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Lady Paperclip
15 April 2020 @ 09:33 pm

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Also, like, I don't know how you do this, but I have blanket permission to podfic or translate my fic, just drop me a comment once you've done it so I can link it to everyone!

This is just a space to speak to me! Whether you just want to say hi (or bye), give concrit or suggestions, request something you think I should write, rec something you think I should read or watch or listen to, or ask me anything, go ahead, I'm listening.

Jenn (Lady Paperclip)
Lady Paperclip
31 January 2017 @ 10:18 pm
Lady Paperclip
t: and i don't go to sleep to dream
f: Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them
c: Queenie & Tina
r/wc: G/3401
s: [post movie] Tina taps Queenie’s shoulder, firm, three quick fingertip raps. “Queenie.” Her tone is soft, but beneath it there’s the undercurrent of we’ve talked about this before.
n: [Title from Sleep To Dream by Fiona Apple.] I've taken a few months out of writing because my brain's been not doing the thing, but have a huge soft spot for this film and I wanted to write about Queenie and Tina, because, darlings. This is set post-movie, so it'll make more sense if you've seen it, though nothing terribly plot-y happens, it's more about emotions. I did do some 1920s research, though not that much, and hopefully I've caught any Britishisms that crept in. Lastly, I love that the sisters are almost definitely canonically Jewish, so I've tried to slip that in around the edges; I hope it's not too jarring or inaccurate, please let me know if I should edit anything.

The thing is, perhaps, that until recently Queenie had never had a love affair that didn’t belong to somebody else.Collapse )
Lady Paperclip
09 October 2016 @ 08:37 pm
Hello yuletide author!

So sorry about being late getting this up, hopefully this will still be helpful! Know that I am already delighted and excited about everything. Hopefully this is clear enough; if you need any clarification please feel free to ask - maybe comment anonymously on here and I'll keep anon comments on?

Lots of letter.Collapse )
Lady Paperclip
t: Harder/Better/Faster/Stronger
f: Marvel comics
p: Kate/America
ch: femslash100100 - 101. competition & trope_bingo - au: other
r/wc: G/2540
s: [olympics!au] Kate didn’t get a medal, which is fine, Clint says he didn’t get a medal his first Olympics either.
n: While I was waiting around for the olympic swimming to start at 2 am, I asked my twitter feed for prompts, and lo, I wrote a handwavy olympics AU!

'We're going to watch some gymnastics,' Clint says cheerfully.Collapse )
Lady Paperclip
07 July 2016 @ 08:50 pm

bukkake/facial dressup/costumes watersports flirting/seduction age kink
pervertibles confined/caged masturbation body fetish threesomes
object penetration spanking FREE KINK crossdressing authority figures
smoking/intoxication/aphrodisiacs secrecy submission leather/rubber gangbang
domestic service/manual labour rough sex uniform kink roleplay rimming/licking


Lady Paperclip
25 June 2016 @ 11:07 pm
Just realised I have just over a month to do these twenty, so, thought I'd make myself a table to make this easier.

1.deathless aphrodite of the spangled mind 2.some men say an army of horse 3....among mortal women, know this 4....for those 5.he seems to me equal to gods that man
6.stars around the beautiful moon 7.you burn me 8.their heart grew cold 9.you came and i was crazy for you 10.not one girl i think
11.i simply want to be dead 12.may you sleep on the breast of your delicate friend 13.here now 14.but me you have forgotten 15.stand to face me beloved
16.someone will remember us 17.when all night long 18.and on the eyes 19.moon has set 20.spangled is
Lady Paperclip
t: Like Tired Kites
f: Daredevil
c: Marci (past!Marci/Foggy)
r/wc: G/503
ch/pr: towerparty - 'Parting is such sweet sorrow, that I shall say good night till it be morrow.
s: Foggy’s business card is on pretty cheap stock.
n: [Title from Matches To Paper Dolls by Dessa] The challenge for this towerparty lightning round was minor characters, and while we know most minor characters are my faves, I picked Marci because I ADORE HER, I want to write like a billion more words about her, what a queeeeeeen.

Marci sips her martini and decides this one should be her last.Collapse )
Lady Paperclip
t: you're a king and i'm a lionheart
f: The Musketeers
p: Constance/Anne (background/implied others)
r/wc: PG/2500
ch: femslash100 - AU drabble cycle
s: 10 little alternate universes for Constance and Anne.
n: [Title is from King and Lionheart by Of Monsters And Men] This is a full 10-prompt table for the AU drabble cycle over at femslash100, so basically it's 10 250 word drabbles of different AUs for our perf queens, Constance and Anne. There should be a sprinkle of something for everyone here. Also, you should just assume that whatever the universe, unless it's stated otherwise, Constance and Anne are just in a comfy bro-pile of friendship with the four Musketeer dudes, because this is all that I want.

'Can't you just use tinder like a normal person?'Collapse )
Lady Paperclip
t: Rocks Fall; Everyone Dies
f: MCU/Captain America: Civil War
c: Pepper; Rhodey, Tony, Vision
r/wc: PG/5105
ch: 10iloveyou - 7. not enough
s: Pepper tries to smile. “You know me,” she says, “always putting out Tony’s fires.”
n: CIVIL WAR SPOILERS, YOU GUYS. Pepper is my favourite person in the MCU, as I'm sure many of you may have noticed, so my first tie-in fic was always going to be about her. I actually made myself cry writing this, so, if you're looking for a Tony/Pepper fix-it, it's not this one, dammit, I'll have to write another one. As for the other subplot in this, I blame Steve for mentioning it in the film in the first place.

Pepper looks up from Candy Crush Jelly Saga, wonders how many cups of coffee is too many cups.Collapse )
Lady Paperclip
t: He Lied About Death
f: Agents of SHIELD
p: Coulson/May
r/wc: PG/2100
s: Grief, and other aphrodisiacs.
n: [Title is a song by Stars] Set between Maveth and Bouncing Back. I wasn't expecting to write this fic at all, and then it happened. I can't shake the feeling it'd be better from May's POV, but, too late now.

Dig two graves.Collapse )
Lady Paperclip
t: daddy, watch your little black sheep run
f: Marvel Cinematic Universe (Iron Man/Ant-Man)
p: Tony/Hope
ch: tropebingo - meet the parents/family
r/wc: PG-13/10,015
s: [canon AU] “Just so we’re clear,” Hope says, breathless, hands tangled in Tony’s hair and eyes bright, “we’re only doing this to piss off my dad, okay?”
“Hang on,” Tony replies, fumbling with the back of her bra, “I thought we were doing this to piss off my dad.”
n: [Title from Sweet Dreams by Tori Amos] I've kept pretty much all MCU events the same, but had to change the timelines around to fit what I wanted, which was teenage Tony and Hope teaming up to be terrible, tbh. Linking straight to AO3 because this fic is SO LONG.

