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15 April 2020 @ 09:33 pm

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Also, like, I don't know how you do this, but I have blanket permission to podfic or translate my fic, just drop me a comment once you've done it so I can link it to everyone!

This is just a space to speak to me! Whether you just want to say hi (or bye), give concrit or suggestions, request something you think I should write, rec something you think I should read or watch or listen to, or ask me anything, go ahead, I'm listening.

Jenn (Lady Paperclip)
Lady Paperclip
t: Hope Is Our Four-Letter Word
f: Harry Potter
p: Remus/Tonks
ch: for thealphafox at finkpishnetslet’s make out ficathonremus/tonks, avengers au with remus as bruce and tonks as darcy & cottoncandy_bingo – small talk.
r/wc: PG/2310
s: Avengers!AU “I know I’m just the work experience girl because they need someone to do the filing and make sure the science labs don’t run out of biscuits and they can get me to do it because I know things that I really shouldn’t know and it’s this or have me killed, but I’m still fairly sure you can’t sit in a concrete room for the rest of your life with your fingers in your ears.”
n: [Title from Counting Stars by OneRepublic.] Oh my gosh, this prompt made my brain light up a bit too much. And I don’t even really ship Bruce/Darcy in the first place (I do ship Remus/Tonks, shush). So then I started badly trying to adapt the MCU with HP characters, which didn’t really work in the long run, but Sirius!Tony is the best idea I’ve had in ages, so. I haven’t decided if Remus just straight-up Hulks out or if he has some kind of awesome/terrible Hulk/wolf hybrid, so I left it handwavy. And stuff, IDK, just GO WITH IT.

Sirius spends inappropriate amounts of his life in a giant metal suit that can explode things and also fly.Collapse )
Lady Paperclip
t: Girls That Glitter Love The Dark
f: Once Upon A Time
p: Red/Snow
ch: cottoncandy_bingo – art & fc_smorgasbord – 1. ostentatiousness
r/wc: PG/2005
s: Band AU. Snow is Red’s very favourite thing in the world, in a reasonably short life full of things she hasn’t gotten to keep.
n: [Title is a song by Hannah Fury] Why yes, I do have a band AU sickness, thanks for noticing. Well, this one is the one where Red and Snow are a fairytale cabaret feminist duo/band thing, with corsets and things. Like Amanda Palmer and Emilie Autumn and stuff I guess. I’ve been trying to write this idea for like two years, so go me! Now I just have to get my shit together and write the AU where they all work in a fairytale-themed stripclub, because, want.

Snow smiles like she knows all the things Red isn’t saying, and forgives her for them.Collapse )
Lady Paperclip
t: Who The Fuck Wants To Die Alone
f: Marvel comics: Young Avengers (v2) & Hawkeye (Fraction)
p: Kate/America, Kate & Clint (background Billy/Teddy, Cassie/Jonas)
ch: cottoncandy_bingo – babysitting
r/wc: PG/7240
s: Normal!AU. “I don’t know why I have to get involved in this anyway,” Clint huffs. “Or haven’t you told this chick that you’re working a job you don’t need and live in a magical Disney palace?”
n: [Title from Some Nights by fun.] So, like, the amount I ship America and Kate kind of snuck up on me? And then I got thinking about Kate bringing America to meet Clint, and then THIS HAPPENED INSTEAD, oops. Loki in this is the later Young Avengers/Agent of Asgard Loki, because, teen Loki with that hair is my favourite. Well. Everyone’s my favourite, let’s face it. Anyway. AMERICA AND KATE BEING PRE-GIRLFRIENDS AND CLINT AND KATE BEING FOREVER BROS. THE END.

‘When did you last meet someone who didn’t tell you to die in a hole, Loki?’ Teddy asks.Collapse )
Lady Paperclip
01 February 2014 @ 07:48 pm
I failed miserably at this challenge the last time I signed up, but it's so cute and super fun, so let's have another go:

Wedding (or equivalent union ceremony) Small talk Picnic Fairy tale Jumping / Skipping rope
Reunited Adventure / Quest Silence Luck Heart
Cloth / Fabric One-Night-Stand becomes more WILD CARD Public transportation Playing with hair
Wearing partner's clothes Lazy day Art Secret Feathers
Pick-up line Congratulate Restaurant Babysitting Domesticity
Lady Paperclip
t: An Explosion Comes In Time
f: Sherlock Holmes (Ritchieverse)
p: Holmes/Adler
ch: come_at_onceindecent exposure (from flawedamythyst)
r/wc: R/2550
s: “I think enough’s been exposed for one night,” Irene agrees, her attention back on Holmes’ naked state. He’d be more flattered if her expression weren’t so consistently amused.
n: [Title from Hermit The Frog by Marina & the Diamonds.] So, this is a fun little challenge where you sign up and someone tags you with a prompt and you have 24 hours to write some porn for a pairing in a Sherlock Holmes verse of some kind. Luckily I got tagged while I’ve got some time off work, though this is no indicator of quality, sorry. Anyway, I think I might be the first in this challenge to write Holmes/Adler, but I love them so much *face clawing etc*.

