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A Knight's Tale

Run For The Shadows
Onesided!Geoff/Will, slight Wat/Geoff | PG | 300
Geoff shrugs. “You must have redeeming features,” he remarks.

Alice In Wonderland (Tim Burton version)

also, i have been tiny for quite some time now
Alice[/Hatter] | PG | 2145 | 100_women
“i killed a man with a hatstand once,” the hatter remarks, off-hand, accent curled just a little.

Ashes To Ashes


An All-Time Low
Gene/Alex | PG-13 | 1000 | elyssadc
“Oh, so now you’re Miss sodding Marple, are you?” Gene asks, mouth curved in a way Alex doesn’t like.

Beep Beep, Beep Beep, Yeah
Crossover with Top Gear | Richard Hammond/Alex | PG-13 | 1225
“There will not be a chapter on how I madly conjured up Richard Hammond and then proceeded to… well, whatever I proceed to do. You will not be in my book, understand?”

In Such Another Song
Gene/Alex | PG-13 | 2360
“Why haven’t you?” Alex asks, as though it should make sense, as though continuing a conversation that they’ve never actually had. Her hand is splayed against Gene’s chest and his eyes glint, just slightly.

Major Tom’s A Junkie
Gene/Alex, Evan/Alex | PG-13 | 1740 | 100_women
“My subconscious is fucked-up,” Alex decides aloud. “And you’re puppets.”

One Flash Of Light But No Smoking Pistol
Gene/Alex | PG-13 | 2165 | 30randomkisses
Hunt and Drake have begun getting systematically pissed. It’s a clear message.


Could've Been Anyone
Gene, Alex | PG | 190
“My parents blew themselves up,” Alex mutters into half a glass of something potent that she shouldn’t have let Gene push at her.

Images Of Broken Light
Molly, Gene| PG | 300
When she gets off she’s in London, and the shred of the Metro that sticks to her shoes reveals that it is 2008. Of course it’s 2008. It’s always 2008.

Gene/Alex | PG | 266
For better or worse and he’s Sam Tyler’s hallucination anyway.

Bandom RPF


Let Me Shake Up Your World
Vicky-T Asher/Greta Salpeter | PG-13 | 5720 | finkpishnets
Victoria swallows and tries to think of a way to make getting tipsy and making out with your future colleague in a bathroom sound professional and fails miserably.

Shut Up And Let Me See Your Jazz Hands
Frank Iero/Gerard Way [Killjoys 'verse] | PG-13 | 3855
[He doesn't remember this, but the words will take root somewhere in the back of his head, somewhere important so that later on he can get them back again, when the world's gone to shit and he needs them.]

Sheepish Wolves AU Series
(in order of writing, not necessarily chronology)

Sheepish Wolves (just don't put your teeth on me)
Gabe Saporta/Vicky-T Asher | PG-13 | 8570 | au_bingo
“Oh, your poor emo werewolf pain,” Greta says with fake sympathy because she looks angelic but she’s totally a bitch. Or something. “Guys want to hang out with you. Oh no!”

Door Locked From The Outside (three ghosts in a lighthouse)
William Beckett; Ryan Ross/Brendon Urie | PG-13 | 8775
He quickly glances down at the counter, at where Brendon’s splayed fingers rest against the surface, looking solid and real and for a moment Ryan just wonders how many people wandering about looking alive actually aren’t.

Her Nose Runs Ruby Red (catch the ear of the desperate)
Pete Wentz/Patrick Stump, Jon Walker/Greta Salpeter | PG-13 | 10,115
His eyes are framed in green glitter today, crawling in streaks down his cheeks. Greta will be glad when Pete gets over his Vampires Must Sparkle So I Will Fucking Sparkle, Ok phase.

Better Off Dead (than alive in here)
William Beckett/Travis McCoy | PG-13 | 13,222
“Of course there are going to be tiaras,” Brendon says brightly, like you can’t have a road trip after graduation with two ghosts, two werewolves and three normal people, none of them with any idea where they’re going, without tiaras.

i can not quite but nearly guarantee a divorce
Ryan Ross/Brendon Urie | PG | 300
When did you decide it would be ok to break my heart? he thinks with clarity so bright it kind of hurts.