“Cool,” Tony says. “Have you ever read Playboy magazine?”
Lady Paperclip
t: What The Water Gave Me
f: Shadowhunters (TV)/The Mortal Instruments
p: Izzy/Clary (background Magnus/Alec)
ch: The Shadowhunters Free-For-All Comment Ficathon for elasticella's prompt; and femslash100100 - 276. ocean.
r/wc: G/4614
s: [Mermaid AU] Up until maybe a year ago Clary had plans for her life and absolutely none of them involved going out at night and stabbing water demons with angelic marks carved into her skin.
n: [Title is that Florence and the Machine song] I was just going to a complete mermaid AU, but instead they are mermaid shadowhunters! I am so fucking invested in Izzy and Clary, ugh. And I've been super handwavy about mermaid details, so, just, go with it.

'We should’ve never let Magnus show you that movie,' Clary responds.Collapse )
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27 February 2016 @ 12:43 am
Hi Author!

Hopefully some of this will be of use; if it's not, just do friendships and space nonsense shenanigans, which I always always love. I love love love AUs, so if you fancy writing one, or doing a different sort of space AU (Star Wars, Star Trek, Firefly etc) with one of the space fandoms, go for it! I also like character pieces, fluff (or at least happy endings), smut, vignettes, dialogue, tropes, crack, first times, established relationships.

Young Avengers
Characters Requested: Kate Bishop, America Chavez
Pairings/friendships I Like (as a suggestion, feel free to ignore/only choose some): Kate/America, Billy/Teddy, David/Tommy, David/Loki, Kate/Cassie, America & Loki, Kate & America, Kate & Billy & Teddy, Kate & Noh-Varr, Kate & Cassie

I've asked for Kate and America here because they are my absolute favourites, but feel free to include any/all/none of the other characters! I'd love space road trips of some kind - the fun kind, not the kind in v2 where everything was the saddest - either in a spaceship or with America's kicking powers, just, space tourism, crack, any clichés/tropes you like, accidental space marriage, you know the drill.

If that doesn't really appeal, something about America's childhood/home dimension would be interesting, whether as a character piece or her sharing details with Kate/someone else?

Or, you know, a Star Trek AU, or similar, where they're all crew on a spaceship being ridiculous and having adventures.

Stargate SG-1
Characters Requested: Sam Carter
Pairings/friendships I Like (as a suggestion, feel free to ignore/only choose some): Sam/Jack, Sam/Janet, Sam & Daniel, Sam & Vala, Jack & Daniel, Teal'c & EVERYONE, Cameron/Vala.

Basically, although I've a huge amount of love for everyone and everything in SG-1, I've picked Sam because she's my absolute favourite, so anything involving her would be amazing! Whether you want to centre on her as part of a team thing, or just focus on her being a BAMF, that's cool. I have watched her on Atlantis, but would prefer this focused on her time on SG-1, if possible! If you want to feature her with another character, I am probably more invested in Sam/Jack than in any future relationships I may have, but if that's not your cup of tea, I'll pretty much ship her with anyone, or you can just write gen fic :)

Team fic/mission shenanigans, what-if type canon deviations, post-canon future fics, all that would be super fun. Or just everyone buggering about on the base eating jello, all that's great too.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens
Characters Requested: Poe Dameron, Finn, Rey
Pairings/Friendships I Like (as a suggestion, feel free to ignore/only choose some): Finn/Poe, Finn/Rey, Finn/Poe/Rey, Poe/Finn, Rey/Jessika, everyone & BB-8, Rey & Leia, Poe & Leia, Rey & Finn, Rey & Poe, Finn & Poe.

So many options here! Character pieces exploring everyone's backgrounds/reactions to the events of the movie, friendship development pieces, pairing development pieces, exciting/cracky missions, other planet explorations, just all the cuddles for everyone. I don't have a particular plot/idea in mind, so you can go wild with that, feel free to pop in your own headcanon and make dead characters not dead if that would be more fun. Or, you know, super fun AUs where everyone runs coffee shops in space, I don't even mind, it's a young enough fandom that I'm pleased with aaaaaall the things!
Lady Paperclip
21 February 2016 @ 01:24 am
Agent Carter for fanfic50

001.Always, All Ways 002.Perfect World 003.Brand New Day 004.Face Down 005.Unstoppable
006.A Part Of Me 007.Not Now 008.By My Side 009.Pieces 010.Under Pressure
011.Better Off Alone 012.I'm Not Okay 013.Hard To Say 014.Walk Away 015.Obsession (I Love You)
016.Dirty Little Secret 017.In Fate's Hands 018.Go Away! 019.Find Your Way Back 020.Wherever You Will Go
021.One Last Time 022.Quit Your Life 023.Breathe 024.Lost Without You 025.On The Way Down
026.Somebody Help Me 027.Wondering 028.I Miss You 029.Famous Last Words 030.Same Direction
031.Far Away 032.Without Reason 033.Everything You Want 034.Someday 035.Soul Meets Body
036.Already Met You 037.Keep Holding On 038.Goodbye Again 039.Me Against The World 040.She's On My Mind
041.Say The Word 042.Don't Wanna Think About You 043.Never Again 044.It Wasn't Enough 045.Bouncing Off The Walls Again
046.Mistake 047.Every Single Day 048.Getting Away With Murder 049.Promise 050.Writers' Choice
Lady Paperclip
t: it's murder in the morning (but it's good for morale)
f: Agent Carter/MCU
p: Daniel/Jack (background Peggy/Angie)
r/wc: NC-17/5102
s: [Modern AU] Jack thinks he sees something vaguely wistful in Daniel’s expression and doesn’t examine it further, doesn’t want to know if their office really is full of such secretive pining it deserves a shitty book series and a shittier movie.
n: [Title from Warsaw by Dessa] Loosely set in the same 'verse as I'm Gonna Find That Girl (Underneath The Mistletoe) but all you need to know is that a bunch of MCU ladies work in a cocktail bar and I want to write shit in that 'verse. I don't know what happened guys, so much happened in this and all I wanted to write was smut :(

Daniel darts him a look through his eyelashes, that jolt in Jack’s stomach something he’s gotten used to, it’s background noise now.Collapse )
Lady Paperclip
31 January 2016 @ 05:35 pm
Lady Paperclip
t: Everything Is Awesome
f: Young Avengers/Lego Marvel Avengers
p: Kate/America
ch: femslash100100 - 154. nostalgia
r/wc: G/1015
s: Kate bends over to look at the little painted blocks on the end of her legs. “Aww, feet,” she says.
n: Look, I've started playing Lego Marvel Avengers, both these ladies feature in it, this seemed like a good idea?

