwavy about the time frame for the rest of it because, well, you’ll see. In which Sharon is an awesome SHIELD space traveller and sometimes there are pretty lady assassins.

Sharon won’t be sending in a report about the sweeping grace of Gamora’s limbs.Collapse )
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23 October 2014 @ 10:44 pm
Hello, dear Yuletide Author!
a) I am sorry this letter is so late; RL got in the way and then I got stage fright (this is my first Yuletide) and I finally realised that I should GET THIS WRITTEN.
b) Sorry if this isn’t very helpful, I shall try to be logical and sensible and make sense.
c) I am so grateful for any fic in my fandoms that I will pretty much love anything you create, unless it involves Character A cutting Character B to ribbons and then eating them, which I will probably not like very much, if it’s all the same to you.

Stuff and Things.Collapse )
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I've been playing drabbletag over at femslash100, which I love doing and you should all go do it too because it's got out of hand, so I'm popping my fills over here too.

t: Learning Curve.
f: The Amazing Spider-Man
p: Gwen/Gwen
p: Clones.
r/wc: G/250

This stopped being scientific a good half-hour ago.Collapse )

t: Like, Ever
f: Elementary
p: Joan/Carrie
p: Reconciliation // fc_smorgasbord #2. grudge
r/wc: G/250

Sherlock jokes, but Joan knows he read it in her body language.Collapse )

t: i don't want anything in-between
f: The Hunger Games
p: Johanna/Enobaria
p: Hiss // fc_smorgasbord - #27. negativity
r/wc: R/250

They’ll never understand each other, but Enobaria’s lost her purpose too.Collapse )
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16 September 2014 @ 09:49 pm
Ahaha, I need to stop excitedly getting tables and claiming things and ACTUALLY FINISH SOME OF THE HALF-WRITTEN FICS ON MY HARDDRIVE. Until then: *carries on acquiring prompts*

fanbingoCollapse )

Also I just found mcufemslash and they have tables you don't have to claim to do whatever you want with and I WOULD LIKE TO DO THAT despite the fact I have an MCU ladies table claimed at femslash100100 so I'm going to pop them under a cut here until I work out what I'd like to do with them. Or who. Cough.

Taken from mcufemslash.Collapse )
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08 September 2014 @ 12:56 am
By the way, if you're wondering how I find all these fic exchanges/fests etc etc to do, I'm just starting up a fandom events promotion twitter, because I can never find bloody anything these days until it's too late, we're all on too many platforms, but I figure twitter's a good bet? I'd run a tumblr alongside it but I'm shit at tumblr lbr.

If you'd like to follow it, it's at @fandomheadsup on twitter.

If you know of an event/are running one (of all fanworks/meet-ups/fandoms) then tweet me to let me know!

If you'd like to help run it - because I am lazy and bad at this - then let me know here or there or at @shehulking on twitter (I'm locked there but come be my friend if you so wish. I just read books and tweet about The Great British Bake-Off but hey).

If you want to run a tumblr in conjunction, let's get married.

Fic service shall resume soon. MWAH.
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t: Beyond The Woods
f: The Hunger Games
c: Johanna
ch: fic_corner (& fc_smorgasbord – 4. ingratitude)
r/wc: PG/1785
s: No one had thought all that much of Seven before a young woman ripped off her sheep’s demeanour and revealed the wolf’s teeth beneath.
n: Written for PorcupineGirl for the fic_corner exchange. My prompt was I'd love something that shows the world of Panem and The Hunger Games from the perspective of someone other than Katniss, and I thought Johanna would be an interesting one to write/read? Obvs a bit dark and horrible, because, Hunger Games, but not too awful.

Half a dozen ugly dresses in the closet and a telephone that never rings. That’s what Johanna’s worth amounts to in her own district.Collapse )
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Card for genprompt_bingo at dw:

OneCollapse )

Card for ladiesbingo at dw:

Two.Collapse )

Drabble table for Drabble Cycle 11: Kinks at femslash100. Claim: Kate Bishop.

Three.Collapse )
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t: (be) the lightning in me that strikes relentless
f: The Mortal Instruments
p: Clary/Jace/Simon
ch: rarepairfest for sandrine
r/wc: PG/3020
w: SPOILERS for City of Heavenly Fire
s: [Futurefic] She didn’t notice then; she thinks that she might now.
n: [Title from Snow Patrol's The Lightning Strike.] Technically I've got 10k of a Clary/Isabelle college AU on my laptop, but this is the first Mortal Instruments fic I've written that's made it to the internet, so, hooray! Really, if you haven't read City of Heavenly Fire, this will spoil the crap out of it for you.

She supposes that they were always in and out of each other’s skin as children.Collapse )
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I fancy faffing around writing ficlets. As per usual, I'll demand prompts from you lot and then won't write any of them and feel bad about it, but YOU NEVER KNOW, and, well, yeah.

Hit me up with a character/pairing and a prompt, and I may or may not knock something together.

To narrow shit down, I've picked the fandoms I want you guys to pick from, so I'm not whinging as much about my inability to write stuff!

