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Sherlock Holmes Fandoms Masterlist


not david bowie.
Sherlock, Joan (slight Joan/Bell) | G | 1650 | pennyplainknits
"It's like you're a weirdly specific serial killer," Joan observes before she can stop herself.

Not Tonight, Josephine: a duet
Sherlock/Irene | PG-15 | 3050
He mentions this to Irene one night, drunk, and she laughs. “You can keep that Romeo and Juliet shit to yourself.”

The Second Time Around
Joan (Sherlock, Mycroft) | PG | 745 | pennyplainknits
“It would be great if the apartment could still be standing when I get back,” Joan says, because she suspects that Mycroft needs just as much babysitting as his brother, restaurant empire or not.

waltz across naïve wood floors.
Sherlock, Joan | PG-13 | 4120 | 100_fairytales
"You two would make much more actual sense if you were sleeping together," Bell grouses.

Sherlock Holmes (2009 movie)

and i can see you in my eyes
Holmes/Watson | PG-13 | 5100 | sherlockkink
Watson starts laughing, possibly with a hint of hysteria in it, until it occurs to him that Holmes is going to be invisible for the foreseeable future, which is going to make life at Baker Street until now look like a picnic.

five times Mary suspected Holmes and Watson were more than friends and one time she knew it to be so.
Holmes/Watson | PG | 3862 | sherlockkink
It is then that Mary notices that Mr Holmes is wearing one of John's shirts; she can see the patch near the cuff where she herself mended it after he caught it in a door and tore it.

Irregular Choice
Holmes/Watson | NC-17 | 4275 | sherlockkink
The man pushes himself upright from the doorframe with a fluid movement that Watson drinks in almost unconsciously, and he hopes that he is not blushing.

Keep Your Eyes On Her Horizon (One)
Irene/Mary [Holmes/Watson] | ? | ?
“I’ll show you how you bring an end to an engagement. Do we have a deal?” Irene offers Sherlock her hand; he does not hesitate before taking it, grip warm and firm.

Puttin' On The Ritz
crossover with Doctor Who | Irene, River Song | G | 827
At least the nineteenth century is excellent at afternoon tea; there are silver linings to every uncomfortable corset-filled afternoon, if you know where to look.

These Things Were Promises (One Two Three Four Five)
Holmes/Watson | NC-17 | 53,181
He and Holmes are getting along famously with denial, with pretending Watson does not have intensely inappropriate (not to mention illegal) feelings for the man he lives with.

Sherlock Holmes RPS

Cute Ones Are Usually Gay
Robert Downey Jr/Jude Law | NC-17 | 5428 | sherlockkink
"I turn up and get paid to flirt with you on camera for hours and hours and hours," Jude protests, horribly aware that Robert is draped over about half his body, breath warm against his neck. "This is going to be the gayest movie ever."


Do It So It Feels Like Hell
Molly, Irene | PG | 3240 | hc_bingo
Overall, Molly decides, she liked it better when people actually died and then stayed dead. These days, there are too many in-betweens.

(so maybe we're a bliss of another kind)
Sherlock, Jim, John [everyone] | PG-13 | 13000
Jim slides his crotch down the microphone stand, winking something friendly and feral at the camera, and Sherlock doesn’t know if John laughs like that anywhere outside of the television.

The Trick Is To Make It Look Easy
Sherlock/John | PG-13 | 4220
A smile quirks Sherlock’s mouth. “Good,” he says. He glances at John and then at the skull and then adds, quickly: “I couldn’t afford the rent without you, being a tortured genius really isn’t very lucrative.”

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