‘This is why nobody invites you to their parties,’ Irene says.Collapse )
Lady Paperclip
t: had we but world enough, and time
f: Doctor Who
c: The (War) Doctor/The Moment
ch: trope_bingo – 24 hours to live.
r/wc: G/2160
w: Spoilers for The Day of The Doctor – set at the end.
s: “And you weren’t even going to say goodbye,” she says.
n: [Title from To His Coy Mistress by Andrew Marvell. Which is a beautiful poem with a shitty sentiment that I once wrote a whole essay on. Anyway.] I went on AO3 to see if anyone else had written anything with this pairing and NO ONE HAD, SHAME ON YOU ALL, this was like ALL I WANTED FROM THAT EPISODE OMG. Anyway, I haven’t had a chance to rewatch, so minor details might be a bit wobbly.

The Moment’s grimace could just about be a grateful smile.Collapse )
Lady Paperclip
06 January 2014 @ 10:16 pm
From genprompt_bingo on dreamwidth, because they have excellent prompts. Excited to fail miserably at writing any fic at all!

Best Friends Fluff Objects of Art Awkwardness Places of Work
Quarantine Diaries and Journals Coming of Age Formidable Women Being Awesome
Phobias Curiosity Wild Card Enemies Second person narration
The Fool Foreign Lands Vacations and Holidays All the Dead Characters are Living Together We're all going to die!
Genius Cake and Cookies Terrible Choices Nirvana Summertime (and the Livin' is Easy)
Lady Paperclip
05 January 2014 @ 10:17 pm
Another bingo card I will fail miserably at, for trope_bingo on dreamwidth!

transformations fuck or die deathfic virginfic secret twin / doppelganger
character in distress trapped in a dream soul bonding / soulmates twenty-four hours to live au: apocalypse
celebratory kiss snowed in FREE

marriage food porn
au: fairy tale / myth au: space au: alternate professions rivals to lovers holidayfic
au: mundane au: fantasy au: royalty / aristocracy / feudal hurt / comfort indecent proposal
Lady Paperclip
t: while you are pretty through the night
f: MCU/Thor
p: Sif/Fandral
r/wc: NC-17/5270
w: IDK, porn, pegging, really vague/slightly implied d/s dynamics.
s: Normal AU. Fandral certainly isn’t the only man to crawl into Sif’s bed on bound hands and bruised knees, but he’s Fandral.
n: [Title from Slow Motion by Phox.] It was really helpful the way my brain developed a Sif/Fandral dynamic and then decided to OTP them, gosh. That’s so fucking helpful. So when I have some time on my hands I’d really like to make this into some kind of series. Mostly MCU because, like, you know in the comics when Sif and Thor are shagging? That’s awesome. That should happen more. Oh, also, when I write AUs I like to assume that all the Asgardians are English/British, so that’s why there’s British words for everything, it’s an artistic choice, not just me being lazy.

Whether a kid frantically trying to shatter her nose, or a grown man looking for something he refuses to name, Fandral has never treated Sif as anything breakable.Collapse )
Lady Paperclip
01 December 2013 @ 09:16 pm
t: Your Runaway Scars
f: Harry Potter
r: therainbowsloth
c: Remus, Sirius, James, Peter, Lily, Tonks
r/wc: PG/1710
s: Futuristic dystopian!AU. Peter has progressed to watching this whole thing between his fingers. Remus doesn’t blame him.
n: [Title from My Bulletproof Heart by MCR.] I wasn’t sure from the prompt if I was supposed to leave them as magic people or not, but then I figure if you want to read them as magic freedomfighters you can… read between the lines of the books, so I made them regular people. Handwavy dystopia, drawn from all my favourite sources of dystopia.

Lily’s breath catches on a shiver of pain, and Remus braces himself for a long night.Collapse )
Lady Paperclip
t: Bittersweet & Strange
f: Disney princesses (Beauty & the Beast, Mulan)
p: Belle/Mulan (past Belle/Prince, Mulan/Shang)
ch: femslashex, for xylaria
r/wc: PG/4652
w: Offscreen character death
s: AU. Perhaps Belle was supposed to be contented with rescuing a magical castle and its prince from the evil enchantment over it, but it started to chafe.
n: This wasn't quite the fic I set out to write, although I did enjoy it (and even ended up doing some unexpected research!) It's as vaguely historically accurate as I can get it, given that the films are set about 1200 years apart if you google it. I hope you enjoy this xylaria; it's been a pleasure writing it.

The thought of going back is both a relief and a curse.Collapse )
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04 November 2013 @ 07:24 pm
Hi all,

I'm putting this here for people who still use LJ, though I'll probs be mainly pimping it on my twitter (@milkbutnotsugar) and maybe on my I-don't-really-do-anything-with-it tumblr (neitherusenorornament).