Agents of SHIELD | Being Human (UK) | Disney Princesses | Doctor Who | Elementary | Guardians of the Galaxy | High School Musical | The Hunger Games | Marvel comics you're pretty sure I've read | MCU | The Mortal Instruments | X-Men | Young Avengers

I think those are the fandoms I feel most confident in atm, but tbh if you fancy something else and you know I know the material hit me up anway :P

- Big fan of obscure characters in all these fandoms, as we all know.
- If you're not sure if I've read, for example, a comic, my icons are pretty up to date in terms of OMG I LIKE THIS.
- I haven't seen all of season two of Elementary yet.
- I'm fine with all ratings and pairings but I'm not doing noncon.

And now I'm going to go nap copiously and forever.
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t: And Silver In Our Lungs
f: Elementary
p: Sherlock/Jamie (Sherlock/Irene)
ch: come_at_once“Don’t tell me. You forgot the keys.” (from obsessionality) & fc_smorgasbord 8. letting go; watching the horizon
r/wc: PG-13/1500
s: The London rain falls like an inevitability, and Irene Adler is waiting for her lover.
n: [Title from Spectrum by Florence + the Machine] I was rush-writing my entry for rarepairfest like two days ago, because I mixed up my deadlines, so of course I got tagged in the 24-hour-Holmes-porn game (I love this comm) like two days later, aha. So unfortunately this has gone the pretentious route instead of the filthy route, because I’m better at pretentious on limited time, and I’ve got to be up for Sunday morning work at a tragically early hour.

Bodies bodies everywhere, but not a drop of blood. That was what Coleridge said, right?Collapse )
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t: I’ve Been Yes and I’ve Been Oh Hell No
f: Agents of SHIELD
c: Trip; Skye, Jemma, Fitz, May, Coulson
ch: pod_together, with knight_tracer
r/wc: PG/5180
w: Spoilers for the season one finale.
s: This team are a deeply disconcerting mixture of oversharingly friendly and actively hostile, often in the same sentence, and they’re buzzing around like Disney characters trying to build a new SHIELD in what is basically an aircraft hanger with vending machines with a handful of people like it’s not a semi-impossible task, like half the world doesn’t hate their guts right now.
n: [Title from Save Me, San Francisco by Train.] Set post-finale, but in a world where Fitz is totally fine and unaffected by anything, okay. Read it on AO3, and download knight_tracer’s ludicrously enjoyable podfic, okay!!!

Antoine found The FitzSimmons British Board Game Closet while he was ransacking their half-built lab for coffee filters. He now regrets mentioning it to anybody, but sometimes being a SHIELD agent involves making the bad decision in order to learn from it.
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23 June 2014 @ 09:10 pm
Um. Um. Um. I just found the community femslash100100, and I ADORE the drabble prompt sets on femslash100, so I am weak. And signed up for everything. Except many femslash drabbles in the near future. Cough.

Prompt tablesCollapse )
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t: smacked upside of the head with the harsh daylight
f: X-Men: Days of Future Past
p: Pietro/Wanda (well, implied)
ch: cottoncandy_bingo – adventure/quest
r/wc: PG/2600
w: Vague movie spoilers?
s: “Bad idea,” Wanda sing-songs.

“I haven’t had a good one since nineteen sixty-three,” Peter replies.
n: [Title from Beauty of Speed by Tori Amos. ] It’s not a spoiler that Wanda isn’t in the movie, but I ship Wanda/Pietro so damn hard, so I wrote it like she was anyway. The movie calls him Peter for dumbass reasons, so I’ve called him “Peter” in this fic for continuity movie tie-in purposes. And it’s possible I’ve messed with the DOFP 70s timeline a bit, I’ve only seen it once and I’m not sure how much time it takes place over? So suspend your disbelief. I’m not sure how to do seventies slang so I didn’t try? Hopefully it’s not too… messed up, anyway. A couple of more spoilery notes under the cut.

Wanda is fond of telling Peter that her power wasn’t actually designed to cancel out Peter’s fuck-ups.Collapse )
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t: Hope Is Our Four-Letter Word
f: Harry Potter
p: Remus/Tonks
ch: for thealphafox at finkpishnetslet’s make out ficathonremus/tonks, avengers au with remus as bruce and tonks as darcy & cottoncandy_bingo – small talk.
r/wc: PG/2310
s: Avengers!AU “I know I’m just the work experience girl because they need someone to do the filing and make sure the science labs don’t run out of biscuits and they can get me to do it because I know things that I really shouldn’t know and it’s this or have me killed, but I’m still fairly sure you can’t sit in a concrete room for the rest of your life with your fingers in your ears.”
n: [Title from Counting Stars by OneRepublic.] Oh my gosh, this prompt made my brain light up a bit too much. And I don’t even really ship Bruce/Darcy in the first place (I do ship Remus/Tonks, shush). So then I started badly trying to adapt the MCU with HP characters, which didn’t really work in the long run, but Sirius!Tony is the best idea I’ve had in ages, so. I haven’t decided if Remus just straight-up Hulks out or if he has some kind of awesome/terrible Hulk/wolf hybrid, so I left it handwavy. And stuff, IDK, just GO WITH IT.

Sirius spends inappropriate amounts of his life in a giant metal suit that can explode things and also fly.Collapse )