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Yuletide Letter 2019

(a couple of days late, but better late than never!)

Hi author!

First off, I'm fairly easily pleased and will just be delighted to have something, so, no pressure at all! Secondly, if you've got any questions, hit me up anon commenting here, and I'll try and answer them.


Things I Like: Character studies/exploration, getting-together, first times, AUs (pretty much all AUs), tropes, friendships, female characters, cameos from characters in the wider canon where applicable, crack, slow-burn/build, domestic, slice-of-life, vignettes, references to background pairings.

Things I Don't Like: Major character death (even when it's canon tbh), dubcon, noncon, huge power imbalances, extremely bloody violence/gore, uncontrollably schmaltzy fluff, sad endings, alcoholism/drug addiction (use of either is fine, and there's some finer details here with regards to some fandoms below), character bashing, A/B/O, teacher/student, slavery-based AUs, extreme daddy issues, hurt/comfort as the sole focus of the fic, infidelity, unrequited pining.

Other Stuff: Feel free to do any rating you like from G to hardcore smut murder R stuff. Everything/anything's fine!

Fandom Specific:

Greta Van Helsing series
Characters: Greta Van Helsing, Francis Varney, Edmund Ruthven, Grisaille

I adore the canon ships (Greta/Varney, Ruthven/Grisaille) in this case, but I also love all the friendships between the characters, so if you don't want to write ship-centric, feel free to write a friendship/gen fic about everyone! I picked these four but feel free to only focus on one or two characters if that's easier, I'd just like everyone to feature somewhere. As well as everyone's relationships and friendships, I also just love the fact that Greta is a doctor - you don't have to go into lots of medical stuff etc if that's not your jam, but mentions of patients will delight me (I first fell in love with the books when I realised that the king of the ghouls was on the same antidepressants as me). Basically I love this world and these people, whether they're being adorbs and in love, supernatural bros, helping patients in need, or just existing in this weird and wonderful world.

Sanditon (2019)
Characters: Charlotte Heywood, Sidney Parker, Georgiana Lambe

I fully enjoyed this nonsense TV series and everyone's beautiful faces, even if the ending was a cruel betrayal! Feel free to write me a fix-it, because I'm sceptical about there being a series two, or at least have everyone cheering up a bit, that ending was a real bummer. My main ship is obvs Charlotte/Sidney, because damn, BUT if you don't feel like that, I'm fully up for Charlotte/Georgiana, or some variant of the Charlotte/Sidney/Susan selection. Also good for Charlotte and Georgiana friendship stuff, or Georgiana and Sidney finally starting to bond positively. I love so many of the characters in this show, so feel free to have cameos from the rest of the Parkers (I'm very fond of Arthur and Georgiana's developing friendship!!), or Esther/Babington (very fond of that pairing), or Young Stringer (preferably in a vaguely nice way where he isn't the saddest man in the world). If you want to just focus on one of these characters that's chill, but I'd like their relationship with the other two to feature at least somewhere in there.

One Day At A Time
Characters: Penelope Alvarez, Schneider

I love these two characters so much either as friends/family, or as a ship, if you want to do either of those things. You can focus on either one if you'd rather. It's yuletide, so I'll just go ahead and ask: I fully headcanon Schneider as bisexual, so if somewhere in your head you fancied writing me Schneider/Max, I would be fully here for that (or, frankly, Penelope/Max, or Penelope/Schneider/Max) if you fancy doing something else for a ship. Obvs there is no show without everyone being up in everyone else's businesses, so feel free for the rest of the Alvarezes (and Syd!) to pop up in the background/foreground.

Because it wouldn't be ODAAT if it wasn't making us cry all the time, a quick note on triggers: while mentioning/referring to Schneider's alcoholism/recovery is fine with me, please don't make this the focus of the fic. Similarly, if you want to mention Penelope's past relationship with Victor, I'd prefer not too much of the addiction/violence there either.

Charmed (2018)
Characters: Harry Greenwood, Mel Vera, Maggie Vera, Macy Vaughn

I loved this show about a thousand times more than I expected to, and I love everyone in this bar, basically. I love these four as a familial unit (Harry as an adopted Charmed one!!) so gen fic about them would be delightful. I don't ship Harry with any of the sisters so... not that, thanks. If you just want to focus on any one/couple of these characters that's fine by me, as long as their relationships with the others feature in some way. I'm fully here for all the sisters' canon ships (I prefer Mel with Niko but Jada is also great, and feel free to bring back Galvin!!) if you want to write something romantic. Equally, magic shenanigans or family feels or things with cute outfits and hugging are also good.

Friday's Child
Characters: Hero Wantage, Anthony "Sherry" Sheringham

To not be especially helpful, I'm not completely sure what I want from this fandom, I just know that this has been one of my favourite books for half my life and I love everybody involved, including this ridiculously charming couple. Maybe post-canon where they are better at being married but still terrible at not getting themselves into scrapes, or something mushy, or some kind of... character study thing. One of my favourite aspects of the book is how their friends are so involved in their marriage, even when they shouldn't be, so more of everyone interrupting and "helping" and being generally nonsensical is always delightful to me. And while I'm here, I totally ship Gil/Ferdy, if you've ever fancied popping that into the background. Basically, anything about these people, I love this book so so much!

I hope this has helped, and please comment below if it hasn't!


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