Batman Begins/The Dark Knight/The Dark Knight Rises

John Blake | PG | 100 | fandomverse
Alfred sighs and brings him cups of coffee.

Into The Dark
Batman/Scarecrow | PG-15 | 1069 | 30randomkisses
Once upon a time he’d have wanted to psychoanalyse him, find out just what it is that causes a man to don skintight darkness and strike terror into the eyes of those he opposes.

Send In The –
Batman/Joker | PG-13 | 1000 | bionic
“You should smile,” he suggests, considering getting out the potato peeler ‘cause hey; that one’s got a wicked punchline.

Being Human


And I'll Know What Yesterdays Bring
Tom/Hal | PG-13 | 4160
"For what it's worth, I liked him." Cutler is smoking and spilling lies to twitter; multi-tasking.

He Closes Early On Thursdays
George, Annie, Mitchell | PG-13 | 2520 | paliphrase
They’re a vampire and a werewolf and a ghost sharing a house that they will probably not get to keep in a situation as precarious as it is possible to be and there isn’t even any milk left in the fridge.


Uncomfortably Slow
George, Mitchell | PG | 300
Mitchell brings him some of the tea that Annie’s making like it’s the only thing keeping her sane.

Britannia High

An Attempt At A Romantic Comedy In Eight Acts (Only Without The Comedy Part)
Jez/BB | PG-13 | 6105 | finkpishnets
“Look,” Danny shrugs, “So you and Jez aren’t dating. Doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be.”

Don't Feel Like Dancin'
Jez/BB | PG-13 | 5100
“I miss you,” Jez tells him, calm and practical and not too sentimental. “Like, everyone else has come to see me and you’re miles away. So you totally have to buy me something nice and post it.”

On Futons And Casual Domesticity
Jez/BB | PG | 1305
For the first time, it occurs to BB that there are things about this situation that could make him uncomfortable, and then he wonders why he hasn’t noticed them until now.

Probably Should’ve Thought This Through In Advance
Jez/BB | PG-13 | 4670
Besides, squished together while hiding in the girls’ loos is not really the place for the I kind of have a crush on you, mate, ‘k? conversation.

Wandered Where The Ice Was Too Thin
Jez/BB | PG | 1425
“You are insane,” BB tells him, tugging Jez by the wrist until he’s got him stood in front of one of his radiators. “Stand here. Don’t move.”

We Haven’t Got A Lot In Common Except The Daily Routine
Jez/BB | PG-13 | 4175
“I lost my virginity at the Ritz,” he offers, and enjoys everyone staring at him at astonishment.

Chronicles Of Narnia


In Shining Armour
Crossover with Torchwood | Caspian/Tosh | PG-13 | 4200 | crossovers100
“No, I’m saying you should sleep with Caspian because he’s got nice hair, good teeth, and is remarkably well-endowed,” Owen replies matter-of-factly.

Our Battle Cry Shall Be: ‘At Least Our Leader Means Well’
Caspian/Peter | PG-13 | 7060 | paliphrase
“I am worthless,” Caspian hissed, anger slipping out in his despair, “I am fatherless, and I am so very tired. Isn’t that enough for you?”

Threads That Are Golden Don’t Break Easily
Crossover with Torchwood | Jack Harkness/Susan | PG-13 | 9735 | crossovers_100
Harkness wrinkles his nose. “I think I’ll call you Susie,” he decides.


Susan, Peter | G | 279
Susan doesn’t know where queen comes in her personality and it is a thought she cannot dwell on. There’s no point anymore.

Queens Cannot Always Remain Gentle
Susan, Caspian | G | 300
(The future preys on her mind more and more of late; she fears she cannot spend forever hoping for Narnia to pull through.)

Caspian/Peter | G | 248
“I have forgotten,” Caspian mumbles flatly, “I have forgotten how to be happy.”


