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fc_smorgasbord tables: take 2

The Musketeers: 50 prompt table

1.her eyes believed in mysteries 2.and that’s when i stopped believing in gravity 3.listless winter cannot lose what you never had 5.the end of the beginning were supposed to be watching her! 7.catastrophe in the making 8.i miss who you were 9.even i have forgotten her name 10.i am the night you die
11.assassin for hire 12.don't you dare 13.hold still, i'm trying to kill you i could find god between your legs tonight 15.virtue was not convenient
16.i'm the whore of babylon 17.the world is coming to an end, let's not waste time 18.(815) why do you keep getting laid in MY dreams 19.(404): i bought a goldfish, named it after my ex-girlfriend, and let it die. it's really the little things in life. 20.(248): i just want to have weird supply closet sex with him... and then i'll be all set. fired, but all set.
21.(919): and my souvenir for the night was a nice ambulance blanket 22.remove my shortcomings 23.the nature of our wrongs 24.mamihlapinatapei 25.someone dared me
26.i thought it would help me to fall asleep 27.i wanted to punish myself 28.there’s wicked thoughts behind your eyes won’t be turned away touch the devil
31.because it is my name humour in my tone 33.landing among the stars 34.inventory of yourself 35.i wanted the experience
36.i'll try violence 37.absence makes the heart grow fonder... of the absence 38.sometimes it is better not to follow your own destiny 39.the river's too wide to cross over and too shallow to drown in 40.the end of something better - the beginning of something worse
41.a story never to tell 42.(413): you should probably just propose to him the old fashioned way: sleep with him and get pregnant. became a habit 44.i had no self-control 45.(+61): nah, i'm just going to keep fucking him until he realizes we're perfect for each other.
46.before you embark on a journey of revenge, dig two graves 47.tell me this isn't happening 48.if you were cinderella 49.(540) AND BY FEELINGS I MEAN VODKA 50.(617): what date should I let him know how fucked up I am?

108 Prompts: Women of the Marvel Cinematic Universe(s)

1.Ostentatiousness 2.Grudge 3.Gambling 4.Ingratitude
5.Dipsomania 6.Ambition 7.Dominance 8.Faithlessness
9.Manipulation 10.Stinginess 11.Pessimism 12.Hostility
13.Abuse 14.Debasement 15.Sexual Lust 16.Sarcasm
17.Humiliation 18.Jealousy 19.Gluttony 20.Unruliness
21.Hurt 22.Cruelty 23.Unkindness 24.Obstinacy
25.Envy 26.Indifference 27.Negativity 28.Furtiveness
29.Sadism 30.Enviousness 31.Derision 32.Falseness
33.High-handedness 34.Know-it-all 35.Rage 36.Aggression
37.Rapacity 38.Effrontery 39.Disrespectfulness 40.Hard-heartedness
41.Eagerness for Power 42.Lying 43.Insidiousness 44.Self-denial
45.Inattentiveness 46.Contempt 47.Wrath 48.Haughtiness
49.Greed for Money 50.Seducement 51.Vindictiveness 52.Insatiability
53.Voluptuousness 54.Excessiveness 55.Censoriousness 56.Dissatisfaction
57.Egoism 58.Ignorance 59.Hatred 60.Greed
61.Impudence 62.Imposture 63.Cursing 64.Imperiousness
65.Lecherousness 66.Callousness 67.Malignancy 68.Torment
69.Intolerance 70.Blasphemy 71.Shamelessness 72.Irresponsibility
73.Obsession 74.Prejudice 75.Arrogance 76.Violent Temper
77.Garrulity 78.Dogmatism 79.Presumption 80.Intransigence
81.Oppression 82.Prodigality 83.Lack of Understanding 84.Concealment of Wrongdoing
85.Pride 86.Conceitedness 87.Delusion 88.Quarrelsomeness
89.Self-hatred 90.Violence 91.Vanity 92.Hypocrisy
93.Stubbornness 94.Baseness 95.Pretense 96.Mercilessness
97.Disrespect 98.Ridicule 99.Masochism 100.Tyranny
101.Capriciousness 102.Deceit 103.Anger 104.Discord
105.Calculation 106.Unyielding 107.Desire for Fame 108.Deception

40 Prompts: Marvel Netflix Shows

1.Baby blue ; Harbor. 2.Broken ; Spirit. 3.Sunset ; Last kiss. 4.Acid tears ; Alone in a crowd. 5.Unexpected emptiness ; Gaping chasm.
6.Miraculous relief ; Shattered glass. 7.Stormy night ; Family reunion. 8.Letting go ; Watching the horizon. 9.Little girl ; Misunderstanding. 10.Gravitational pull ; Starlight in his/her eyes.
11.It was my sister's ; Left behind. 12.Leap of faith ; Blinding truth. 13.The end of the beginning ; The beginning of the end. 14.Frantic search ; Tragic moment. 15.Beneath the smiles ; Across the worlds.
16.Haunting melody ; Remember me. 17.Golden mirror ; The phone call. 18.Stranger ; Finality. 19.Harsh revelation ; Denial. 20.In the dead of the night ; High school ring.
21.A path to follow ; Separate ways. 22.The power of goodbye ; Holding on. 23.Counting years ; Photo album. 24.Back garden ; Emergency evacuation. 25.Trust ; Laughter.
26.Accident ; Trauma. 27.Outsider ; Carpe diem (seize the day). 28.Past ; Suspicion. 29.A whisper on the wind ; One final look back. 30.Dry eyes ; Crumbling heart.
31.Explanation ; Excuses. 32.Temper ; Ignored instinct. 33.Natural disaster ; The calm before the storm. 34.Confessions ; Desire. 35.One hour ; I know it's here somewhere.
36.Time ; No letter. 37.Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights) ; Slave. 38.A life of lies ; Sodium pentathol. 39.Releasing the sparrow ; Changed for good. 40.Shallow grave ; Serenity incarnate.

50 Prompts: General Marvel Cinematic Universe

1.One Wild Night 2.I'm the King/Queen of the Sheets 3.Vampire Loving 4.All About the Games You Play 5.Blanket Hog
6.Reenacting My Favorite Fantasy 7.Romantic Night 8.A Little Quickie Behind the Doors 9.No More Teasing, Baby 10.Come to Me
11.Jezebel 12.To Live Without, Is Death 13.Nice and Rough, Or Gentle and Tender 14.Play House 15.Switching Roles
16.Can't Stop Watching You 17.When the Lights Go Out, the Lovers Play 18.Shake That Thing 19.Impatient Nympho 20.No Humor In My Tone
21.Phone Fun 22.Intoxicated with Your Taste 23.Dreams Do Come True When I Think Of You 24.My Fairytale 25.One More Time
26.There's Wicked Thoughts Behind your Eyes 27.Under the Roses 28.Memories of Love 29.The Sound of your Breath on my Cheek 30.Until There's Nothing Left of Us
31.Last Chance 32.You Won't be Turned Away 33.To Touch the Devil 34.Virtue was not Convenient 35.The Back of Your Hand
36.Graceful Ends 37.Do you Ever Think You'd Rather be with Me Instead? 38.You Got Lucky 39.He Always Smiles 40.Only to Deceive your Senses
41.Because It is my Name 42.It's a Way of Expressing our Humanity 43.I'm the Whore of Babylon 44.The Chase is On 45.Silken Threads of Fate
46.A Whisper, Sacred & Profound 47.So I Could Find God Between your Legs Tonight 48.Meet Me in the Back 49.Think of All the Things your Hands Could Make 50.Writer's Choice

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