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Title: Everything’s Made To Be Broken
Fandom: House MD
Pairing: Stacy/Cameron (and of course canon Stacy/House and Cameron/House)
Challenge/Prompt: 1sentence, theme set Alpha
Rating: PG-15
Genre: Femslash
Summary: Fifty sentences taking you through yet another angst-ridden relationship arc.
Author’s Notes: I actively hate what I've written here, and the only reason it's online is because I don't think I can do any better. *sulk* I have got to stop doing these "one sentence" challenges, I can never achieve what I want to with them.

# 11 Name
To begin with, Stacy is just a name- a person Cameron knows that House had loved, someone who makes her feel jealous, feel cold- and by the time she can put a face to the name she already hates Stacy with prejudices almost too deep to shatter.

# 22 Jealousy
Cameron watches the look on House’s face whenever Stacy comes near him, fingers clenching hard around his cane, and she wishes like crazy that he would look at her like that, and the envy makes her almost physically sick.

# 40 Innocence
Stacy looks at Cameron- at Allison, she supposes- and feels so sorry for her, for the last dregs of beautiful innocence that House is washing away, and she really doesn’t want to know what Cameron means by “we went on one date, it didn’t go very well”.

# 04 Pain
Stacy hurts- her husband is sick and her marriage is strained and House is forever hovering behind her shoulder like a line that would be so easy to cross- and all she really wants is someone-anyone to understand.

# 25 Devotion
House sits alone in his office and stares at the wall and says nothing, and Cameron studies him and wonders whether she could ever be as brave as Stacy; to love him enough to damage him forever.

# 05 Potatoes
They’ve never really talked but it’s lunch time and Stacy slides herself into the chair opposite Cameron’s, with a winning smile and a baked potato, and over an almost meaningless conversation Cameron begins to realise that perhaps she doesn’t need to hate Stacy after all.

#27 Blood
There’s red all over her gloves and splashed onto her white coat and Cameron is crying her eyes out in the women’s bathroom when Stacy finds her, and doesn’t ask any questions, just hugs her tight and lets her sob helplessly.

# 45 Hell
Princeton/Plainsboro Teaching Hospital seems to be, on some levels, every person’s individual personal hell, and Stacy sometimes wonders why Cameron, eternal optimist, chooses to stay here.

# 28 Sickness
“We’ll never be friends, you know,” Cameron says, “He’ll always be between us like some kind of disease,” and Stacy considers her for a moment before saying “I’m game if you are,” her face splitting into a grin.

# 34 Lightning/Thunder
The electricity’s been building up all day and the storm finally breaks at about five p.m in Stacy’s locked office, so swift and sudden Cameron doesn’t even have time to count the seconds between the rolls of thunder.

# 03 Soft
Cameron looks soft, like she’d snap if you poked her too hard, and it takes Stacy a moment to realise that really, honestly, Cameron is rough and passionate and anything but weak.

# 32 Confusion
It’s late and it’s dark outside and Stacy is married and Cameron is straight and she hates cheaters and there’s no way that House won’t find out and this is such a bad, bad idea, but Stacy’s nail marks won’t fade from her thighs and Cameron can’t stop thinking about her.

# 09 Telephone
Cameron sits cross-legged on her bed and studies her photo album full of pictures of her and David on their wedding day, fingers intertwined, and tears run down her face as she determinedly does not answer the phone as it rings and rings and rings.

# 43 Sky
The roof is Stacy’s last refuge, her last place of freedom to hide from the world and herself, because she was so focused on House and the promise of infidelity in every one of those smile that he totally blindsided her to Allison Cameron creeping under her skin.

# 02 Kiss
“This- this can’t happen,” Cameron insists, voice shaking, “You’ve got a husband and I-” Stacy’s mouth closes over hers before she can continue any further.

# 18 Speed
Cameron wants to run from this- from her need, from her confusion, from the feeling in her stomach every time Stacy smiles at her- just get away as fast as she can, but she also has enough sense to know that it wouldn’t change her emotions one bit.

# 20 Freedom
Stacy wonders what it would be like to be Allison after yet another argument with Mark; she’s almost forgotten what it feels like not to be trapped by guilt and blame and resentment and lies.

# 07 Chocolate
Cameron’s working late and Stacy supposedly is, although really she’s just been waiting for diagnostics to empty so that she can slip in and steal kisses from the corner of Allison’s mouth, each one tinged with the taste of dark chocolate, Cameron’s choice of late-night treat.

# 46 Sun
In the sunlight (when Stacy’s around her) Cameron feels incredible, feels absolutely right, but when the clouds pull across (when Stacy’s gone) she can’t help but think that she really shouldn’t be doing this.

# 06 Rain
Water rolls down the glass and Cameron watches the rain pour down outside with unseeing eyes as Stacy kisses her neck and for once she’s not even worrying about getting caught.

# 29 Melody
Cameron hums as she makes coffee, and House narrows his eyes at her slightly flushed face until a satisfied smirk twists his mouth.

# 21 Life
“Fifty bucks says Stacy’s screwing Cameron,” House says one afternoon, and Wilson sighs in a long-suffering way and mutters “Get a life House”, before shutting the office door behind him.

# 33 Fear
“House knows”, Cameron murmurs, fingers twisting awkwardly together, and she successfully manages to spot the split second of terror in Stacy’s eyes before it’s replaced with a smile that doesn’t quite work.

# 48 Waves
Stacy’s fingers run slowly though Cameron’s hair, following the waves of soft, thick blonde-brown, enjoying the look on Allison’s face as her tension melts away.