'This feels like Billy's fault,' Kate says.Collapse )
Lady Paperclip
05 January 2016 @ 11:30 pm
Hi Author!

Sorry for taking so long to get this up, I hope that it'll still be useful for you even though I've cut into your writing time.

General Notes:

Things I Like: Character studies, AUs, tie-ins/episode tags, friendships, cameos from other characters, happy endings, tropes, humour, angst, fluff, dialogue, first times, vignettes, shameless smut tbh.

Things I Don't Like: Major character death (even when it's canon tbh; feel free to undo that), alcoholism/drug addiction, too much attention to daddy issues, graphic injuries.

Fandom 1: MCU
Requested pairings/friendships: James "Bucky" Barnes/Loki, Sharon Carter/Natasha Romanov, Natasha Romanov/Hope Van Dyne, Gamora/Peter Quill, Bruce Banner/Natasha Romanov, Pepper Potts/James "Rhodey" Rhodes/Tony Stark, Pepper Potts/Tony Stark, James "Rhodey" Rhodes & Tony Stark, James "Rhodey" Rhodes/Sam Wilson, Pietro Maximoff/Wanda Maximoff, Natasha Romanov & Sam Wilson.
Suggestions: If you'd rather go a little more gen with any of these pairings, feel free! If you've got any ideas for AUs, either canon-divergent or completely different, then go mad for them, I like pretty much anything. Otherwise: film tie-ins are fun, if the pairing crosses between MCU streams, how do the characters meet/work together? Missions that go wrong/right/undercover, domestic fics, pre-canon fics, first times for any of these.

Fandom 2: Star Wars movies
Requested pairings/friendships: Poe Dameron/Finn, Finn/Rey, Poe Dameron/Finn/Rey, Leia Organa & Poe Dameron, BB-8 & Rey, Poe Dameron & Finn & Rey, Finn & Rey.
Suggestions: If you've got any AUs, whether canon divergent or completely different, go for it. Otherwise: developments of friendships, learning about each other's worlds/lives, slow burn new relationships, pre-canon developments, canon tie-ins, found families, lighter moments in between all the revolution angst, hugs are great, I love hugs, post-canon explorations of what could happen next, hanging out with rebels being bros.

Fandom 3: Daredevil
Requested pairings/friendships: Karen Page/Marci Stahl, Franklin "Foggy" Nelson & Marci Stahl, Franklin "Foggy" Nelson/Marci Stahl, Matt Murdock & Franklin "Foggy" Nelson & Karen Page, Matt Murdock/Franklin "Foggy" Nelson, Karen Page/Claire Temple, Matt Murdock/Claire Temple, Karen Page & Claire Temple.
Suggestions: Again, if you want to go for an AU, canon-wise or otherwise, do it. Law school shenanigans/early days in their law careers/at Nelson and Murdock, slow burn, hurt/comfort, cocktails, everyone knowing about Matt now is cool, pre-canon, post-canon, found families, new friendships.

Fandom 4: Agent Carter
Requested pairings/friendships: Peggy Carter & Howard Stark, Peggy Carter & Edwin Jarvis, Edwin Jarvis/Ana Jarvis, Edwin Jarvis & Howard Stark, Angie Martinelli/Jack Thompson, Peggy Carter/Daniel Sousa/Jack Thompson, Peggy Carter/Daniel Sousa, Peggy Carter/Angie Martinelli, Peggy Carter/Jack Thompson, Peggy Carter & Angie Martinelli.
Suggestions: Yes, I'm going to repeat my love of AUs, go for it if you've got any ideas. Otherwise: casefic/hanging out around cases, pre/post canon fics, first times/meetings, episode tags, tie-ins to SHIELD later, hurt/comfort/patching each other up, slow burning relationships/friendships.
Lady Paperclip
t: i’m gonna find that girl (underneath the mistletoe)
f: Agent Carter
p: Peggy/Angie
r/wc: PG/4525
s: Modern AU. If she’d known there’d be surprise lovely women in her kitchen, Peggy reflects, she’d definitely have grabbed a hairbrush and some eyeliner before she entered.
n: [Title from Merry Christmas Everyone by Shakin’ Stevens.] Written for the Cartinelli Holiday Exchange on tumblr, so Christmassy as all fuck, but also adorbs and lovely, I hope!

‘Sorry, are you some kind of… coffee elf, perhaps?”’Collapse )
Lady Paperclip
29 December 2015 @ 08:39 pm
Let’s kick off January 2016 (which is so nearly here) with me taking requests, which I may or may not fulfil depending on time/mental health state/general inclination.

My fic writing decision for 2016 is combining. What I want to do is have more than one AU, or more than one trope in any given fic. For example, why write a coffee shop AU, when I can write a SPACE COFFEE SHOP AU. Why write the road trip trope when I can write a BODYSWAP ROAD TRIP. Etc etc etc.

Your task is to pick between two and four AUs/tropes/clichés (feel free to merge tropes with AUs etc too) that you want, along with a character/pairing you want that for, and let me know. Also let me know if you want porn (feel free to include specifics). And if you want all this nonsense in a canon setting or if you’re fine with me fucking with stuff. If you want to include a word or sentence or picture or lyric prompt, go for it, but it’s not necessary.

Fandoms I’m Currently In The Mood To Write For:

+ Marvel Comics (caveats: I have to know what I’m writing about, I may not be familiar with your chosen series, and I’m not writing you Steve/Tony.)
+ MCU (specifically: Iron Man 1-3, Cap 1 + 2, Thor 1 + 2, Avengers 1 + 2, Guardians, Ant-Man)
(caveats: I’m not writing you Steve/Tony, Loki/Tony or Thor/Loki. I’m not unwilling to write Steve/Bucky, but if every single person asks for that I might rethink my stance!)
+Marvel TV (specifically: Agent Carter, Daredevil, Agents of SHIELD – I haven’t watched Jessica Jones yet, woe)
(caveats: I haven’t seen season 3 of AOS, and I won’t write you anything involving Grant Ward.)
+ The Musketeers
+ Descendants
+ Gotham (caveats: I haven’t watched much of season 2 yet, and I’m not writing you Jim/Oswald.)
+ The 100
+ The Force Awakens (caveats: Preferably newer main characters, as my knowledge of the whole universe isn’t as extensive as I’d like!)
+ Selfie
+ X-Men (caveats: XMFC or the past characters of DOFP mainly, please; the modern universe is a mess at the moment. I will take the Wolverine movie side of things if you want Yukio or Mariko, though.)
+ The Amazing Spider-Man (caveats: I loved both those movies, so feel free to ask for anyone except Flash, I don’t care about Flash in these movies)
+ The Lunar Chronicles

(If you want to try to emotionally blackmail me into writing something that isn’t on this list because you know I know the fandom, have a stab!)