So. The festive period of winter is coming up. And I'm often shit at getting out Christmas fic to anyone, and I've got a bunch of books to read and I ordered the Lego Marvel Superheroes game so I will never do anything else ever again, but, it's that time of year and I'm trying to be better at doing stuff, so if you've ever wanted me to write a thing, request it here.

Shit to bear in mind:

- I need to be familiar with the fandom. If you're not sure if I know the fandom or not, feel free to ask; I don't always write for all the things I know etc.
- The chances are this will be 1-2k, so, don't ask for something with a massive detailed plot that I will proceed to not do justice to.
- I might write your thing that you want in, like, March. My job, mental health, and easily distracted nature means I'm not as disciplined with getting things written in time!

In the meantime, if I haven't scared you off with a "well, why the fuck would I put a request here" thing, then, go, have at it! Ask for things!

Lady Paperclip
t: The Second Time Around
f: Elementary
c: Joan (Sherlock, Mycroft)
r/wc: PG/745
w: General season 2 spoilers.
s: London is London, and Joan doesn’t just want to be here in her new capacity as a consulting detective. She has room in her life for more than one purpose.
n: This is for pennyplainknits; I should probably go sleep so I can get up and go hang with her and cry about Joanie, tbh.

Mycroft merely offers her a homemade wholemeal bagel for her tube journey and a small smile.Collapse )
Lady Paperclip
t: Puttin’ On The Ritz
f: Doctor Who/Sherlock Holmes (Ritchieverse)
c: River, Irene
r/wc: G/827
s: Irene tends to get her revenge by picking the time periods with the least comfortable underwear.
n: For my beloved BFF Teresa! Still writing caffeine crazed ficlets for my twitter feed, sha la la (though I have to go sleep soon). Ritchieverse Holmes, because that’s my favourite, and because McAdams!Irene is maybe my favourite Irene. Maybe. Maybe.

There’s no small talk after a certain amount of time travel; still, they can try their collective best.Collapse )
Lady Paperclip
t: every day i wake up and it’s sunday
f: Being Human
p: Hal/Tom
r/wc: PG/802
w: Spoilers for the series 5 coda/extra scene.
s: He thinks about it because he thinks about everything.
n: [Title from Writing To Reach You by Travis.] I got caffeine instead of decaf so I’m writing ficlets for my twitter feed while I’m shaking and my mind’s running at a hundred miles an hour. This is for croissantkatie who knew I was going to do this to our darlings and asked anyway.

It’s unspoken that they have to go back.Collapse )
Lady Paperclip
t: and the night wasn’t night anymore
f: Doctor Who
c: Clara, Jeff
ch: 100_fairytales – 058. the girl who does not know herself.
r/wc: G/2605
w: Spoilers up to The Name of the Doctor, and then I’ve basically imagined how that would affect Clara. *shrug* It’s set post that and I guess post the anniversary, but, handwave.
s: “I don’t believe in ghosts,” Clara says, “or in coincidences.”
n: [Title from Gun For A Mouth from Nashville, shut up.] This idea came to me in a dream so I had to write it! Am trying to write some short sharp things atm so I can actually finish the longer things languishing on my harddrive. And if my subconscious ships Clara/get-a-girlfriend-Jeff then, well, who am I to judge it? Well, I guess this isn’t shipping yet, but I’d like it to be.

There are some feelings that can only be contained by two hearts, and even then, they tremble and bang at their bars.Collapse )
Lady Paperclip
t: but i know i'm never gonna get you back again
f: RPF
p: Taylor Swift/Jennifer Lawrence
r/wc: PG/600
s: Jennifer rolls her eyes and tells her to write another song about it.
n: [Title from Kate Nash's Sister] Quick and (not actually) dirty fic for my twitter feed, who were unhelpfully like YEAH WRITE THIS PAIRING. Which admittedly I'd be totally up for. I suspect that I'm tired and ridiculous enough to have written them both as myself though, so, aha. Anyway, this is a thing. If you have negative feelings about Taylor Swift, don't put them here, this is not the place for them.

It’s easier to think of the actual relationship as that music video.Collapse )
Lady Paperclip
t: headlines and flash flash flash photography
f: Game of Thrones RPF
p: Kit Harington/Emilia Clarke
r/wc: PG/1060
s: “I’m pretty sure this counts as trolling, you know,” Emilia remarks.
n: [Title from 'The Take Over, The Breaks Over' by FOB] Written for misprinting's prompt: dating for publicity ("i don't kiss on the lips for money") over at this superfun ficathon. This might be OOC and terrible but IT MIGHT NOT BE.

