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Yuletide Letter 2016

Hello yuletide author!

So sorry about being late getting this up, hopefully this will still be helpful! Know that I am already delighted and excited about everything. Hopefully this is clear enough; if you need any clarification please feel free to ask - maybe comment anonymously on here and I'll keep anon comments on?


Things I Like: Character studies/exploration, getting-together, first times, AUs (aaaaall AUs, from canon divergences to full on Werewolf Coffee Shops In Space ones), tropes, friendships, female characters, cameos from characters in the wider canon where applicable, crack, slow-burn/build, domestic, slice-of-life, vignettes, references to background pairings. Plots are great if you're that kind of writer, but meandering nothing-much-happens fics are awesome with me if you can't (those are the kind I write tbh).

Things I Don't Like: Major character death, dubcon, noncon, extremely bloody violence/gore, uncontrollably schmaltzy fluff (some fluff is fine, don't get me wrong), sad endings, alcoholism/drug addiction (use of either is fine, just not addiction), character bashing, A/B/O, teacher/student, slavery-based AUs, extreme daddy issues, hurt/comfort as the sole focus of the fic, infidelity, unrequited pining.

Other Stuff: Feel free to do any rating you like from G to hardcore smut murder R stuff. Everything/anything's fine! If you want to do porn, I like: spanking, fingering, rimming, riding and lots of kissing.


Friday's Child by Georgette Heyer
Characters: Gilbert Ringwood, Ferdinand Fakenham, Hero Wantage, George Wrotham
Ships and Friendships: Hero/Sherry, George/Isabella, Gil/Ferdy, Gil & Ferdy, Hero & Isabella, Hero & Jason, Hero & Gil, Hero & George, Hero & Gil & Ferdy & George, Sherry & Isabella.

So, basically, Friday's Child is one of my favourite books of all time and I have read it probably at least ten times, not to mention the radio adaptation I have on my ipod, so I am hopelessly overattached to everybody and their hopeless trash dynamic of love and failyness. I've mentioned a couple of characters not featured in the requests to round it out, but you don't have to include them if you don't want to.

If you'd like to do a modern AU and play around with the story, or have everyone failing about in a coffee shop etc, go forth and AU, I adore all modern AUs. As character pieces go, I'd love a character study of anybody, I love them all so much, or a friendship piece between two or more of them where they all, you know, drink and play cards and are ridiculous. I've listed my ships if you want to write something more romantic between anyone! I just really love all the dynamics and affection between everyone in this novel, and how they all interfere with Hero and Sherry's marriage, so anything exploring any of that would be lovely.

Jack Reacher by Lee Child
Characters: Jack Reacher, Frances Neagley

I will always request Jack Reacher because I am ridiculously obsessed with these books and there's never enough fic, argh.

I love the ridiculous and wonderful character that is Jack Reacher: okay, he kills a lot of people and stamps about being uber manly, BUT ALSO he is endearingly righteous and has really weirdly strong opinions on crockery and although claims that he buys new clothes every three days and he doesn’t care what he wears, he will spend the rest of the book bitching about whatever shoes/shirt he had to buy. And I find that charming. Also he is an actual gentleman to women and he isn’t homophobic or racist or any of the other shitty things other masculine heroes do in these kinds of books. So I like that a lot, and would like that awesome charming hulking failboatiness to be in the fic. I've also really grown attached to Frances Neagley (she features heavily in the next book, Night School, which I read an advance of) BUT if you know nothing about her don't feel like you have to include her.

Ideas for things:
- Reacher really, really likes coffee. If you just want to write about him drinking coffee and wandering about thinking about coffee and crockery, like Lee Child so often does, I’d be fine with that.
- A character study of whatever aspects/emotions you like, with brooding mumbling ridiculous Reacher.
- This is cracky as all hell, but Reacher spends a lot of time wandering around highways, where America seems to have all those “WORLD’S LARGEST…” things. So if you want Reacher visiting some kind of hilarious museum or weird artefact, that would be fun.
- Lee Child basically wrote the worst sex scene in the world ever. So sex scenes that are not hilariously painful would be good fun. You can make up whatever OC you want or have Neagley, although I am aware of her dislike of touch, so that doesn't have to happen.
- I have a cosy headcanon where Reacher is bi, so a m/m fic of some kind (or a m/m/f fic of some kind) would be awesome.
- Neagley is such a cool character but is obvs always a side character to Reacher, so it would be great to have a character study/fic centred around her.
- Reacher & Neagley have such a great dynamic and have absolute trust for each other, platonic or read otherwise (if you want), so a bros/more-than-bros fic between the two of them would be so so good for me.