As usual, I reserve the right to do whatever I want with your prompt, I’m not writing you non-con, if you want porn mention it (and mention specifics if you like), I make no guarantees for how long the fic will be, if it will ever exist at all, or that I won’t slip my own agendas or ships into it too. Gen, het, slash, femslash or OT3/multis are all fine.

You can request in the comments here (anon is on if you don't have an LJ, just let me know you who are) or in my ask box on tumblr. And I'll make life choices about what I've got written here :)

- Jenn
Lady Paperclip
05 December 2015 @ 10:54 pm
t: Extra Virgin
f: Jack Reacher series - Lee Child
c: Jack
r/wc: G/1130
s: Genderswitched AU Other women get pitied for their facial bruises, but one look at Jack and you’d never mistake her for anybody’s victim.
n: I wanted to practice writing again, and stepquietly said: WANT LADY JACK REACHER WHO CHUGS COFFEE AND WANTS TO PEE IN MEN'S SKULLS. I could never write anything as good as that sentence, but I wrote a thing! Oh, and Virgin, Utah is a real place; I did about as much research as I assume Lee Child ever does.

The coffee isn’t great, but it’s hot and black and there’s plenty of it.Collapse )
Lady Paperclip
t: you've left your ghost until tomorrow
f: Disney's Descendants
p: Mal/Evie
ch: femslashagenda's Franken Femslash Fest
r/wc: PG/5753
s: “So,” Mal says, “Halloween here seems to involve more candy and fewer knives.”
n: [Title from Your Ghost by Tori Amos] Set post movie. Featuring lots and lots of handwaving, and sorry, I needed Audrey to be kind of a bitch for the plot to work. Warning: Mal references a painting at one point and I've linked to it, but it's pretty gory so if you're squeamish don't click.

They’re still a little on probation; they’ll always still be a little on probation.Collapse )
Lady Paperclip
21 October 2015 @ 10:09 pm
Dear Author,

Hi! This is so exciting, whatever you make happen, I am ALREADY DELIGHTED. I'm still pretty new to yuletide (this is only my second year) so I'll try and make this letter reasonable and not too confusing.


Things I Like: Character studies/exploration, getting-together, first times, AUs (aaaaall AUs, from canon divergences to full on Werewolf Coffee Shops In Space ones), tropes, friendships, female characters, cameos from characters in the wider canon where applicable, crack, slow-burn/build, domestic, slice-of-life, vignettes, references to background pairings. Plots are great if you're that kind of writer, but meandering nothing-much-happens fics are awesome with me if you can't (those are the kind I write tbh).

Things I Don't Like: Major character death, dubcon, noncon, extremely bloody violence/gore, uncontrollably schmaltzy fluff (some fluff is fine, don't get me wrong), sad endings, alcoholism/drug addiction (use of either is fine, just not addiction), character bashing, A/B/O, extreme daddy issues, hurt/comfort as the sole focus of the fic, infidelity, unrequited pining.

Other Stuff: Feel free to do any rating you like from G to hardcore smut murder R stuff. Everything/anything's fine! If you want to do porn, I like: spanking, fingering, rimming, riding and lots of kissing.


Poldark series by Winston Graham
Characters: Demelza Carne, Caroline Penvenen, Ross Poldark, Dwight Enys

Okay, so first of all, I have only read up to book six aka The Four Swans. I haven't read any further so references to events/characters after that will be lost on me/constitute spoilers!

I must admit, I asked for this in the absolute hope I'd be able to get my OT4, aka Ross/Demelza/Dwight/Caroline. I would absolutely love a story about the four of them being in this amazing weirdly functional relationship given how faily they all are individually, in whichever way you'd like to make that happen. Whether it's them sorting it all out, or an established thing where they're all living in a lovely home being a married OT4, or an established AU OT4 with some kind of college vampire bakery thing going on, that's all fine and good.

If you really don't want to do that, I also ship Ross/Demelza, Dwight/Caroline, Dwight/Ross, Dwight/Demelza, Caroline/Demelza and Caroline/Ross; if you want to do any combination of those, either as pairings or friendships, that would be awesome. Infidelity is an awkward one with me, though, so if that's sort of coming up, I'd like it to be consensual with all other parties involved. Or just write me fics where everyone is bros and it's the best.

Half Life Trilogy - Sally Green
Characters: Gabriel, Nathan Byrn

Right, so, I absolutely don't want character bashing in my fics, but if you could just... not feature Annalise that much, I would be super fine with that.

I'm a huge Gabriel/Nathan shipper, so something featuring that would be lovely, but if you just want to write them as friends that's fine too. Futurefic after all this has been kind of sorted, or a vignette set during one of the books would be great. If you'd rather do a character study for one of them that's cool too; I'd love some background on Gabriel or just anything from his POV. When it comes to Nathan, the ending of Half Wild triggered the shit out of me, so tread carefully around his dad/avoid that area completely? Also fluff AUs where everything is great and they just make out a whole bunch all the time would ALSO BE OKAY WITH ME.

Characters:, Jen, Mal, Molly
I just read the first trade paperback of this and it was the MOST DARLING, so things about this would be LOVELY!!!

I adore Jen, so anything about Jen would be cool, like, her looking after the Lumberjanes and loving them or just wanting to strangle the shit out of them, or what she does when she's not being a camp counsellor person, or some kind of hilarious forbidden love story with that dude from the other camp, or a romance thing with an original male/female character of your choice, or her joining the Lumberjanes for adventures, that kind of thing. Jen is faaaaaabulous.

Feel free to do character study things for Mal or Molly, but I'd also like something involving their obvious friendship, or lbr some pre/femslash stuff, because I feel like there's something there! Whichever you'd like to do, although I do ship this so much, so, shippy things would be nice :) But if you just want to have one of them as the focus of a story of all the Lumberjanes buggering about in the woods disrupting murder death cults, that's cool too.

