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"On The Plus Side", HSM/Gossip Girl, Ryan/Eric

Title: On The Plus Side
Fandoms: High School Musical/Gossip Girl
Pairing: Ryan/Eric
Present For/Prompt: maggie33 | New boyfriend
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 1000
Genre: Slash
Timeline: Set between HSM 1 and 2, and after season 1 of GG. Though chronology isn’t the important bit.
Summary: These Upper East Siders make him and Shar look well-adjusted.
Author’s Notes: I’ve made myself want to write Chuck/Sharpay now, which I won’t (maybe). I’m re-reading the Gossip Girl books at the moment, because I can read one a day and they are deliciously mean and awesome. I find Eric vdW a little bit scary to write with, but ah well. I had a go!

Hey Upper East Siders,

It’s Winter Break and we all know what that means, right? R and S coming to play Happy Families with C, and of course with all the brand new shiny Bass family. Will S allow the S we all know and love to outshine her? Just how many hats will R bring with him? And how long will it be before the whole thing descends into one big bitchfight?

You know I’ll be keeping you all updated.


Ryan Evans hates Chuck Bass with a fiery passion probably only topped by his sister’s – Chuck tried to grope Sharpay in the Lava Springs pool the summer her boobs came in, and she’s never forgotten it – so it remains a source of constant annoyance that their fathers are best friends. Sharpay and Ryan have done everything short of an actual felony to try and get out of being flown to New York twice a year for the reunions, with no success.

Sitting in a cab on the way to the Palace, Ryan scrolls through some of the latest Gossip Girl posts on his iPhone, just because sometimes it’s best to know what you’re up against; these Upper East Siders make him and Shar look well-adjusted. Though however messy things with this B person are, he sort of hopes Chuck doesn’t try anything with Sharpay. Much as the guy annoys him, after the whole Troy-and-Gabriella Winter Musical fiasco, Shar is in an eye-gouge first and ask questions later sort of mood.

His father and Bart seem delighted to see each other again; which amuses Ryan no end since part of him still believes that Bart Bass is actually a mannequin.

Ryan puts up with Chuck’s sneer as best he can. “I see you haven’t died of a venereal disease yet,” he says through a smile.

Chuck rolls his eyes. “I see you haven’t been gang-raped by the jocks at that hopeless school you go to,” he replies, with an ugly smirk.

Last time they met Chuck spent most of the time emailing Gossip Girl, telling her that Ryan and Sharpay were sleeping together. This is, Ryan has to admit, slightly better, but then they have only been in the same room for about five minutes. There is still time for Chuck to come up with something even more horrific to torment him with.

Serena, Bart’s new step-daughter, is beautiful and effortlessly stylish, which Ryan can tell is going to go down really well with Shar, who is used to being the most wonderful person in any given room. Serena doesn’t seem to notice the death glares Sharpay is aiming in her direction, but it’s only a matter of time until she does, and then… well, hopefully it won’t end in too much bloodshed, anyway.

Ryan’s inner amused monologue grinds to a crashing halt when Bart says: “And this is my stepson, Eric.”

Eric looks uncomfortable but manages a small smile, which broadens slightly when he catches Ryan’s eye. Ryan can’t help smiling back, and decides that that is a very bad idea. If only because, when Chuck Bass inevitably finds out, it will be all over Gossip Girl; and unlike certain people in this room that Ryan could mention, he is not an attention whore.

At least; not most of the time.


They’re sat next to each other at dinner; possibly Bart Bass has just decided that the young people should all sit together (Shar is between Chuck and Serena, looking like she’s having difficulty which one she wants to murder first; his sister is so reassuringly predictable), or possibly he’s a little more perceptive than Ryan’s ever given him credit for because, after about three minutes’ conversation with Eric, Ryan’s ever-reliable gaydar lights up and pings.

As expected, the conversation turns to sisters.

“Serena’s amazing,” Eric says. “Most of the time. I mean, she rushed straight back to New York when I…”

He trails off, flushing.

“It’s ok,” Ryan says, “You don’t have to say anything.”

Eric gives him a guileless and utterly charming smile that is unhealthily distracting, and Ryan stares at the curve of his mouth for a little too long before his father coughs slightly, attracting his attention. He makes the by-now-familiar movement, indicating he wants Ryan to straighten his hat a little, and Ryan obediently does so, sighing. Eric raises a curious eyebrow.

“It’s ok,” Ryan says. “My dad is normally way more critical than this. He generally gets more relaxed when we visit the Basses.”

“Why?” Eric asks.

“Well, I could be Chuck,” Ryan points out, shrugging. Eric laughs. “No, seriously. Having a gay son suddenly looks much better when you consider the alternatives.”

Eric holds his gaze for a moment before smiling and looking away. “Chuck’s really not that bad when you get to know him.”

“I find that hard to believe,” Ryan mutters.

Eric nudges him with his shoulder, smirking, and Ryan does his best not to implode because that would be deeply tragic. Eric sighs after a moment, dropping his attention back to his food.

“At least your dad believes you’re gay,” he says at last. “I think my mom still thinks I’m going to grow out of it or something.”

“Bring lots of boyfriends home,” Ryan suggests. “I found that did the trick.”

Eric considers this. “My last boyfriend was… kind of an asshole,” he murmurs.

Ryan’s been there, done that. “‘Last boyfriend’?” he quotes. “So… you’re saying you’re single?”

Shar is shooting him a you have no shame look from across the table, but Ryan ignores her.

Eric is blushing, but smiling. “I guess I am,” he says. “Why, do you know anyone who’d be interested?”

Ryan tips his head to one side. “I might do…”


Well, R and E seem to be inseparable; it’s sort of cute, even if R is flying back home next week. Still no evidence that they’re BFs and not just BFFs, but you know I never stay in the dark for long…

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