# 39 Smile
“Is it just me,” Chase murmurs to Foreman, “Or is Cameron smiling too much lately?”

# 12 Sensual
Stacy unbuttons her shirt slow, so slow, pushing it back over Allison’s shoulders, lips pressing against the emerging skin, hands moving around to cup Cameron’s breasts, fingers burning hot and torturously leisurely, while Cameron bites her mouth together and feels wetness soak into her panties.

# 13 Death
There’s a young girl, her name is Sophie, and House can’t save her from the terminal cancer he diagnoses her with, and Allison cries for three hours when she gets home and knows that not even Stacy could make this better.

# 08 Happiness
Happiness is relative, Cameron knows, and although she has a beautiful almost-girlfriend and a regular sex life and a job where she can help people, she honestly can’t remember the last time she actually felt content within herself.

# 14 Sex
They fuck in exam rooms and Stacy’s office and once on the roof and twice in the women’s bathroom on the second floor and three times in Cameron’s apartment but no matter how many times they do it it doesn’t make Cameron feel any less guilty and any less wrong.

# 23 Hands
Stacy’s fingers are pressed deep inside her and the heel of her hand rubs insistently against Cameron’s clit, and Allison throws her head back and grinds into Stacy’s touch, moaning helplessly against the wave of pleasure running through her body.

# 16 Weakness
As House once coldly pointed out, Cameron doesn’t love, she needs, and that’s rather turning into a problem.

# 37 Technology
Alexander Graham Bell and countless others have spent their lives refining the telephone system but Allison still can’t bring herself to utilise their technology and pick up the phone to call Stacy and ask her where she stands.

# 35 Bonds
There are all sorts of ties that bind and there is nothing more sacred than the bond between husband and wife and in the end Allison can’t stand being the one breaking that bond any more.

# 15 Touch
In the week after Cameron tells Stacy that she can’t and won’t do this any more, she spends most of her time wishing that Stacy’s hands were still on her, craving her to the point of distraction.

# 19 Wind
A breeze whips through Stacy’s hair and Cameron considers her for an impossibly long moment, leaning against the door to the roof, carefully not alerting her to her presence.

# 17 Tears
Somehow, Cameron and Stacy find themselves sitting on the floor of House’s office long after everyone else has gone home (and Stacy really should be getting home too), drinking Manhattans mixed from his private alcohol stash, and eventually Stacy breaks down, tears slipping down her cheeks, words spilling from her mouth like acid.

# 31 Home
“It doesn’t even feel like home any more,” Stacy says softly, drunkenly, arms wrapped around herself, eyes downcast, “Mark- he’s so, so angry all the time, and I just, I just want, I want-” and Cameron hugs her tightly, mentally sighing because Stacy really did learn manipulation from the master.

# 24 Taste
It’s been a long day and Cameron is drunk and exhausted, and half falls into Stacy’s arms, common sense gone, searching for that familiar taste she’s missed more than is technically healthy.

# 10 Ears
“Are you going to leave me again?” Stacy whispers into Cameron’s ear as her fingers push deep inside her, and Allison gasps in ecstasy instead of saying probably.

# 47 Moon
Cameron considers the night sky outside the window while Stacy dresses behind her; she resists the urge to ask the moon why she must constantly be press ganged into making the same mistakes.

# 01 Comfort
She once told Wilson that she hated people who cheated- maybe she does, maybe she can’t stand Stacy underneath it all- but Cameron has privately decided this is a totally different situation, although that doesn’t actually make her feel any better.

# 49 Hair
Stacy tangles her fingers deep in Cameron’s hair and makes soft helpless noises as Allison’s mouth slides wetly over her skin, wondering vaguely how long this can last before the whole thing falls apart.

# 44 Heaven
It’s not heaven, whatever the hell this is, constantly looking over her shoulder waiting for House to bring it up in public, uncertain whether she even wants to do this any more, but on the other hand, it’s really not hell either.

# 50 Supernova
Stacy and House have- have- and Allison can’t bear to think about this messy not-quite relationship that she could have walked away from and didn’t, and that has now exploded in a flash of complications and sex and she knows now that she’s just… lost everything.

# 42 Clouds
It isn’t raining and it should be and Cameron hugs her knees to her chest and watches Stacy packing and thinks about crying and doesn’t and in the end all she does is sit and stare at the rainclouds gathering outside the window, thinking of that old saying about silver linings.

# 38 Gift
“I want to thank you,” Stacy says softly, duct taping her boxes shut and leaning back against her desk in the practically empty office, looking at Allison, “Because you’ve helped me so much-“ she laughs, “Possibly even saved my marriage.”

# 30 Star
Cameron didn’t even think she was capable of it, but months of blame and sex and love and guilt and sexual confusion and House’s shadow hanging over her every step build up and before she knows it all she can see are stars and she slaps Stacy across the face as hard as she can before she leaves for good.

# 26 Forever
“You,” Cameron says thoughtfully, and rather angrily, “Are a complete and utter bastard, and you’ve cost me Stacy, and I’ll never, never get her back again, and I don’t even know what you were thinking House, but… thank you.”

# 41 Completion
Stacy was everything that she’s not and Cameron considers that for a while, but in some ways it’s nice to have closure, to not have a forwarding address, to be able to think about moving forward, to realising that maybe she wasn’t always as straight as she thought she was.

# 30 Market
A month after Stacy left and Cameron is broken, confused and slightly relieved too, and her eyes fall on Lisa Cuddy as she realises that she’s certainly in the market for a new girlfriend.
Tags: challenge: 1sentence, character: allison cameron, character: greg house, character: stacy warner, pairing: allison cameron/stacy warner, pairing: greg house/allison cameron, pairing: house/stacy, tv show: house md, type: femslash
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