Lady Paperclip (paperclipbitch) wrote,
Lady Paperclip

daddy, watch your little black sheep run | MCU | Tony/Hope

t: daddy, watch your little black sheep run
f: Marvel Cinematic Universe (Iron Man/Ant-Man)
p: Tony/Hope
ch: tropebingo - meet the parents/family
r/wc: PG-13/10,015
s: [canon AU] “Just so we’re clear,” Hope says, breathless, hands tangled in Tony’s hair and eyes bright, “we’re only doing this to piss off my dad, okay?”
“Hang on,” Tony replies, fumbling with the back of her bra, “I thought we were doing this to piss off my dad.”
n: [Title from Sweet Dreams by Tori Amos] I've kept pretty much all MCU events the same, but had to change the timelines around to fit what I wanted, which was teenage Tony and Hope teaming up to be terrible, tbh. Linking straight to AO3 because this fic is SO LONG.

“Cool,” Tony says. “Have you ever read Playboy magazine?”
Tags: challenge: trope_bingo, character: hank pym, character: hope van dyne, character: howard stark, character: james rhodes, character: peggy carter, character: sharon carter, character: tony stark, fandom: mcu, movie: ant-man, movie: iron man, pairing: tony stark/hope van dyne, type: gen, type: het

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