Jack Reacher Series - Lee Child
Character: Jack Reacher

I totally got a story as a treat last year and it was amaze, so I'm popping my request back in again just in case it pays off for a second time, because I love Reacher way way too much. So I'm going to copy over what I said last year:

I love the ridiculous and wonderful character that is Jack Reacher: okay, he kills a lot of people and stamps about being uber manly, BUT ALSO he is endearingly righteous and has really weirdly strong opinions on crockery and although claims that he buys new clothes every three days and he doesn’t care what he wears, he will spend the rest of the book bitching about whatever shoes/shirt he had to buy. And I find that charming. Also he is an actual gentleman to women and he isn’t homophobic or racist or any of the other shitty things other masculine heroes do in these kinds of books. So I like that a lot, and would like that awesome charming hulking failboatiness to be in the fic.
Ideas for things:
- Reacher really, really likes coffee. If you just want to write about him drinking coffee and wandering about thinking about coffee and crockery, like Lee Child so often does, I’d be fine with that.
- A character study of whatever aspects/emotions you like, with brooding mumbling ridiculous Reacher.
- This is cracky as all hell, but Reacher spends a lot of time wandering around highways, where America seems to have all those “WORLD’S LARGEST…” things. So if you want Reacher visiting some kind of hilarious museum or weird artefact, that would be fun.
- Lee Child basically wrote the worst sex scene in the world ever. So sex scenes that are not hilariously painful would be good fun. You can make up whatever OC you want or if you’ve read stuff with Frances Neagley in, I love her.
- I have a cosy headcanon where Reacher is bi, so a m/m fic of some kind (or a m/m/f fic of some kind) would be awesome.

DC Bombshells
Characters: Maggie Sawyer, Kate Kane, Bette Kane, Mera

So, I just want more of this absolutely amazing series, because it is so so so good for me. So character studies for any one of these women (Maggie being a badass 1940s cop! Bette being a baseball player with her cousin! Mera and her underwater kingdom! Kate deciding to be a vigilante!) would be wonderful. Background stuff set pre-series would also be great, like Kate and Renee in Spain, or how Kate and Maggie met, things like that.

I totally ship Kate/Maggie, if you hadn't noticed, so if you're writing about them or Bette, I'd like references to that! If you choose Mera, I do ship her and Diana, but don't worry if you don't want to write that, although their friendship would be nice.

An AU where Kate and Maggie do go have that puppy farm thing together would also be darling. Or where Bette is a superheroine in this world too - because she doesn't seem to be yet - or where Bette and Kate are kickass lady baseball players who win endless leagues of awesome. (I don't know much about baseball, but I like the idea of it).

Basically, just anything set in this universe being amazing, because I love it so, so much. Cameos from anyone else who's featured in the Bombshells lines of comics/merch, or who isn't, would be great.


I love this film both ironically and unironically, because it's ridiculous, but I genuinely love it.

Feel free to darken things up from the Disney shininess, because there's no way that the Isle of the Lost isn't brutal and horrible, and Mal and Evie clearly have loads of damage from their mothers. And frankly Ben doesn't seem entirely undamaged from his own parents, let's face it.

Things I ship: Mal/Ben, Mal/Evie, Mal/Jay, Jay/Carlos, Ben/Jay, Evie/Lonnie, Mal/Audrey, Evie/Audrey.

Feel free to do any of those as ships or friendships; I have strong headcanon that Evie is gay, or at the very least bi, but never thought that was an option before because her mother wanted her to marry a prince so much.

Anything exploring their lives before coming to Auradon would be great, or anything during/post movie, or ridiculous AUs that are different altogether (hipster sulky art student Mal, for example, would be the most fun). And having our four villain kids as family is important to me, or the four of them adopting Ben, would be great.

If you've got any more questions/want clarification, then feel free to comment anon on here, or message me anonymously at neitherusenorornament at tumblr.

Thanks and good luck!
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t: (and you learn)
f: Marvel Comics (Hawkeye)
p: Kate/Bobbi (past Clint/Bobbi)
ch: femslash100 kinks drabble cycle - #10. dirty talk, #11. edging, and #20. queening.
r/wc: PG/754
:s Basically, Kate’s gotten along okay with her life so far by not doing anything that Clint Barton thinks is a good idea. With hindsight, she should’ve realised that his ex-wife fitted into that category too.
n: The final bits of my drabble cycle! Aka, I took the kinks prompts and wrote no kinks, I'm the best one.

Kate looks at her vodka and at the two of them and then reflects that she and Clint really are far more similar than either of them ever want to let on.Collapse )
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t: Teeth
f: Marvel comics
p: Kate/Nat
ch: femslash100 kinks drabble cycle - #30. worship, #19. punishment, #24. spanking, #7. blindfolds.
r/wc: PG/1004
s: Natasha’s expression is unimpressed and crazy hot and Kate is a glutton for punishment.
n: Once again I've managed to avoid actually writing the kinky meanings of any of these prompts, whoops.

Kate’s a whole lot like Clint, and she doesn’t learn better either.Collapse )
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17 September 2015 @ 01:57 am
Hello person!

I'm already a huge fan of whatever you write/draw, because I LOVE PRESENTS and I AM NOT THAT PICKY! So thank you. Having said that, here's some picky things and some suggestions, and if you need me you can hit me up anon here or on neitherusenorornament at tumblr. Hopefully these things will work for fic or art, if you need anything more specific, let me know!

Definite Do Not Wants: major character death, family/friend death. Rape/non-con, A/B/O, bloodplay, infidelity, unrequited pining. Really really scary things (creepy is fine; please don't SUPER scare me!)

Treat Suggestions: AUs of all kinds (high school! college! bands! bakeries! coffee shops! space! mundane!). Character studies. Fun autumnal/Halloween adventures (pumpkin spice lattes! snuggly sweaters! parties! trick or treating! candy! wacky ghost hunting hijinks!). Slice of life/vignettes. Domestic. If you can do plot, go wild with that. Romance (slow burn, first time, established, UST, mutual pining, exes who are friends). Porn (spanking, rimming, fingering, toys, lots of kissing).

Trick suggestions: ALSO AUs of all kinds (vampires, werewolves, ghosts - both dark and fun versions. Zombie/disease/alien apocalypses. Being Human AUs. Dark AUs. Killer/murderer/Bonnie-and-Clyde AUs.) Ghost hunting. Something icky and violent. Slayers. Nightmares (with h/c optional?)

