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Marvel Masterlist

The Amazing Spider-Man Movies

Learning Curve
Gwen Stacy/Gwen Stacy | PG | 250 | femslash100
“This is going to look great in your research paper,” the other Gwen says, and giggles.

Skip To The Good Bit
Gwen Stacy/MJ Watson | PG | 250 | femslash100
It was MJ who said that she runs a nightclub that Gwen’s never been to.

Marvel Cinematic Universe

a thousand miles and poles apart
Crossover with Skyfall | Pepper Potts/Eve Moneypenny | PG | 2054 | shipswap
Pepper laughs, and says that she was just going to charge lunch to Stark Industries; they exchange rueful smiles, the women with the credit cards to the world in their handbags.

although it's so romantic on the borderline tonight.
Bruce Banner/Natasha Romanov | PG | 6337
Natasha likes the tea and the silence and the company of someone who doesn’t know her every last secret but who understands something about hiding something sharp and sickening inside yourself.

and you're doing oh so well these days
Peggy Carter/Howard Stark | NC-17 | 2505 | towerparty
“I’m not angry,” Peggy tells him, the sceptical curl of his lip. “I’m disappointed, and I’m angry about being disappointed.”

Boys Wanna Be Her
Natasha Romanov/Clint Barton | NC-17 | 6991
(Clint makes a mental note never to tell Nat that he realised he was inside her body by recognising her boobs.)

Burn This Floor
Skye/Jemma Simmons | G | 250 | femslash100
“You could be more obvious,” Trip says behind her.

but my hand's been broken one too many times
Tony Stark/Pepper Potts | PG | 5432 | 10iloveyou
As it turns out, getting two sets of PTSD to align and coordinate is beyond even Pepper’s organisational abilities.

despite your heart of gold
Peggy Carter & Tony Stark | G | 4315
Maria looks exhausted but somehow as beautiful as ever, as Peggy is handed Anthony Edward Stark, a bundle of blankets with a shock of dark hair.

flowers competing for the sun
Gamora/Nebula/Groot | G | 1854 | holly_poly
“Anyway,” Gamora says, switching tack, “when was the last time anything organic interested you.”

i'm a loose bolt (of a complete machine)
Tony Stark-centric | PG | 12,079 | robot big bang
[AU] Tony lived like he’d never die until he died, and when it turned out death wasn’t the end and he could live on in an entirely different body he carried on living like nothing would ever stop ticking.

Marci Stahl/Christine Everhart | G | 250 | femslash100
Technically, they moved in together last August.

I've Been Yes And I've Been Oh Hell No
Antoine Triplett-centric | PG | 5180 | pod_together
If SHIELD’s taught him nothing else recently, it’s that if you’re going down anyway, you should go down screaming, no grace at all.

I've Suffered Shipwrecks
Clint Barton/Loki Laufeyson | NC-17 | 29018
[AU] Loki glowers at him. “I am not dying of consumption in an attic,” he snaps, “you obnoxious little man.”

missing some pages
Nebula-centric | NC-17 | 6600
It takes time for her body to be taken completely apart and strapped back together again; it’s hard to say, now, what’s left that she was born with.

Nose To The Grindstone
Darcy Lewis/Skye | G | 250 | femslash100
“I demand a do-over,” Darcy says, and throws the controller at the TV.

Old Tricks
Natasha Romanov/Sharon Carter | PG | 250 | femslash100
Sharon moves on fleeting instinct, pounding on her stilettos.

On The (By)Line
Darcy Lewis/Christine Everhart | G | 250 | femslash100
Look, it’s not Darcy’s fault that the Vanity Fair writer stalking Jane is super hot.

Over The Crushed Ice
Loki Laufeyson/Bucky Barnes | G | 2125 | mcu au fest
[AU] “Still calling yourself ‘Bucky’?” Loki asks, sliding onto a barstool.