Kit has maybe a tendency to overthink things.Collapse )
Lady Paperclip
20 August 2013 @ 11:19 pm
 photo kiss3_zpsacf2e1ef.jpg
(or: a comment ficathon about kissing)

Lady Paperclip
t: but my hand’s been broken one too many times
f: Iron Man 3 (with wider MCU)
p: Tony/Pepper
r/wc: PG-13/5445
ch: 10iloveyou – 7. complicated
s: Tony raised himself from the dead and brought back a miracle or a deal with the devil, depending on which way you look at it, and Pepper’s never gained much perspective over the Iron Man thing and, if she’s honest, probably isn’t about to any time soon.
n: [Title from Tom Odell’s Another Love.] This has taken forever to write and is a mixture of crushing angst and (hopefully) humour, so, hey, just like the movies then! IDEK anymore, just, take it. I think it’s not bad, so it probably doesn’t make any sense. Also, this was meant to have more of Pepper and Rhodey being bros in it, so I’ll have to write more of that sometime. Possible trigger-warnings for all the PTSD and panic going around in here.

‘I’m going to be Batman next,’ Tony announces.Collapse )
Lady Paperclip
t: Lemon Pie – He’s Coming Through
f: Welcome To Night Vale
c: Carlos; Cecil, Hooded Figure(s), OMC, Old Woman Josie, Intern Dana, Khoshekh (pre-Carlos/Cecil)
r/wc: PG-13/4225
w: I’m not sure how spoilery this is, but I’ve listened to all the episodes so I might reference something you don’t know if you haven’t. Set pre episode 25, anyway.
s: Carlos is absolutely objective. It’s just that it’s quite hard to stay objective when you’ve got Hooded Figures living in your kitchen, radio news reporters stalking you with somewhat dubious baked goods, and everything is so soaked with chemicals, radiation and dark magic that half the time your food disparages your cookery skills while you’re trying to make dinner.
n: [Title from Space Dog by Tori Amos; she seemed surreal enough to write this to.] I’m writing this having only really dipped my toes into the edges of the fandom, so, sorry if my voices/fanon are off. I’ve been working very hard with transcripts and the wikia to get my actual information at least mildly accurate. *gnaws fingernails* Features a fuckload of my personal headcanon, so, yeah. Ack, I’ll stop being nervous at you.

Night Vale. Where even, like, sidewalks and Journey albums and… the clouds try and kill you.Collapse )
Lady Paperclip
t: Not Tonight, Josephine: a duet
f: Elementary
p: Sherlock/Irene
ch: love_bingowhy? and fc_smorgasbord015. beneath the smiles; across the worlds.
r/wc: PG-15/3050
w: SPOILERS for 1x23 and 1x24. Like, a lot.
sometimes before it gets better the darkness gets bigger
the person that you’d take a bullet for is behind the trigger-

There’s only one letter’s difference between ‘deduced’ and ‘seduced’.
n: [Summary lyrics taken from miss missing you by FOB] I’ll stan Irene Adler in any guise, and she was so gloriously kickass in this adaptation, omg. This is, you know, pretentious and handwavy about timelines and set before and during after the finale, though not necessarily all in that order, and, IDK, STUFF, okay. And it would've been nice if I could've turned off Casino from the Nashville soundtrack during the several hours I was writing this, but, well, I basically didn't.

You can keep all that Romeo and Juliet shit to yourself.Collapse )
Lady Paperclip
t: it’s harder than you think (telling dreams from one another)
f: Once Upon A Time
c: Belle, Ruby (some Belle/Rumplestiltskin, Ruby/everyone, Snow/Charming)
ch: love_bingoloneliness
r/wc: PG/3030
s: “I guess now your dad’s not trying to kill you and you don’t have a probably-psychopathic boyfriend, all you have to worry about is Disney suing you for copyright infringement,” Ruby muses.
“I understood maybe three of those words,” Belle says.
n: [Title from Daniel In The Den by Bastille.] Sort of an episode tag for 2x04 (I’m spoilered to hell but technically watching along with UK airing), because I shipped Ruby/Belle anyway and NOW THEY ARE FRANDS. This is a gen fic but I’m going to write something with making out for these guys at some point because, yes. Basically I just want to write all the fic about Red/Ruby forever, which I’ve said before and still mean. This was meant to solely be vaguely humorous and cracky but this is me we’re talking about here, so it ended up being more wistful and achy than I intended.

‘Actually,’ Ruby corrects herself, ‘that was mean. Herpes has nothing to do with love at all.’Collapse )
Lady Paperclip
13 April 2013 @ 07:57 pm
This meme looked like fun, so, meme! And then I'll go back to writing AUs and... IDK, other stuff. Feel free to ask questions or w/e. Also, I'm thinking about creating a tumblr for this writing journal, but then, what would I do with it. Help?

one. There's something wrong, and Clint knows it the moment he wakes up.

two. "They'll kill us for this," Portia says quietly.

three. "You can't skip out on your own afterparty."

four. They say that there are Things in the Forest.

five. Clyde half-heartedly listens to his teacher lecturing them on the history of people with so-called ‘superhuman’ abilities while doodling in the margin of his textbook.

six. The meeting place is a pub: reasonably quiet, shrouded in cigarette smoke, smelling of cheap beer and men and something like despair.

seven. “Having fun?” Johanna’s hips are tilted, half tease, half dare, and false hair tumbles over her right shoulder, curled and waved and pinned into place with golden butterflies.