Hope those things help! Here's a fandom-specific character thing:

Marvel 616:
Misty Knight, Patsy Walker, Jennifer Walters, Colleen Wing, Felicia Hardy, Mary Jane Watson, Gwen Stacy, Kamala Khan, Kate Bishop, America Chavez.

Okay, so, my focus is clearly on the female characters of the 616 universe!

Some ships (which you can interpret as friendships or femslash ships, whichever you'd prefer to do):
Misty/Colleen, Jennifer/Patsy, Jennifer/Felicia, MJ/Felicia, Gwen/Felicia, MJ/Gwen, MJ/Gwen/Felicia, Kate/America, Kate/Kamala, America/Kamala, Felicia/Patsy.

Basically, focus on one or a bunch of these Marvel women: just have them hanging out or being a team or neighbours or whatever works for you. If you only want to look at one of them because they're the one you know about, that's cool too, feel free to bring in anyone who's usually around them in their run that you like.

Daredevil (TV):
Matt Murdock, Karen Page, Claire Temple, Foggy Nelson.

Some ships (which you can interpret as friendships or ships, whichever works for you): Matt/Foggy, Karen/Claire, Matt/Claire, Matt/Karen, Matt/Foggy/Karen.

If you want to stomp all over canon so everyone can hang out, feel free to do that; if you just want to look at one of them and how they relate to the world, that's cool too.

Bad Blood (Taylor Swift Music Video):
Any character.

I just love this video and the world so so so much, so anything is perfect for me. Have any ship/friendship/frenemy thing going on that you want, about whoever you want, and I'll be delighted. One or some or all of them, just have them being kickass amazing ladies.

MCU - Avengers Connected:
Natasha Romanov, Pepper Potts, Rhodey Rhodes, Wanda, Maria, Sharon, Darcy, Jane, Vision, Pietro.

So... I guess what I'm looking at here is the newer Avengers/SHIELD, and the female characters. If you haven't seen AOU, that's fine, just work with whoever you like and whatever canon you want.

Some ships (which can be friendships or romantic, whatever you want): Pepper/Rhodey, Tony/Pepper/Rhodey, Tony/Pepper, Pepper/Natasha, Natasha/Sam, Wanda/Pietro, Wanda/Vision, Wanda/Sharon, Wanda/Natasha, Sharon/Steve, Sharon/Maria, Maria/Rhodey, Darcy/Jane.

(If you want to ignore my incest feelings, go for it.)

So I guess pick a set of characters you want to play with, and go with it. Feel free not to write about anyone you don't want to write about. And have any pairings floating about that you like, except Tony/Steve, pleeeeease do not put Tony/Steve in anywhere, even for a trick. Other than that, go mad, person <3
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t: 'til delilah showed me how
f: Marvel comics/Young Avengers
p: Kate/Kate
ch: femslash100 kinks drabble table - #18. mirrors, #23. self-love, #28. voyeurism
r/wc: PG-13/753
s: Kate’s not really sure where you’re supposed to send back alternate universe doubles of yourself, exactly. They really need to start producing actual handbooks for this kind of shit.
n: [Title from Delilah by Florence + the Machine.] Okay, so, I apparently decided writing Kate/Kate was a GREAT IDEA, so, just go with it. It's got nothing to do with Secret Wars because I haven't read enough of it yet, and there's some implied Spider-Verse stuff you can ignore.

The truth is, of course, that people are curious.Collapse )
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t: if i could stand up mean for all the things that i believe
f: Agent Carter
c: Daniel, Peggy, Angie, Jarvis, Jack (Daniel & Peggy; pre Daniel/Jack)
ch: towerparty - lightning round
r/wc: PG/4000
s: Modern college AU. The rebuilding of Daniel Sousa.
[Angie adds: “we have so much vodka. So much. Come join us, Morose Dude Across The Hall.”]
n: [Title from L.E.S. Artistes by Santogold]. My prompt was: I'm a caged-bird, I'm on fire/Got these paper wings, but they don't hold the air. This was meant to fit that and also be hurt/comfort and MAYBE I FULFILLED SOME OF THOSE REQUIREMENTS? IDEK, this seemed like a good idea, anyway.

Afterwards, they said that Daniel was lucky to survive, and, yeah, he was.Collapse )
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t: New York (Saint in the City)
f: Young Avengers
p: Kate/Cassie
ch: femslash100 kinks table - #25. Temperature, #26. Texture, #8. Breath, #18. Pain.
r/wc: G/1008
s: They’re Young Avengers, emphasis on the young part, and they’ve both definitely earned more than a little simple happiness.
n: [Title is a song by The Academy Is...] Canon divergent AU in that Cassie has never died. Four drabbles linked into a seasonal-themed story, ridiculously fluffy, I've no regrets.

It’s so hot that apparently no one wants to try and end the world or whatever.Collapse )
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t: My Boyfriend's A Superhero And All I Got Was This Lousy ER Trip
f: Daredevil
p: Claire/Karen, Matt/Foggy
ch: trope_bingo - superhero
r/wc: PG/2013
s: [canon AU] “I thought we were going to come up with a better-” Nelson begins, visibly stops himself, and continues: “-explanation of that thing that definitely happened.”
n: I just couldn't resist.

Claire’s seen all kinds of shit at 4 a.m. in this ER, but these aren’t her usual kind of people.Collapse )
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t: does joe bring flowers to marilyn's grave
f: Revenge
c: Louise; Nolan, Penelope, Lyman
ch: fan_flashworks - floating
r/wc: PG-13/1860
w: Spoilers for all of season four; references to mental health issues, canon-typical murders etc
s: It's an existence, anyway.
n: [Title from Father Lucifer by Tori Amos] I just love Louise so much, you guys. So much.

nothing's gonna stop me from floating.Collapse )
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t: in my race to get out of this place i am checking my face in the back of a spoon
f: Gotham
c: Harvey; Cat; Barbara; Oswald; Bruce
ch: fan_flashworks - sleepless
r/wc: PG-13/3632
w: Spoilers for all of Gotham season one; violence; gruesome imagery; canon-typical triggers
s: Hey, tomorrow we’ll eat your guilt with pancakes, you can start all over again.
n: [Title from Geek Love by Nerina Pallot] The first 3 vignettes were written for fan_flashworks; the other 2 were done later on after the deadline.

