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Doctor Who Masterlist


[Almost Entirely] Shameless
Ten/Jack | PG | 512 | taffimai
After all, there’s only one man who’s ever been able to make him blush quite like this.

And Fill The Trees With Apples
Amy; Eleven, Rory, Jeff | PG | 3080 | 100_women
So this is me, Amy writes, in the perpetual night before my wedding, travelling with my imaginary friend and also my accidental baby.

{and swallow fireflies}
Amy; Eleven, Rory, Jeff | PG-13 | 9205 | FICMIX
“You weren’t the only one to let me down. The psychiatrists just fixated on you because you were the one who made me seem like a crazy person. You know, box falls out of sky, man falls out of box, man eats fish custard. Girl who saw all this needs medication.”

and the night wasn't night anymore
Clara, Jeff | G | 2605 | 100_fairytales
“This was supposed to help,” she says aloud to no one in particular, and sits down on the back doorstep, outside this home where reality swallowed itself alive.

And The Spiders From Mars
Ten, Martha | PG | 1530
“How does Jack not know you’re the space version of Mick Jagger?” Martha asks.

Black Ice Ribbons Her Liberty
Lucy | PG-13 | 2002 | doctorwho_100
He would not give her snow, he would not answer her questions, he would not hold her at night, he would not smile unless it slid across his mouth like a knife.

Do You Wanna Date My Avatar
Oswin; Larry, Sally | PG-13 | 3550
“I didn’t set up that tumblr account I was thinking about making,” Oswin replies, which is usually what she says in situations like this, and it never sounds less incriminating. Like, never.

How To Utilise Paradoxes For Fun And Profit
Eight/Lucy | PG | 7375 | doctorwho_100
“You’re going to invite me to come with you,” Lucy informs him. “And you know I can’t take you up on the offer because if I let anything slip the universe could end.”

Last Year I Think I Wore Red For The End Of The World
Lucy | PG-15 | 2365 | doctorwho_100
Perhaps she is meant to be frightened but the darkness licking the windows is pretty, and when she gazes up the sky is full of new planets and beautiful coloured swirls.

Made My Own Pretty Hate Machine
Crossover with Torchwood | the Master/Ianto | PG-15 | 9170 | fanfic100
The man spins around and Ianto realises it’s Mr Saxon, who has security clearance for all levels (for reasons Ianto isn’t entirely sure of but which probably don’t matter).

Miss Osterhagen Regrets
Martha | PG | 4300
“I’m happy with the anti-climax,” Martha says, finally admitting it aloud.

Mistakes I Chose With My Eyes Shut
Ten/Jack | PG-13 | 805 | paliphrase & macphista
“I’ve been in love with you before,” Jack says, because drinking makes him eloquent, “And it made me dead.”

No Straight And Narrow
Eleven, Donna, Lucy, Martha, Jack, Sarah Jane | PG | 5160
He looks young; younger than her, as though he can just slough off everything and turn, radiant and beautiful, back to the light.

not in this new romantic way
Amy/Rory | PG | 3450 | cottoncandy_bingo
Not all Amy’s songs are about the Doctor; at least, Rory’s pretty sure they aren’t all about the Doctor, but even he’s not completely sure.

Not So Much Losing As Forfeiting
Nine/Jack | PG | 1000 | taffimai
Jack is travelling around the universe in a glorified box, his only protection coming from a sonic pistol that keeps running out of batteries and spends large amounts of time actually being a banana.

Oh, I Believe In You
Crossover with Torchwood | Jack/everyone | PG-13 | 6550 | karaokegal
They’re both suffering from Post Traumatic Stress disorder and therefore getting drunk and playing around with sensitive conversation topics is a fucking stupid idea.

Sweet The Sting
Crossover with House MD | the Doctor/House | PG-13 | 4837 | justian
“You, on the other hand- you actually do have two hearts. Do you have a string of ex-wives too?”

This Charming Man
Lucy, Ten, Martha | PG | 4200 | doctorwho_100
‘Til death do them part and all of that shit, but Lucy thinks she’d like her money back now: neither of them seem capable of staying dead and that’s really only the beginning of the discrepancies.

Crossover with Torchwood | Suzie/Lucy | 2223 | 7rainbowprompts
She’s dressed in red silk, and Suzie thinks she looks rather like a woman raped and left for dead after a dinner party.

Watch This Space
Ten, Martha | G | 1798
“Why do they always blink?” he asks, complaining to no one in particular, “You just can’t get the companions these days…”

Whatever Pays The Wages
Crossover with Torchwood | Jack/everyone | PG-13 | 7025 | philosophy_20 & karaokegal
If he ever gets out of here, Jack won’t dare repeat this part. It’s not something to be proud of.

Why Sand And Time Lords Really Don't Mix
Crossover with Lost | the Doctor | G | 570 | rivers_bend
He’s getting sand in places that no one should have sand and there’s a dangerous chance that the leather jacket will never be quite the same again.

Worst Case Scenario
Ten, Martha | PG | 1660 | 100_women
Martha is going to be deeply unimpressed if he collapses dead in front of her. There may even be screaming.


Rose/New!Ten | PG | 248
Rose is happy, of course, because there aren’t a whole lot of options, emotionally, when someone dumps the Happy Ever After into your hands and then runs for it.

Lucy - Sky - Diamonds. (i've heard this song before)
The Master/Lucy | PG | 300
Her husband has two hearts and a menagerie of cruel things. She’s learning to turn a blind eye.

Take The Long Way Home
Rose, Mickey | PG | 210
They’ve barely got anything in common now, except that neither of them really belong here and no one’s noticed.

Lucy, the Master | PG-13 | 182
Or maybe it actually happened and now she’s lying there with her legs slit open and her wedding ring cold on the floor.


Jack O'Lanterns In July
Matt Smith/Karen Gillan | PG | 1250
He's not a reassuring image, and she really shouldn't be glad that she's seeing the end of the world in with him, because, well, he probably isn't going to be any good at it.

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