eight. Amy wears a binliner for Glastonbury, mud splashed over the top of her pink wellies and up the back of her bare legs.

nine. They say that, towards the end, Lord Howard Stark became incredibly... strange.

ten.Cosmo says you’ll find it sexy if I spank you with a hairbrush,” Morgana muses, turning a page.

eleven. The thing about living forever isn’t the price; it’s the fact that ‘forever’ is, you know, forever.

twelve. After his interview, MI6 asked him to hack into their systems.

thirteen. The problem with Q branch is that, well, you’ve taken a lot of very intelligent people and then shut them up in a basement together with a working coffee machine.

fourteen. Being Iron Man’s PA is both better and worse than being Tony Stark’s PA, in that people like Iron Man more than they like Tony Stark but, on the other hand, there are even more – and somehow, even bigger – explosions to try and explain away with that confident smile Pepper practices in the bathroom mirror in the mornings, while Jarvis judges it on a scale of sincerity.

fifteen. “And then you want to add the melted butter, just a little bit at a time,” a woman is saying on the TV, as Tom shucks off his coat and dumps his bag next to the bar.

sixteen. It’s a dull Thursday afternoon: Oswin’s scalded her wrist making lattes, her hair isn’t doing anything particularly flattering, and it is, of course, pissing with rain.

seventeen. "This means I get to steal the hotel dressing gown, right?" Karen says, when the world explodes around them.

eighteen. Thursdays, well, the thing about Thursdays without drugs is that they're Thursdays, cold milk, colder tea, empty fridge, no clean laundry, dripping tap, and Joan's murmur of well, this just got mental when she finds out how he's been spending the night.

nineteen. When Joan walks into the brownstone, she nearly garrottes herself on a skein of yarn strung across the hall.

twenty. The Lothbroks are the only family where Athelstan leaves after a night of babysitting with bruises.

twenty-one. “Q,” Bond says urgently, gun crackling in his hands, “Q, I’m running out of ammunition here.”
Lady Paperclip
t: (you must know that i’ll follow you)
f: Skyfall
c: Q, Bond (Bond/Q if you squint)
ch: fanfic50 – 008. by my side.
f: alba17Doctor Who AU – flying too close to the sun.
r/wc: PG/1500
s: Doctor Who AU. Bond is a warrior, a vestige of a war already long lost, with nowhere left to turn. Q tells himself he can’t empathise.
n: [Title is from Whatever’s Left by Snow Patrol] This was totally more sad and less cracky than it was supposed to be, waaaah. I skipped this up the list a little because I fell in love with the idea of timelord!Q. Like, I still want to write the Bond-is-a-timelord fic one day, but this is not that fic. This is just… IDK, angst?

Q isn’t needlessly reckless, or at least he never used to be.Collapse )
Lady Paperclip
t: and my darkness falls
f: Vikings
p: Ragnar/Lagertha/Athelstan
f: torakowalskiBabysitter AU – a night in..
r/wc: PG/1570
s: Modern AU. Athelstan has been reliably but secretly informed that he’s the only person who’s agreed to babysit for the Lothbroks more than once.
n: [Title is from Inside Out by Sara Bareilles, my new angsty!Athelstan song.] Oh gosh, Vikings, you guys. I fell into this fandom quick enough to get whiplash despite the ridic hair and accents and script and things. Ugh. Anyway this OT3 is the best thing ever so this was no hardship at all. Still taking prompts here.

His Masters degree is the best shield he has.Collapse )
Lady Paperclip
t: not david bowie.
f: Elementary
c: Sherlock, Joan (slight Joan/Bell)
f: pennyplainknitsSherlock as a maverick knitting designer.
r/wc: G/1650
s: Slightly AU. When Joan walks into the brownstone, she nearly garrottes herself on a skein of yarn strung across the hall.
n: [Title is an excellent Tori Amos song.] Penny and I spend a ridic amount of time discussing Sherlock knitting things so it was fun to write this. Much love to anna_unfolding for the beta (wool/yarn/I am so confused). Still taking prompts here.

‘Serial killers don’t display their trophies like this,’ Sherlock says disdainfully.Collapse )
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07 April 2013 @ 05:49 pm
Okay, I'd like to write a few little things. No guarantees, but, hey guys, help me out.

character/pairing/OT3 | AU premise | prompt word/song lyric/photo

You have to add the prompt after the AU premise because I want something to work off. You know my fandoms; if you're not sure, have a look at my icons or my masterlists.

Doesn't matter if you know me personally or if we've never spoken before, have at it.