You’re Going To Wish I’d Never Touched You
Crossover With Torchwood | Owen Harper/Greg | PG-15 | 11,555 | philosophy_20
The peace is so surreal, the world’s ending and Greg sounds in pretty bad shape and Owen is sunbathing.

Dead Like Me

Mason, George, Daisy | PG | 300
"How about we play a game called 'Let's Not Smash Mason's Ego Into Fucking Little Tiny Pulpy Bits'?"


No Rest For The –
Luke, Rupert, Mina, Ruby | PG | 1580
“Couldn’t you just stay at home and make Freaks out of snow like a normal person?” Luke asks, trying not to sound too whiny.

Oh, For We Are Decadent And Broken
Rupert/Mina, Rupert/Jay | PG-13 | 2460
“You see me as a Freak. You’ve Graded me, and you’re ready to Smite me the minute I break.”

Reasons I Don’t Have My Driver’s Licence
Rupert/Luke | PG-13 | 3150 | widowedanthem
“This is kind of a shitty present,” he adds without venom, waving his green-stained hand, managing to encompass the world that Rupert has opened up for him.

Mina, Ruby | PG | 256
The words well, I was young once too crack against her teeth, splitting to ashes in her devoid mouth.

Desperate Romantics


Bring Your Own Sun
Lizzie; everyone | PG-13 | 4310
An errand, a pretext; too much of Lizzie’s life is fluid these days. “I made you, Johnny, and all the while you sit there and watch me fall apart.”

Yes; We Were, Once
Fred, Gabriel, Annie | PG-13 | 4000
“You invite him into your life and then you have to stand back and watch as he ruins it,” Fred mutters.


Other Incorrect Decisions
Gabriel/Johnny | PG | 300
“No, really,” Johnny tells him, “you cannot stay here.”

Dirty Sexy Money

In The Springtime Of His Voodoo
Jeremy/Juliet | PG-13 | 2010 | 100_women
Only she is allowed to hurt her brother this badly, and that’s only ‘cause she’s earned the right.

Disney Princesses

Bittersweet & Strange
Belle/Mulan | PG | 4652 | femslashex
What Belle did will not go down in history, and only partially because she never tells anyone. She only told Mulan in the end because the woman smiled, sheepish, and admitted eventually: you should probably meet my dragon.

Don Giovanni


Padron Mio
Don Giovanni/Leporello | NC-17 | 4028 | 30randomkisses
Leporello considers himself to be one of the first to have his heart broken by Don Giovanni.


Abnormally Attracted To Sin
Leporello, Zerlina | PG | 300
His master was dragged away to Hell and apparently he’s got to remember how to function within the world.

Don Giovanni/Leporello | PG-13 | 226
“Do you like me down here?” Don Giovanni asks conversationally, and his palm is gliding too high on the inside of Leporello’s leg.

Don Giovanni, Leporello | PG | 170
Don Giovanni almost looks pleased to see him. “I was wondering when you’d arrive,” he observes dryly.


Ray/Tony | PG-13 | 1645 | 30randomkisses
“When are you gonna stop flirting with me and actually follow through?”

This Would Have Made A Great Album Cover
Ray; Ray/Neela | PG-13 | 1683 | paliphrase
(Are there a lot of jobs available for half-legged bassists? He used to look so great in eyeliner.)



I Used To Think I Wanted Romance, But Now I Know We’re Both Much Better Than That
Simon/Inara | NC-17 | 2346 | 30randomkisses
“I can’t live this life any more.” It’s only pieces of a lie, but she hopes Simon will identify with her anyway.

Learn The Hard Way
Inara, Kaylee | PG | 590 | faith_less_one
It always sounds like it should be a beautiful, quiet place, where all day little girls dance and make tea and learn to walk in long dresses without tripping. It isn’t.

Ruby Through The Looking Glass
Inara/River | PG | 650 | little_red_kite
You don’t know any girls. Sometimes you think that you’re one yourself, but it all snaps into shards and most of the time you just think that you’re shaped fire.