Paper Doll
Peggy Carter/Angie Martinelli | G | 250 | femslash100
[AU] The girl’s eyes are bright, and she shines even out of the spotlights.

put it in reverse and hit him again
Bobbi Morse/Lance Hunter | PG-15 | 15,400
There’s a moment when it looks like Bobbi thinks she’s going to hug him, and Lance thinks he’s going to let her.

Q & A
Tony Stark & Pepper Potts | G | 300
Occasionally Tony stops being all caught up in saving the world and starts thinking he should save things closer to home. Like his PA, for example.

Rumour Has It
Pepper Potts/Christine Everhart | PG | 3000 | femslash12
“What about you?” Christine asks. “Do you ever think about engineering a scandal?”

Singapore Sling
Bobbi Morse & Jemma Simmons | G | 250 | femslash100
“You know, we never used to have Official SHIELD Women’s Cocktail Nights,” Jemma says, somewhat fuzzily.

Some Turn To Dust Or To Gold
Sharon Carter/Antoine Triplett | R | 8027
“Please,” Antoine says, “you’re Peggy Carter’s niece. My mom will lock you in the basement until we agree to get married if she thinks she can get away with it.”

Star Whisperer
Sif-centric | G | 3000 | space_swap
Sif cups her hands around her mouth. “It is not trying to eat you, Fandral, it is trying to mate with you!”

To Be Just Anyone
Loki Laufeyson/Bucky Barnes | NC-17 | 5422
[AU] "You insufferable romantic," Bucky replies, and lets Loki crush the words back into his mouth with a bruising kiss.

too many war wounds and not enough wars
Peggy Carter/Daniel Sousa/Jack Thompson | NC-17 | 6645
“He was good for us, Peggy,” Daniel says quietly, in the tone he only uses in this room, for this reason.

Bobbi Morse[/Lance Hunter] | G | 600 | card_writing
The first time she made a soufflé that didn’t collapse until it melted perfectly in the mouth Mack stared at her like she’d grown an extra head.

what spring is like on jupiter (and mars)
Sharon Carter/Gamora | PG-13 | 3530 | femslashex
[AU] Gamora is probably the least easy person to get a handle on here, and Sharon is including the sentient tree who can’t say more than three words in that assessment.

while you are pretty through the night
Sif/Fandral | NC-17 | 5271
[AU] “Remember when you used to come here after having sex with someone else?” Sif muses, swatting Fandral’s arse before she pushes him off her lap. “And you were less whiny and needy and generally less terrible?”

Work Experience
Crossover with Kingsman | Natasha Romanov/Roxy Morton | G | 250 | femslash100
Natasha laughs at whatever she sees in Roxy’s expression; it’s not a cruel laugh, but Roxy flushes anyway.

You Don't See Me
Tony Stark/Pepper Potts | G | 2661
Pepper wonders helplessly when she became Tony’s Best Guy Friend alongside the list of other duties she has (Babysitter, Cleaner, Personal Assistant, Confidante, Go-To Girl and, perhaps most importantly, Bringer Of Coffee At Any Hour Of The Day Or Night).

X-Men Movies

Bridges (burning of; building of)
Raven Darkholme & Charles Xavier | G | 2215 | not prime time
Erik knows her differently to how Charles knew her, his eyes scalpel-sharp and unrepentant, but he never pretends she’ll be something she could never be. It’s a relief, and a disappointment.

Confetti In My Mouth
Charles Xavier/Erik Lehnsherr | R | 5110
[AU] “I’ve slept with all your models except for the one I’m related to,” Charles responds carelessly. “And so have you, before you make that face at me.”

If You Liked The Book, You'll Hate The Movie
Charles Xavier/Erik Lehnsherr, Alex Summers/Hank McCoy | PG-13 | 57, 918
[AU] “You had a conversation with a person you don’t know,” Mr Lehnsherr says, slowly, like he thinks Hank is stupid and like it’s been a very, very long day, “that means you get a gold star.”