Poldark series by Winston Graham

Just to say, I have read up to The Miller's Dance (aka book 9) but haven't read the last three, so preferably no spoilers for any of those, BUT since they are set so much later IDK if you want to write about everyone then anyway.

Characters: Demelza, Caroline, Ross, Dwight
Ships and Friendships: Ross/Demelza, Dwight/Caroline, Ross/Demelza/Dwight/Caroline, and all permutations thereof.

I must admit, I asked for this in the absolute hope I'd be able to get my OT4, aka Ross/Demelza/Dwight/Caroline. I would absolutely love a story about the four of them being in this amazing weirdly functional relationship given how faily they all are individually, in whichever way you'd like to make that happen. Whether it's them sorting it all out, or an established thing where they're all living in a lovely home being a married OT4, or an established AU OT4 with some kind of college vampire bakery thing going on, that's all fine and good.

If you really don't want to do that, I also ship Ross/Demelza, Dwight/Caroline, Dwight/Ross, Dwight/Demelza, Caroline/Demelza and Caroline/Ross; if you want to do any combination of those, either as pairings or friendships, that would be awesome. Infidelity is an awkward one with me, though, so if that's sort of coming up, I'd like it to be consensual with all other parties involved. Or just write me fics where everyone is bros and it's the best.

Six of Crows series by Leigh Bardugo
Characters: Jesper, Wylan, Inej, Kaz
Ships and Friendships: Jesper/Wylan, Kaz/Inej, Inej & Nina, Inej/Nina, Inej & Kaz, Inej & Jesper, Nina/Matthias

Okay I've read both Six of Crows and Crooked Kingdom so I'm okay with any canon you want to include, but if you've only read the first then that's absolutely fine by me!

So: character pieces for anyone, friendship/ship pieces for anyone. Let's assume they get out of the Van Eck situation ABSOLUTELY FINE, ALL OF THEM ABSOLUTELY FINE, so set something after that, either make it up how you want or follow the Crooked Kingdom canon how you'd like. Or maybe have a future heist-type situation where everyone meets up again? I'm also super up for AUs - canon-based would be fun, or completely separate, like, high school/college ones, or coffee shop ones, or modern day criminal ones, or whatever you fancy at all! IS KAZ A VAMPIRE WHO CAN'T BEAR TO TOUCH PEOPLE etc.

Basically I love our little band of not-quite-heroes, and anything featuring all or some of them would be wonderful.

Shades of Magic by V.E. Schwab
Characters: Alucard, Kell, Rhy, Lila
Ships and Friendships: Rhy/Alucard, Kell/Lila, Kell & Lila, Kell & Rhy, Lila & Alucard

ARGH THESE BOOKS. They rip my heart out a bunch but if possible can we focus on the wonderful characters and their dynamics etc and slightly less on how Kell was left at the end of A Gathering of Shadows etc? I love the worldbuilding Schwab does, so anything exploring any of the Londons would be great, and backstory/character studies for any of our people. I also love the complicated dynamics between them - like Kell and Rhy (who I'd prefer written as non-incesty found brothers, if possible, please) or Lila and Alucard, and oh my goshhhhh any backstory for Rhy and Alucard would be so much, my heart. Friendships or ships-centric studies/fics would be awesome. Obvs if you want to go to any kind of AU, go for it.

Wayfarers series by Becky Chambers
Characters: Ashby, Pei, Sissix, Kizzy
Ships & Friendships: Ashby/Pei, Sissix/Rosemary, Ashby & Sissix, Kizzy & Jenks, everyone & Dr Chef

Is it slightly bad to say I'm not completely sure I want from this request? Just, I feel so STRONGLY about everyone in The Long Way To A Small Angry Planet and I can't let them go just yet; even picking which four characters I wanted in this was difficult!

I've read A Close and Common Orbit and I loved it, but obviously it's a companion piece that doesn't apply much to the original, so a) don't worry if you haven't read it, and b) if you have, it would be cool to have anything about Aeluons learned in it applied to Pei, but no worries if not.

So, um, I guess, character explorations/studies because I love everybody and the worldbuilding in this series is STUNNING, so, like, how they came to the ship in the first place extended, or, reasons Sissix has handed out her feathers, or ridiculous insane things Kizzy has built, etc etc etc. Things set after the book - make up your own future! - would be lovely, or just general ridiculous crew hijinks as they rattle around in that ship casually driving each other mad, or shopping together in markets. I love the Ashby and Pei relationship and dynamic, and would love more insights into them - same for Sissix and Rosemary, though I know I didn't pick Rosemary - or the Ashby and Sissix friendship, which I feel is important and I'd like more of it.

Basically, more of anything in this world would be wonderful and I'd be grateful.

Thank you! If you want anything more, comment on here or ask through the mods or something :)

- Jenn


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