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"'But It's Educational' Is The Perfect Alibi", Sarah Jane Adventures, Clyde/Luke

Title: ‘But It’s Educational’ Is The Perfect Alibi
Fandom: Sarah Jane Adventures
Pairing: Clyde/Luke
Present For/Prompt: allyndra | Lessons
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 1000
Genre: Slash
Summary: They’re only watching them for educational purposes, and so Clyde does not enjoy afternoons curled up on the sofa with Luke a little too much at all.
Author’s Notes: I actually wrote a huge amount of this while on the till at work, typing it up between customers. Because I am that professional. I quite like how this turned out though!

Clyde ends up putting Luke off asking further questions about girls by distracting him with the ever-so-complicated subject of The Point Of Daytime Television And Why People Feel The Need To Sell Their Houses All The Time.

He should’ve known that not giving Luke a proper answer was going to come back and bite him on the arse.

Clyde is determined that Luke learns everything about what being a teenager actually means, because even if Luke is technically two, outside he’s fifteen and therefore is bloody well going to act like it. In order to achieve this, he makes Luke watch dreadful teen-oriented shows with him, so that Luke will see all the things that he is Under No Circumstances To Do. And of course they’re only watching them for educational purposes, and so Clyde does not enjoy afternoons curled up on the sofa with Luke – eating biscuits with their legs entangled – a little too much at all.

Sometimes, Rani joins them to watch the trashy television, but she usually ends up muttering slut at the admittedly very indiscriminate girls, which just confuses Luke (Clyde is attempting to get him to understand the concepts of dating before they move on to more complicated things), and also she tends to give Clyde Significant Looks whenever Luke leans his head against Clyde’s shoulder, the two of them tangled together and cosy. Clyde knows, ok, and he doesn’t need Rani silently pointing it out, because Luke is utterly oblivious and it would be kind of nice and convenient if he would stay that way.

It’s a wet November afternoon and Sarah Jane and Rani have gone to do something to do with Journalism, so Clyde and Luke have made toast and are watching something with such bad dialogue it keeps making Clyde mentally flinch. Luke is lying sleepily against him, head tucked under Clyde’s chin, and even though his leg is starting to go to sleep Clyde is not going to do anything at all to make Luke move.

And yes, Clyde is perfectly aware, thankyouverymuch, just how masochistic falling for his clueless and practically asexual best friend is.

Luke finally shifts in the advert break to get some more toast, and when he gets back and they start watching the programme again, Clyde can see the frown lines forming on his friend’s face.

“What?” he asks. “Remember, I’m here so you can ask me stuff.”

Well; it’s almost entirely true. Clyde thinks it would be kind of pathetic to admit the rest.

Luke keeps his gaze on the television, where an improbably pretty boy is asking out an improbably pretty girl, and manages: “What’s it like to fancy someone?”

Luke is clearly trying to kill him. Still, Clyde has got himself into this; he can’t back out now.

“It’s like… your stomach feels tight all the time and you’re kind of nervous and excited and no matter how much you look at them it’s never enough, you can’t stop thinking about them, and you want to be around them all the time.”

Clyde really hopes Luke doesn’t bring up the part where Clyde has barely gone home for about a fortnight. But all Luke does is thoughtfully suck butter off his thumb – while Clyde does not watch – and shift back so their shoulders are touching again.


Trying. To. Kill. Him.

They watch in silence while Clyde attempts to breathe like a normal person and not like a loser with a big gay crush on his oblivious best friend.

Luke gets that contemplative look on his face again; there are people snogging onscreen.

“Kissing looks so awkward,” he mutters.

“It’s not,” Clyde says quickly. “It’s… awesome.”

Luke glances doubtfully at him, and then stares at the screen again. “So they’re dating now?”

“That’s generally what happens when people kiss, yeah,” Clyde says, deciding to leave the complicated stuff for the future. He tries to get the lesson back on track. “And then what happens?”

Luke looks thoughtful. “And then they go the cinema or to dinner…” Clyde nods encouragingly. “…And there’s an unplanned pregnancy?”

Clyde should probably stop making Luke watch soaps.

“No,” he says patiently, “Then they are happy. It’s just audiences aren’t interested in that.”

Luke is quiet for a little too long. “I am,” he mumbles.

Clyde stays silent. Onscreen, there’s yet more kissing happening, and Luke is still looking deeply suspicious.

“It just looks so…” he trails off.

Clyde decides that when Rani yells at him later he’ll just claim it was for demonstrative purposes, shifting so he’s facing Luke.

“Switch your overactive brain off, ok?”

He has time to register Luke’s puzzled expression before he leans in and gently captures Luke’s mouth. Clyde knows he’s being very stupid but he doesn’t have enough self-control not to do this. Luke is rigid with shock, but his mouth softens after a moment, allowing Clyde to nudge his lips open slightly. He moves his hand, skimming his thumb down Luke’s jaw; educational or not, this is still Luke’s first kiss and he desperately wants it not to be crap. Luke makes a very soft noise; Clyde can’t work out what it means, and tries to sit back.

But Luke’s hand comes out of nowhere, fingers curling tentatively over the back of Clyde’s neck, and… and Luke doesn’t want him to stop. Clyde knows someone has to take charge here and so pushes a little, running his tongue gently along Luke’s lower lip. Obediently, Luke opens his mouth, and although he’s hesitant, he does kiss Clyde back.

Clyde is the first to pull away. “Look…”

“I fancy you,” Luke blurts, mouth distractingly wet. “I didn’t know until you told me what that meant, but-”

Clyde cuts him off with another kiss. When they finally pull apart, the credits are rolling.

“Are we dating now?” Luke asks.

Clyde suspects he’s about to get himself involved in something very complicated but Luke’s eyes are shining and he can’t bring himself to mind.


Tags: character: clyde langer, character: luke smith, pairing: clyde langer/luke smith, tv show: sarah jane adventures, type: slash, xmas 2008

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