I Wrote Your Name Upon The Back Of My Hand
Logan/Remy LeBeau | PG-13 | 3787
“You’ve seen my life,” Remy replies. “I know your name and you don’t want to kill me – least, I don’t think you do – and by my standards that’s a friendship. Fuck, you’re practically my brother.”

smacked upside of the head by the harsh daylight
Pietro Maximoff/Wanda Maximoff | PG | 2595
Wanda is fond of telling Peter that her power wasn’t actually designed to cancel out Peter’s fuck-ups, but they’re twins, they’re supposed to have some kind of symmetry in their powers, right?

Snakes and Ladders Are Banned In Here
Charles Xavier/Erik Lehnsherr | PG-13 | 3987
Another hour in another ugly hotel room, and no one talks about the fact home is a state of mind neither of them ever achieved.

'til you fall from grace
Alex Summers/Hank McCoy | PG-13 | 10110
[AU] "Is there any special reason you're on the roof of the ER?" Hank adds cheerfully, like this is a perfectly normal question he asks on a regular basis.

Marvel Comics

Kate Bishop/America Chavez | NC-17 | 250 | femslash100/femslash100100
“Shut up,” Kate says between her teeth, digging nails into America’s invulnerable back.

(but we are)
Misty Knight & Colleen Wing | G | 2112 | yuletide
“You’re a better girlfriend to Colleen than you ever were to me,” Danny says, easy.

Can't Pin Me Down
Kate Bishop[/America Chavez] | PG-13 | 3077 | beyond panels
“Your first aid box just contains Jolly Ranchers and three kinds of painkillers that aren’t legal in this country.”

Cat Burglar
Kate Bishop/Felicia Hardy | PG | 250 | femslash100
Kate thinks about getting up and helping Black Cat steal whatever she wants from her father, holding the door open.

How You Get The Girl
Kate Bishop/America Chavez | PG-13 | 3545 | femslash100100
[AU] “Maybe I’m the kind of person who doesn’t like being touched by strangers,” America suggests, keeping her gaze and her voice steady.

i don't wanna be your superman
Kate Bishop/America Chavez | PG-13 | 1255 | femslash100
[AU] “I can’t believe you came to ComicCon dressed as yourself,” Billy is saying for about the thirtieth time.

i'm like a lawyer with the way i'm always trying to get you off
Kate Bishop/Jennifer Walters/Patsy Walker | PG-13 | 1250 | femslash100/femslash100100
“I was pretty sure this internship was supposed to involve less damage to my clothing and my… me than that shit I had going down in LA,” Kate says, taking an icepack from Patsy.

Pas De Chat
Crossover with Gotham | America Chavez/Selina Kyle | G | 250 | femslash100
The third time, the girl finally catches her eye, and something in her expression is a challenge.

scramble in the summer sky
Kate Bishop/America Chavez | PG-13 | 3010 | towerparty/femslash100100
[AU] “This isn’t your Summer of Sexual Discovery, is it?” America asks dubiously.

Shut Up and Drive
Kate Bishop/America Chavez | PG | 250 | femslash100/femslash100100
Kate’s in charge of the driving, because America is more used to kicking holes in the universe when she wants to get places.

Study Buddy
Kate Bishop/America Chavez | PG | 250 | femslash100/femslash100100
[AU] America looks like the kind of girl who’d eat cheerleaders for breakfast, not the kind of girl who actually is a cheerleader.

What I Used To Want
Kate Bishop/Jessica Drew | PG-13 | 1005 | femslash100
“Did you just hit on me?” Jessica asks. She has her arms folded and an eyebrow raised and she looks kind of like she just wants to text Carol about all this already.

Who The Fuck Wants To Die Alone
Kate Bishop/America Chavez | PG-13 | 7228
[AU] “I’m normally much more sexy and collected in these situations,” Kate explains, because she is, when Loki and/or Tommy aren’t amusing themselves at her expense.
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