Her face twists and screws and he doesn’t even know what he’s angry about, anymore.Collapse )
Lady Paperclip
t: The Quickest Way To A Woman’s Heart
f: The Musketeers
p: Athos/Ninon (past Athos/Milady, implied others)
r/wc: PG/1860
s: [Modern AU] “We had to take Athos shopping for a waffle iron to impress a lady,” d’Artagnan pipes up.
On the other side of the room, Milady snorts into her coffee.
n: [Title from] Written for pennyplainknits; I’ve been taking requests, and hers was: Ninon/Athos or Athos/Failure. Buying the Waffle Iron was the first mistake. I’ve basically gleefully written a fic where everyone is the worst, you’re all welcome.

Athos is definitely going to get himself new friends at some point.Collapse )
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t: with the furies breathing down your neck
f: The Hunger Games
c: Johanna, Finnick
ch: fan_flashworks - The End of the World and fc_smorgasbord - 093. stubbornness
r/wc: PG-13/1060
s: [Present Day AU] Johanna supposes that if you considered it from a different angle and squinted a lot, some aspect of this might actually look like a road trip.
n: [Title from the REM song It's The End Of The World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine).] Finnick and Johanna roadtrip the apocalypse. I'm handwavy about it, as I am about people like Annie, so, just, go with it. And I quote The End of the World by Skeeter Davis at one point.

The years have changed them both more than a little.Collapse )
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t: sugar sugar, honey honey
f: Selfie
p: pre Henry/Eliza
ch: trope_bingo at dreamwith – food and cooking
r/wc: G/1450
s: [Bakery AU] “I don’t think people are leaving you crack-laced muffins, Henry,” Sam says.
n: [Title from The Archies] I offered to write AU ficlets for people on twitter, and the first to come in from teaboytoaliens was a Henry/Eliza bakery AU. This wasn’t as Henry/Eliza as I meant it to be, but I enjoyed myself a lot (and got to mention a thing from the show that I think about far too much). And if you think I wasn’t listening to Suga Mama by Beyonce while writing like 2/3 of this, you would be wrong.

When he squints, he can see where her shoes have left sparkles on the pristine linoleum.Collapse )
Lady Paperclip
t: Barnacled Warship
f: Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell
p: Arabella/Jonathan
ch: hc_bingo – combat
r/wc: PG/1325
w: Vague PTSD or equivalent thereof, so, bear that in mind.
s: Arabella’s husband has returned from the war. Well, at least, someone’s husband has.
n: [Title is a weirdly fitting Johnny Flynn song] Probably tilted slightly more toward the TV version than the book, just because the Arabella/Jonathan dynamic is more… IDK, something, anyway. But works whichever medium you’ve consumed. I just love them so muuuuch. So I guess next time I’ll write something with less angst and more magic/bonking.

Fidgeting with his clothes with tics that he has brought back with him the way other husbands bring home souvenirsCollapse )
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t: i don't wanna be your superman
f: Young Avengers
p: Kate/America
ch: femslash100 - kinks table: 2. anonymity, 9. clothing, 21. restrained, 12. exhibitionism, 22. roleplay & femslash100100 - 181. costume
r/wc: PG-13/1255
s: [canon-divergent AU] “I can’t believe you came to ComicCon dressed as yourself,” Billy is saying for about the thirtieth time.
n: [Title from Save The Day by Train] Set in a slight AU where everything's the same but no one knows who America is - if she's non-powered or not gone public with her powers, you can pick! I just had the idea of Kate cosplaying Hawkeye at ComicCon and someone mocking her for it, and obvs it was going to be America. I'm actually working London ComicCon this weekend!

Kate wonders if she’s being checked out or caught out.Collapse )
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t: What I Used To Want
f: Marvel (Young Avengers/Hawkeye/Avengers)
p: Kate/Jess
ch: femslash100 - kinks table prompts: 15. humiliation/shame, 13. food, 5. begging, 4. bathing
r/wc: PG-13/1005
s: "We had that horrible conversation that Billy pointed out didn’t pass the Bechdel test – yes, I get the irony – and I came to apologise, but, erm, apparently I hit on you instead. My bad.”
n: Four drabbles linked into a story; set sometime after the Fraction Hawkeye run, but otherwise, don't ask about timelines.

Kate isn't blushing Kate isn't blushing Kate isn't blushing.Collapse )
Lady Paperclip
t: chasing their tails trying to track us down
f: Selfie
p: Henry & Eliza; pre Henry/Eliza
ch: fan_flashworks - Amnesty prompt: communication
r/wc: PG/3730
w: It’s an Elementary AU, so mild references to past drug abuse.
s: [Elementary AU] “Did you think that that was an appropriate outfit to wear to a crime scene?” Henry asks.
n: [Title from I Know Places by Taylor Swift.] I… have no idea how this happened! Earlier this evening I was like “…I should probably get around to watching Selfie”, and then I was writing an Elementary AU for it where Henry’s a consulting detective and Eliza’s his sober companion who’s weirdly good at all this, eventually. My dodgy knowledge of certain bits of certain social media is probably showing.

When he was a kid, they had a dog that humped the furniture. He presumes this is much the same thing.Collapse )
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t: Over The Crushed Ice
f: MCU
p: Bucky/Loki
ch: mcu_aufest
r/wc: PG/2125
s: [Normal!AU] “That’s Loki Laufeyson,” Angie replied, reaching for a bottle of kahlua. “You’ve seen him falling out of every single bar in this city, usually accompanied by underwear models.” She screwed up her nose. “I don’t know how he gets hold of that many underwear models, actually, he must have some agency’s number.”
n: Written for aurilly for the MCU AU Fest. I'd love to come back and play with this 'verse sometime :)

On the whole, Bucky likes bartending.Collapse )
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t: Horribly In Love
f: Much Ado About Nothing
p: Beatrice/Benedick
ch: ficmountain 2015
r/wc: G/1504
s: Her mouth is a delighted curve that belongs to him now and yet does not belong to him, and sometimes Benedick wonders what it would be like to marry someone who did not know all of his flaws already.
n: Written for the Night on Fic Mountain exchange (sort of like summer yuletide).

Their marriage bed comes twined with laughter.
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28 June 2015 @ 12:20 am
Tables and cards for things.

General fandoms for femslashficlets @ dreamwidth.