Lady Paperclip
05 April 2013 @ 12:07 am
Hiiiiiiiiiii, if you are watching Vikings then you should come and talk to me and IDK hopefully other people about it :)? :)? I have no idea what's going on here, I'm writing a high school AU and everything.
Lady Paperclip
t: waltz across naïve wood floors.
f: Elementary
c: Sherlock, Joan (past!Sherlock/Irene)
ch: 100_fairytales - 089. you shall see me a little while longer.
r/wc: PG-13/4120
w: General characterisation and event spoilers up to 1x18.
s: "You're wearing my underwear again, aren't you," Joan says.
n: [Title from Nearly Witches by Panic! At The Disco] Slice of life fic, so, erm, doesn’t really go anywhere? Oops, I fell headlong into this too. Haters to the left, Joan is flawless, this is the best gen couple, and let’s face it, all Sherlock Holmes adaptations are the best because they are Sherlock Holmes adaptations. References to kinky sex, but, like, you’re all grown-ups. And if you’re not then, well. Um. Oops. Feeling out the characterisation here; have plagued a bunch of people into reading bits of this for me, so, thank you to them all ♥ I might’ve missed a couple of Britishisms in Joan’s speech, though, so do point those out.

She keeps her smiles to herself, and he's often relieved about that: he wouldn't know what to do with them anyway.Collapse )
Lady Paperclip
01 April 2013 @ 08:06 pm
A couple of new bingo cards/tables.

trope bingoCollapse )

love bingoCollapse )

longfic bingoCollapse )

10_kink_promptsCollapse )
Lady Paperclip
t: Jack O’Lanterns In July
f: Doctor Who RPF
p: Matt Smith/Karen Gillan
r/wc: PG/1250
s: The problem with the world actually ending for real is that there isn't anything good left to say; it's all been written before.
n: [Title from The Phoenix by FOB; guess what I’m listening to on a loop today.] I’M SO SORRY THAT THIS HAPPENED OKAY. I found a note in my iphone from last October that just said: The world ends. Matt is bemused. Karen wears heels. and apparently decided that I should actually write it. So. Ahahahaha. This is why no one reads my stuff anymore.

‘I bet Steven planned this,’ Matt says.Collapse )
Lady Paperclip
t: Do You Wanna Date My Avatar
f: Doctor Who
c: Oswin, Larry, Sally (Amy/Rory)
r/wc: PG/3550
s: Café/fandom AU. Sally’s mouth curls. “Is he still writing Wincest?” she asks.

“No,” Larry says quickly.

“Periodically,” Oswin replies. “Mostly he writes Destiel now. Has anyone ever mentioned to you how much you look like Carey Mulligan?”
n: [Title from The Guild, obvs.] Good grief, I do come up with the dumbest fic ideas, don’t I? Anyway, basically, this is an AU where Oswin Oswald from Asylum of the Daleks ends up meeting the people from Blink through participation in the Merlin fandom. Maybe it’s a bit meta. I do love incidental characters. Much love to my really really helpful twitter feed, who suggested various things when I asked. I liked this, maybe one day I’ll write another one.

Oswin shrugs. ‘I mostly just make soufflés and try not to bugger up anyone’s coffee orders,’ she replies, ‘I’m nobody’s Nigella.’Collapse )
Lady Paperclip
t: Days Like Masquerades [prologue]
f: Being Human
p: EVENTUAL Hal/Tom, some Hal/Cutler (will also feature varying amounts of Pearl/Leo, George/Nina, Alex/Natasha, Mitchell/Annie)
r/wc: PG/3025
s: Ordinary/no powers!AU. In which Tom’s just trying to adjust to not living on his own in a van anymore, Hal’s trying not to let his band go the same way as his personal life, and sometimes the best things in life are the unexpected ones.
w: No spoilers (apart from characters existing). References to alcoholism. Tom’s legal in the UK but under 18.
n: [Title is a song by The Academy Is… that I’ve got all weepy over, so.] Hey, so, a Being Human AU with EVERYONE in it, because, well, &everyone; Also, aha, YOU CAN NEVER GET AWAY ME FROM THE BAND AUS OKAY, NEVER EVER EVER. I fucked with a bunch of characters’ ages too, god, don’t let me get my hands on fandoms with my feelings. Thought I’d post this as a WIP because, well, it’ll hopefully keep me busy (I’m literally relearning how to write at the moment; fucking depression, omg) but, since this is so drastically AU, if you fancy reading this as original you can do that too. Just don’t talk to me about the finale; I cannot cope.

It’s nice but weird, learning how to be ordinary.Collapse )
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t: Rumour Has It
f: Avengers (Iron Man)
p: Pepper/Christine Everhart
ch: femslash12 – for joanne_c
r/wc: PG/3000
s: “I still need a quote for our Powerful Women issue,” Christine says.
“Some days, I almost don’t want to stab Tony Stark in the face,” Pepper responds.
n: [Title from that awesome Adele song.] This wasn’t the pairing I thought I’d end up writing, actually, but then I thought about it and really wanted to! Erm, yeah, so, a slightly new experience for me, but one I really enjoyed actually; I hope it’s fun to read :) I’m also using this for my avengers_tables prompt 013unexpected.

There are a dozen ways that this could be awkward; this way is preferable to a lot of the others, imperfect as it is.Collapse )
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I wrote drabbles for fandomverse's Rainbow challenge, and now it's over I'm popping them over here, because I actually quite like them. All are 100 words long, PG, general spoilers.