Inara/Kaylee | G | 800
There ain’t much room in Inara’s shuttle for dancing, but they try anyway.

Unification Day
Crossover with Torchwood | Jack Harkness/Mal | 945 | rivers_bend
He should pick someone else, but there isn’t anyone else here catching his attention in the same way as Mr Incipient Alcoholic.


Jayne/Simon | PG | 100 | drabbles100
Simon’s shirt is all torn at the collar and he has stubble burn on his neck, but he meets Jayne’s gaze unflinchingly.

Jayne/Simon | PG | 100 | drabbles100
Simon seems to have made eating noodles badly into an artform.

Inara/Saffron | PG | 225 | femslash100
Inara is immediately suspicious, but times change, and there’s enough hate out in the black without her adding to it.

Jayne/Simon | PG | 125
He has frozen assets and the Alliance after him and a sister who can see in lights and colours but can’t tie her own bootlaces.

Inara/Kaylee | PG | 250 | femslash100
Kaywinnet Lee Frye, all broad smiles, smeared with engine grease and pretty and messy and everything Inara shouldn’t want. But she does.

Inara/River | G | 180 | femslash100
River smiles and for once looks like the girl she almost is, the woman she’s trying so hard to be, and picks out something in sea green.

Jayne/Simon | G | 107 | drabbles100
Simon’s never been able to speak to women.

Jayne/Simon | G | 100 | drabbles100
Simon pretends as hard as he can that his hands aren’t shaking.

Simon | G | 205
“Well, yes.” His companion smiles. “Of course dangerous. There’d be no point if she wasn’t.”


Improving Frankenstein
Victor/the Creature | PG-15 | 1987
I had not thought my monster human enough to cry. In fact, I had never thought of it as ‘my’ monster either.

Necrophilia Incarnate
Victor/the Creature | PG-15 | 1370
He wishes that Victor had thought of this. Or, you know, thought at all.

Fruits Basket

Whatever’s Left
Ayame/Hatori | PG | 1023 | 30randomkisses
He hates having to be sensible but he knows that this situation calls for gravitas, and he owes Hatori that, at least.


All Caffeine-Free Faux-Punk Fatigue
Puck/Kurt, Quinn/Mercedes, Finn/Rachel | PG-13 | 7650
Anyway, because Mercedes might not believe in fate but that doesn’t mean that fate doesn’t want to kick Kurt’s ass, Puck is the first guy Kurt runs into.

Disney Totally Made This Shit Look Easier
Quinn | PG-13 | 4000 | au_bingo
“I’m a pretty crap choice for a princess,” Quinn says, “I mean, I’m having the bastard child of a football player and it isn’t even the quarterback’s.”

'Cause You've Got An Awfully Long Way To Go One Two Three (a) Three (b)
Puck/Kurt | PG-13 | 34,000
Maybe that’s why he’s reached the desperate, rock-bottom point of allowing Noah Puckerman, he of the casual homophobic slurs and the reason why Kurt keeps two changes of outfit and shampoo in his locker, to help him get a boyfriend.

Think Of It As Personality Dialysis One Two
Puck shrugs, wondering exactly how much of a big deal this is to Kurt and also trying to figure out why having a conversation with him is often so difficult.

(the moments i deem worthy of the worst things that i've done)
Blaine, Puck | PG-13 | 2000
The feeling you get when someone's seen you at the kind of worst that ends in the smell of gunpowder and crushed coke cans and bodies in the road.

Gossip Girl


On The Plus Side
Crossover with High School Musical | Ryan Evans/Eric | PG-13 | 1000 | maggie33
Eric gives him a guileless and utterly charming smile that is unhealthily distracting, and Ryan stares at the curve of his mouth for a little too long.


How To Save A Life
Blair, Serena | G | 190
Blair and Serena take delight in playing let’s never communicate.

Chuck | PG-13 | 265
They’ll call him formulaic in the morning.