1. Deathless Aphrodite of the spangled mind
2. Some men say an army of horse
3. ...among mortal women, know this
4. ...for those
5. He seems to me equal to gods that man
6. stars around the beautiful moon
7. you burn me
8. their heart grew cold
9. you came and I was crazy for you
10. not one girl I think
11. I simply want to be dead.
12. may you sleep on the breast of your delicate friend
13. here now
14. but me you have forgotten
15. stand to face me beloved
16. someone will remember us
17. when all night long
18. and on the eyes
19. Moon has set
20. spangled is

Card for hc_bingo

alien abduction insomnia de-age wings archaic medical treatment
self-harm abandonment issues combat sensory deprivation hallucinations
restrained whipping / flogging WILD CARD sex pollen drowning
on the run group support side effects slaves accidents
forced to participate in illegal / hurtful activity loss of possessions amnesia loss of home / shelter major illness or injury

Card for seasonofkink @ dw

begging punishment mechanical/technological sensation play objectification
non-body fetish hedonism possession/collars gender play striptease
size kink threesomes WILD CARD uniform kink flirting/seduction
phonesex/sexting consent play/negotiation emotion play/jealousy age kink shaving/waxing
dirty talk domestic service/manual labour chains/locks impact pain play humiliation

card for trope_bingo @ dw

rare pairs food and cooking superhero immortality / reincarnation sharing a bed
coming out (of the closet) in vino veritas / drunkfic fluff bubble bath Unhappy ending
virginfic au: alternate gender norms FREE SPACE in Another Man's Shoes  huddle for warmth
animal version (or human version) Bite mark/bruise au: band fake relationship fuck or die
spanking au: space transformations locked in poker/strip poker
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t: i’m like a lawyer with the way i’m always trying to get you off
f: Young Avengers/She-Hulk
p: Kate/Jennifer, Kate/Patsy, Kate/Patsy/Jennifer, Jennifer/Patsy
ch: femslash100 – kinks table prompts: 6. biting/bruising, 3. authority, 17. obedience, 1. altered states, 14. groups
r/wc: PG-13/1250
s: Kate tries a law internship. Nobody gets a lot of work done.
n: [Title is a Fall Out Boy song, yep.] Written so the 5 drabbles are distinct scenes, but strung together into what kind of resembles a story (and much lower rating than the prompts suggest!) I couldn’t resist, I’m not even sorry. Don’t ask about timelines; sometime post Young Avengers and Hawkeye, and post the recent Marvel Now She-Hulk run.

Kate chokes, and covers badly.Collapse )
Lady Paperclip
t: and you’re doing oh so well these days
f: Agent Carter (MCU)
p: Peggy/Howard (past Steve/Peggy)
ch: towerparty – lightning round
r/wc: R/2505
s: “You ever think we missed our chance?” Howard asks.
“We’d only have squandered it,” Peggy responds.
n: [Title from Liquid Diamonds by Tori Amos.] My prompt was there's something 'bout a midnight rain, and, as ever, whenever I’m meant to be writing smut, I went for pretentious and vaguely sad instead. This probably won’t make much sense if you haven’t watched Agent Carter.

She and Howard are fundamentally different in so many ways, but they bear more matching scars than they’re ever comfortable admitting.Collapse )
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03 May 2015 @ 08:22 pm
t: Star Whisperer
f: Thor
c: Sif; Warriors Three, Thor, Loki, Heimdall
ch: space_swap
r/wc: G/3000
s: “Are there carnivorous plants on this planet?” Sif asks Loki.
Loki lifts and drops a shoulder. “Perhaps,” he says. “I just thought the illustrations in the book were particularly animated.”
n: [Title is a Tori Amos song.] Written for thinkatory, who wanted worldbuilding in space for the Thor people. Couple of notes: I've mixed comics and films for Hogun's homeworld stuff, and I've made Sif and Heimdall siblings in this like they are in the comics.

Part of proving herself as strong and brave as any Asgardian man was learning their drinking songs and not flinching at any of them.Collapse )
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19 April 2015 @ 10:50 pm
Placeholder for my Not Prime Time letter.
Lady Paperclip
18 April 2015 @ 10:19 pm
Dear Author letter for mcu_aufest.

Hi author!

Firstly, I'm already obscenely overexcited because AUs are like my only love, so whatever happens and whatever you write I shall be delighted by it! Thank you! Next, a handful of suggestions that will hopefully make this a bit easier for you.

+ General Likes: Slow burn/build, first times, meetcutes, tropes, clichés, fluffy angst, angsty fluff, happy endings, background pairings/friendships, slice-of-life, character cameos, canon divergence, alternate meetings etc.

+ General Dislikes: Major character death (even canonical! Feel free to take that out), extreme daddy issues, addiction, hurt/comfort as the only focus, character bashing, infidelity sad endings.

+ Porn: Fine by me! Just keep it vaguely in character. I like spanking, rimming and lots of kissing. Similarly, G-rating/pre-relationship things are ALSO OKAY.

+ If you want to include additional background ships/friendships, since I just said I like them, here's some dynamics I like: Tony/Pepper, Tony&Rhodey, Tony/Pepper/Rhodey, Rhodey&Pepper, Jane/Darcy, Thor/Jane, Clint/Sam, Nat/Bruce, Peggy/Steve, Peggy/Howard, Peggy&Jarvis, Peggy&Angie, Peggy&Daniel, Peggy/Daniel/Jack, Clint&Nat, Steve&Sam, Steve&Bucky, Clint/Sam, Lance/Bobbi, Trip/everyone, Fitz&Simmons, Jemma/Skye, Steve/Thor, Sif/Fandral, Loki/Bucky, Sif/Loki, Loki&Sif.

+ Re: normal/depowered!AUs: love them! If you want to have them all as people with superpowers who also go to high school/hunt vampires/run bakeries et al, cool, and if you want to have them doing those things but as secret night-time superheroes then cool, and if you want them to have never heard of Asgard/Iron Man/espionage and just be living in their apartment as a normal person that's all good. Basically, whichever works for you works for me.

+ Re: non-canonical pairings: I'm not a fan of infidelity/conveniently killing off canon other halves, so if you either want to remove the relationship altogether, or have them as exes, I'd prefer that please.

+ If you're feeling extra creative, feel free to combine AUs together: like maybe they're all witches and wizards who live in an apartment complex, or a stripper goes to their local bakery and falls for the person behind the counter, or whatever other prompts I've asked for. I'm aware this is a tricky one, but if the muse bites/it looks like fun, go for it!

+ I really don't need plots if they stress you out - similarly, if you like plots, go you! - so I'm perfectly happy with slice-of-life/vignettes/failboats in love.

+ I realise most of this applies to writing, but hopefully it also works out okay if you're an artist!

+ If you're bemused by all of this/have extra questions, anon commenting should be on on this journal, and if that doesn't work, you can also ask me anon at neitherusenorornament on tumblr.