The Hunger Games
It lingers, years later.Collapse )

The Amazing Spider-Man
(She's procrastinating.)Collapse )

The Hour
Too lurid for journalism, surely.Collapse )

He could've killed her once.Collapse )

Merlin (Imaginary future, based on season five so far)
The sky is the same as it always was.Collapse )

The minibar is empty - of course.Collapse )

The Dark Knight Rises (set post-movie; spoilers)
Alfred sighs and brings him cups of coffee.Collapse )
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t: (he’s) so much more like spiderman than you will ever, ever be
f: Skyfall
c: Q, Bond, Eve (slight Q/Bond, implied Bond/everyone, etc etc etc)
ch: fanfic50 – 016 dirty little secret.
r/wc: PG-13/4825
s: “Bond, we’re Q branch, we’ve forgotten more about your sexual partners than you knew about them in the first place.”
n: [Title from Broken Hearts Sound Like Breakbeats by Los Campesinos!] Ahahaha, mostly written on bits of paper and the notes function of my iphone, I’m really tired at the moment, so this whole thing is more than a little crazed; so much love to the people who read drafts of this and told me it was, you know, readable <3 I’ve been describing this to people as in which Q branch harangue people about their sex lives. And although I’ve got specific characterisations and things for any Q branch OCs, you might as well picture them all being played by Lenora Crichlow, regardless of age or gender or nationality. Basically, this is self-indulgent and CRACKY AS FUCK, okay. Sorry. I’ll finish that actually valid Eve character study sometime.

Q imagines that kissing Bond must be like being punched repeatedly in the face, only considerably less enjoyable.Collapse )
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t: so you were never a saint.
f: Skyfall
c: Q, Eve, Bond, Tanner
r/wc: PG-13/12,345
s: Post-movie. “I think Bond’s trying to be your friend,” Eve tells him.
“…well,” Q says slowly, “this is a new and disturbing development.”
n: [Title from, um, Taylor Swift’s State of Grace.] Basically the minute I started looking at pictures of Whishaw!Q I knew I was always going to write a gen epic about him, so dedicating this to my beloved finkpishnets who wanted this fic and who is all flaily about everyone with me. Love also to moogle62, who has been the MOST fun to flail with, and lc2l for sending me her awesome Q fic/feelings. Ugh, Skyfall was so great though, and I want to write all the stuff about EVERYBODY, but yes, I love Q. And my brain decided that he was panromantic asexual. It would’ve probably been easier to just bang out some porn, but that is not what happened. So the alternative summary is: in which Eve is secretly Q’s BFF, Bond and Q clumsily end up being sort-of-bros, and Q is such a fucking hipster, you guys don’t even know.

I’ll be back to edit my tags once Skyfall has aired worldwide; until then, no accidental spoilers :)

Q is fairly sure psychiatrists aren’t supposed to write things like ‘is probably not a sociopath’ in people’s files anyway.Collapse )
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01 November 2012 @ 05:36 pm
Let's face it, I'm probably never going to complete this, but I like the idea that I might.

fanfic50 - Table Nine - Skyfall

001.Always, All Ways 002.Perfect World 003.Brand New Day 004.Face Down 005.Unstoppable
006.A Part Of Me 007.Not Now my side 009.Pieces 010.Under Pressure
011.Better Off Alone 012.I'm Not Okay 013.Hard To Say 014.Walk Away 015.Obsession (I Love You)
016.dirty little secret 017.In Fate's Hands 018.Go Away! 019.Find Your Way Back 020.Wherever You Will Go
021.One Last Time 022.Quit Your Life 023.Breathe 024.Lost Without You 025.On The Way Down
026.Somebody Help Me 027.Wondering 028.I Miss You 029.Famous Last Words 030.Same Direction
031.Far Away 032.Without Reason 033.Everything You Want 034.Someday 035.Soul Meets Body
036.Already Met You 037.Keep Holding On 038.Goodbye Again 039.Me Against The World 040.She's On My Mind
041.Say The Word 042.Don't Wanna Think About You 043.Never Again 044.It Wasn't Enough 045.Bouncing Off The Walls Again
046.Mistake 047.Every Single Day 048.Getting Away With Murder 049.Promise 050.Writers' Choice
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t: the bittersweet between my teeth
f: Merlin
c: Morgana, Merlin, Mordred (some bits of Morgana/Mordred, references to scattered pairings)
ch: undeadbigbang
a: patriciatepes - fabulous artwork masterpost here
r/wc: PG-13/6380
w: Characterisation spoilers for Mordred in series five (and a couple of references to things that have happened in that series so far, but they’re pretty handwavy tbh).
s: Future/AU/vampires. In which bloodlust doesn’t even make the top ten on Morgana’s list of Problems With Her (Not Quite) Life Right Now, Merlin is perpetually amused by, well, everything, and Mordred has decided to take part in Occupy Morgana’s Sofa.
n: [Title from Young Blood by The Naked & Famous] Decided to do this one as a mini bang. I decided I wanted to go back to actually writing for Merlin, because everyone is great and should make out a lot, and then I wrote a basically gen fic anyway. But I love everybody so much. Uh, contains a smush from canon events, legend events and AU stuff. And Morgana’s a vampire! And I was very well-behaved and didn’t make any Twilight jokes for once, partly because I’m growing as a person, partly because that’s super passé now. Basically this fic is very cracky and silly and was stupid fun to write.