Dan[/Chuck] | PG | 186
“I was trying to get Serena back,” he suggests, though it sounds pathetic even to his ears. “I wouldn’t have gotten into Chuck’s limo under any other circumstances. Honestly.”

You’re Nobody Until You’ve Fucked Chuck Bass (And Lied About It)
Chuck/Dan | PG-13 | 300
Dan promises something stupid like I’ll write a story about you.

Gossip Girl RPS

Wikipedia Thinks I’m Prettier Than You
Penn Badgley/Ed Westwick | PG | 1262
Oh,” he says, realising where Penn is. “I’m hitting on you.”

You’re Nobody’s Boyfriend (Except You’re Kind Of Mine)
Penn Badgley/Ed Westwick | PG-13 | 1340
“Are we dating, and I haven’t noticed?” Penn asks, very carefully.

Green Wing

I Don’t Listen To Your Radio Show
Mac/Guy | PG-13 | 2140
Very carefully and clearly, so that Mac will understand even in his inebriated state, Guy says: “Fuck. Off.”

Very Possibly My Least Favourite Person Ever
Mac/Guy | PG-15 | 1420
“You are,” Mac informs him, slamming his hips in a way that makes Guy hiss, “You are my actual bitch.”

Grey’s Anatomy

Derek/George | PG-13 | 1560
“I am not going to be criticised by a guy sitting there trying to eat his body weight in cake,” George snaps.



Don't Linger Love, Come Take My Hand
Horatio, Ophelia | PG-13 | 7300 | paliphrase
Horatio reflects that this is what despair is; it would not be possible for his spirits to sink any lower. He wants to shout, or weep, or find Hamlet and beat his lord bloody.

If You Will Not Have Me, You May Let Me Go
Fortinbras/Horatio, Horatio/Laertes | PG-13 | 4780
He dresses, trails barefoot through the quiet castle. He walked these halls with Hamlet once; not debauched, just tired. How times have changed.

Inadvisable Qualities
Horatio/Laertes | PG-13 | 1760
“If discovers us then he will at last have something to write to my father about,” Laertes responds a little breathlessly, mouth still pressed to Horatio’s skin.

Stone Cold
Horatio/Laertes | PG-13 | 2507 | 30randomkisses
“You cannot leave,” he hisses so quietly that, close as they are, Horatio can barely hear him. “Tell me you will not go.”

Now Versus Then
Hamlet/Horatio | PG | 1000 | badblood
He sometimes thinks he has only lasted this long because from the moment he saw Hamlet he was never able to look anywhere else.


Laertes/Ophelia [Hamlet/Ophelia] | PG | 300
Prince Hamlet’s laughter makes her blush; somehow all this is more difficult with him.

Horatio, Laertes | G | 196
Laertes is set on his path; oh, duty, and revenge that cannot be undone.

Harry Potter

And When I Have Forgotten Everything I Will Remember This
Remus | PG-13 | 7680 | paliphrase
The comic tragedy that was his life was, for them, simply an entertaining horror story.

Sirius/Remus | 1077 | PG
When he’s sleeping, Sirius can’t come out with the line I’ve got a really good idea (something which always sends Remus diving for cover, carpet burn be damned).

Don't Send The Searchlights
Sirius/Remus | PG-13 | 4120 | au_bingo
His place is to patch up the pieces and to remind Sirius to pay the rent and the bills in his own shitty little flat so the water doesn’t get cut off again. Toss recriminations into that mix and neither of them will get out of this alive.

Your Runaway Scars
Marauders | PG | 1710 | therainbowsloth
“I mean, what kind of utter knob trades the last of the ammunition for tea bags?” James is demanding, loudly, for the sixth time in about as many minutes.



À La Mode
Isaac/Peter | PG-13 | 3500 | fanfic100
If Peter does not come back soon, he is going to run far, far away, agreement be damned. He is going to take the pancakes and run for his damn life.

