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Merlin Masterlist



the bittersweet between my teeth
Morgana; Merlin, Mordred | PG-13 | 6380 | undeadbigbang
“This is why you don’t pseudo-adopt random magical children and then sleep with them when they get older and attractive,” Merlin tells her virtuously, like his abnormally long life hasn’t been full of frankly dubious choices too.

From Where I Stand You’re In My Sky
Arthur/Merlin | NC-17 | 17,520
Arthur looks away from the terrified, accusing dark eyes of the man on the newspaper, and turns his attention to his breakfast.

I Was Just A Card
Gwaine/Morgana | PG-15 | 4300 | dw's kink_bingo
“You do have a terrible track record,” Percy offers, somewhat apologetically. “Remember that time you got duct-taped and put in the boot of someone’s car?”

Next Time, I Will Remember This And I Will Say ‘No’ (One Two)
Arthur/Merlin | NC-17 | 21,290 | paliphrase
“It’s a game to him,” Gwen warns. “It’s your life.”

Sometimes, I Forget I’m Still Awake
Arthur/Gwen | PG | 4000
In the silvery weak light, Gwen can see a glistening wet trail down Arthur’s cheek. It makes something in her stomach clench.

We’re A Storm In Somebody Else’s Teacup
Arthur/Merlin | PG-13 | 87,410
Merlin meets Morgana Le Fay at a support group for People With Freaky Unnatural Powers. Alright, it’s not technically called that, but it might as well be.

We’re A Storm In Somebody Else’s Teacup: Epilogue
Arthur, Morgana | PG | 2040
Arthur is silent for a long moment, before beginning: “You’ve never told me about your father, you know.”


And Then, After
Merlin/Morgana | G | 213
Merlin feels even more like a small child’s doll; the seams slit open and worn stuffing pouring out of the holes.

Becoming Accustomed
Arthur, Merlin | PG | 210
“Oh, right, this is an honour. I keep forgetting.”

between the sea water and the sea sand
Arthur[/Gwen] | PG | 300
Arthur’s problem, really, is that he has too many queens.

Merlin, Gwen | G | 100 | fandomverse
The sky is the same as it always was.

but now i'm not so sure
Arthur, the Dragon | G | 300
…The Dragon is very very big, and it’s sitting on a rock and looking at Arthur as though it’s been waiting for him.

Arthur[/Gwen], Morgana | G | 295
He takes one look at Morgana and suspects that there is a chance he will not make it out of here alive.

Arthur/Morgana | PG | 297
They have stolen wine from the cellars; they are fifteen.

Merlin RPF

avec mon coeur plein du lumière
Bradley James/Angel Coulby | PG-13 | 2910
“You know,” Katie begins thoughtfully after a moment, “You two really do make an adorable couple, considering that one half of that couple is Bradley James.”

car sans toi il n’y a pas de chanson
Bradley James/Angel Coulby | PG-13 | 1610
As Bradley walks away she can’t help calling after him: “Hey, did you just propose to me?”

Don’t Broadcast This Bit In The Saturday Teatime Slot
Crossover with Primeval RPS | Ben Mansfield/Bradley James | PG-13 | 2060
After seeing Ben as Captain Becker, striding about giving orders in his impractically tight uniform and looking far too comfortable with massive guns, Bradley honestly cannot work out how any members of the Primeval cast and crew actually get anything done.
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