Extra thanks to patriciatepes, who was super lovely and made some gorgeous art - including the incredibly cool page divider and this banner I'm about to try and html in here :D

‘I made you a sandwich,’ Mordred says with his mouth full, ‘and a Florence + the Machine mix CD.’Collapse )
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21 October 2012 @ 10:44 pm
t: I Was Just A Card
f: Merlin
p: Gwaine/Morgana (background Leon/Percival, implied others)
ch: dw’s kink_bingo – breathplay
r/wc: PG-15/4300
w: Uh, some breathplay? Some vague stuff about mental illness and medication that isn’t designed to be triggery, but mentioning it just in case.
s: Modern AU. Gwaine’s terrible at things like commitment, girlfriends, and not accidentally getting himself into the kind of sexual escapades that generally only get written about on specialist websites – next time, Elyan has assured him, he’s just going to leave him handcuffed to the radiator – and Morgana’s terrible at people.
n: [Title is a Laura Marling song.] Who even knew I shipped these guys this much, omg. I really do though, so, this happened. I’d like to write something longer and gradual, but, for now, quick and dirty it is. And I’m figuring out my Gwaine voice, so, that’s a thing. Also the Cosmopolitan article mentioned at the beginning is a real thing, which I read quoted online and cracked up at. It also mentioned “toilet paper bondage”, which tbh sounds amazing and I want a ficathon.

Nothing’s ever straightforward with Morgana, not even her name.Collapse )
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t: i’m a loose bolt (of a complete machine)
f: Iron Man (Avengers movieverse)
c: Tony, Pepper, Rhodey, Natasha
ch: robotbigbang
a: calemboursgorgeous artwork here
r/wc: PG-13/12,000
s: Steampunk AU. Even taking out the fact that he’s a robot, life with Tony is never dull. Pepper can say that much for it.
n: [Title from Disloyal Order Of Water Buffaloes by Fall Out Boy, mostly because I’ve been looking for titles for DAYS with no luck] Eternal love to altogetherisi for the beta ♥ Gosh, this is not at all what I meant to write when I decided to write a vaguely Victoriana steampunk!robot!Tony AU; I think I meant to write some kind of thing where he and Steve (platonically) solve crimes or something, like Sherlock Holmes with ticking. ANYWAY THIS ISN’T THAT FIC, so, sorry. I’m not sure what to say in this notes section, really; like, I have no idea what this story is and for the first time in a long time what I worried most about this fic was whether or not it was boring. So, um, I like this, but I’m not sure who/what my audience are???? ANYWAY, look, I wrote a fic where Tony Stark is a clockwork robot, with a working title of Tick Tock Tony.

Also, go shower calembours with love for the art, which is so gorgeous I cannot stop looking at it. *flails*

part one | part two | whole thing on AO3
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t: not in this new romantic way
f: Doctor Who
p: Amy/Rory
ch: cottoncandy_bingo – playing music
r/wc: PG/3450
s: Band AU. Oh mister Doctor man, you said you’d come back soon/Are you still running scared? Are you hiding on the moon?
n: [Title from New Romantic by Laura Marling] Yeah, so, Amy and Rory are living the glamorous lives of an unsigned modern folk duo with a camper van. I’ve been planning this for a couple of months and wrote the chorus of an actual song to go in here, but I figured today was the day to write it. So: one of about ten band AUs I’ll probably end up writing in the next couple of months, for one of my utter OTPs.

Amy wears a binliner for Glastonbury.Collapse )
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t: I’ll (never) Be Confined
f: The Hunger Games
c: Finnick/Johanna
ch: angst_bingoslavery & dw’s kink_bingo – confined/caged
r/wc: R/3430
s: Her smile flickers, twists. “They hate me for winning it my way.”

“No they don’t,” Finnick replies, fights to swallow down they just hate you.
n: [Title from Being Bad Feels Pretty Good by Does It Offend You, Yeah?] Set pre-books, but obviously with some character spoilers for all three. And, uh, I’ve kind of removed the whole Finnick/Annie thing, because while I do ship that, this really awkward Finnick/Johanna thing happened in my brain and I CANNOT ESCAPE IT so sorry about that. I’m hoping I might be able to swap my shipping to Sam Claflin/Jena Malone (flawless casting okay, haters to the left) and then I’ll be free of this deeply thankless pairing but, uh, that may not happen. While this may be before the events of the books, it’s obvs still a Hunger Games fic, and therefore it’s totes a downer.

‘That’s because you’re a slut,’ Johanna replies.Collapse )