All The Perfect Drugs And Superheroes
Isaac/Peter | PG-13 | 2248 | fanfic100
Isaac has a headache approximately the size of the mushroom cloud on his floor and he has spent the last few weeks being sexually harassed by his own subconscious. And he is sick of it.

Dirty Work
Eden/Candice | PG-13 | 3500
“So, good girls go to Heaven, and bad girls wind up in Texas working for paper companies that don’t actually sell paper.”

For Your Protection All The Names Have Been Changed
Claude/Candice | PG | 3040
“Looks like you’re in a spot of trouble, friend.”

If I Never See Your Face Again
Future!Peter/Peter | PG-15 | 2630 | karaokegal's Fanfic Halloween Party
“I don’t think that I was ever you,” he murmurs, voice a slide of disdain.

Less Determined Men Would Call It Fate
Bennet/Nathan | PG-13 | 7157 | karaokegal
Fifteen years ago they were different men and they caught each other at the worst possible moment.

Moments In The Woods
Bennet/Hana | PG-13 | 4505
What they’re doing will get them killed. No ifs, no buts, no maybes. No excuses either.

Watercolour Stain
Isaac/Peter | PG-13 | 1818 | 30randomkisses & fanfic100
The first time he draws it, it’s a 4B pencil sketch on his telephone message pad.

What To Do When Playing Dead Stops Being Profitable
Isaac/Peter | PG-13 | 7340 | fakeplasticsnow & fanfic100
“This is the worst fucking rescue party ever.”

You Probably Shouldn’t Mention This In Your Campaign
Nathan/Isaac | PG-15 | 2882 | fanfic100
“We’ve only just met and you’re already threatening to have me killed. I bet you’re one of those guys who fucks on the first date. Or doesn’t bother with a date at all.”


Lady Luck Fucked My Brother But Left Me Well Alone
Peter, Nathan | PG | 300
And the silence rings on and on, as Peter sits in the hollow where his body broke apart, and waits for something to change.

The Littlest Birds
Claire, Zach | G | 225
“So you’re going,” Zach mumbles.

Isaac, Peter | G | 200
It’s not so much the choice you make as the choice you don’t make.

Isaac, Daphne | G | 235
One of Isaac’s latest paintings is smeared, as though a strong wind blew past the paint; she grimaces. “Hope that wasn’t important.”

West/Claire | G | 235
Claire was never really all that good at the whole obeying instructions thing, and anyway this can be somebody else’s migraine.

High School Musical

Mister Cellophane
Ryan/Troy | PG | 1000 | amory_vain
One day, when Ryan is super famous and has a one-man show on Broadway, he will get Kelsi to write him a heart-rending song about his doomed crush on a jock.

On The Plus Side
Crossover with Gossip Girl | Ryan/Eric van der Woodsen | PG-13 | 1000 | maggie33
Eric gives him a guileless and utterly charming smile that is unhealthily distracting, and Ryan stares at the curve of his mouth for a little too long.

Plunge Your Hands Into The Glitter
Ryan/Chad | PG-13 | 6200 | au_bingo
Sharpay is glaring at him, eyes framed in severe silver liquid eyeliner. She looks kind of like a demented robot. “I still don’t see why I couldn’t have inherited the Freaky Powers, I would have so much more use for them than Ryan does.”

The Other Side Of You
Ryan/Chad | PG-13 | 43,174
“I’m not big on the whole… twinkling thing.”

With Time And Sleight Of Hand
Ryan/Chad | PG-13 | 9010
Chad’s beginning to suspect that agreeing to go prom dress shopping with Ryan and Kelsi might have been a bit of a stupid idea.

The Hour

Freddie, Hector | PG | 100 | fandomverse
Too lurid for journalism, surely.

The Hunger Games

I'll (never) Be Confined
Finnick/Johanna | PG-15 | 3430 | angst_bingo & kink_bingo
Johanna watches his face for a moment, then lets herself slide sideways until she’s lying flat, smudged into the couch. “Fuck you, Finnick,” she mumbles.

Katniss[/Peeta] | PG | 100 | fandomverse
It lingers, years later.

you might get away with it
Cinna/Portia | PG-13 | 11,120 | angst_bingo
“Don’t do anything stupid,” Portia whispers in his ear as she leaves him outside his quarters, lips against his ear, breathing a little unsteady. She laughs, sudden and broken. “Well. Aside from the stupid things you’re already doing.”


Another Night In Someone Else's Fantasy
Eames/Arthur | PG-13 | 6000 | au_bingo
It isn’t being any given person’s personal living, breathing blow-up doll that bothers Eames, really; it’s that people are so fundamentally unimaginative.

if vision is the only validation (then most of my life isn't real)
Arthur/Ariadne | PG-13 | 4350 | 100_women
She kind of wishes that architects could really fuck with each other’s dreams; she wants to bring the top three floors of this damn clinical building crashing down just to get some kind of reaction.

James Bond

[Casino Royale]
No One Else Here Will Save You
Bond/Le Chiffre | PG-13 | 1387 | 30randomkisses
It occurs to him that it’s possibly impossible to outstare a blind man.

The Coldest Blood Runs Through My Veins
Bond/Le Chiffre | PG-15 | 1531 | kma
“Please, Bond,” Chiffre says quietly, but he sounds amused, “The insanity is not supposed to begin for at least another five minutes.”

[Quantum of Solace]

Desdemona’s Handkerchief Was A White Flag Too
James/Strawberry | NC-17 | 1800 | 100_women
There will be no reply; the tips of Strawberry Fields’ fingers will merely drip black onto the floor.


(he's) so much more like spiderman than you will ever, ever be
Q; Eve, Bond | PG-13 | 4825 | fanfic50
Q imagines that kissing Bond must be like being punched repeatedly in the face, only considerably less enjoyable.

so you were never a saint.
Q; Eve, Tanner, Bond | PG-13 | 12,345
“Why?” Q thinks he might be wailing. “What can Bond and I even talk about? It’s not like he watches TV, I haven’t had sex since my first year of uni, he wouldn’t know binary code if it hit him the face, I don’t know how to hit people in the face, and I can hardly ask him how that slightly unsettling masochism is getting on.”

Eve | PG | 100 | fandomverse
The minibar is empty - of course.

John Tucker Must Die

Oh, The Other Tucker
Scott/Kate | PG | 2315 | 100_women
Kate gives him a pitying look. “How did you manage in chemistry without me?” she asks.

Life On Mars

A Godawful Small Affair
Gene/Annie | PG-15 | 1604 | 30randomkisses
Or maybe it’s none of that emotional shit and it’s just Cartwright’s tits in that floral shirt.

The Lawman Beating Up The Wrong Guy
Sam/Gene | PG | 573
“If I’d wanted a bird in there I’d’ve asked Cartwright to sit in,” Gene snaps, “And she’d probably have been less of a nonce about it.”


Abby/Ziva | PG-13 | 150 | femslash100
Ziva is so different to Kate that everything she does hurts.

Abby/Ziva | PG-13 | 140 | femslash100
Abby’s wearing that schoolgirl uniform again.

Abby/Ziva | PG-15 | 125 | femslash100
“Believe me, Abby, I don’t want you to like me,” Ziva murmurs into her hair.


Gallows Humour
Fagin/Bill | PG-15 | 1617
Bill laughed, the unsettling, raw sound. “You’re a fuckin’ liar,” he muttered.

Once Upon A Time

with bloody feet
Red, Jefferson | PG-13 | 2335 | dark_bingo
Sometimes, in the dead of night, while Jefferson twitches in nightmares and the fire burns low, Red hugs her knees and stares into the darkness and wonders if she somehow asked for this.


I Know Not Where Is That Promethian Heat
Roderigo/Cassio | PG-15 | 1435
Melodramatic maybe; but he is still young. Cassio’s teeth embedded in his shoulder as they twist together like animals in heat; but by God, he is still young.

She’ll Keep Saying “It Was An Accident” Until It Becomes The Truth (Or Gets Her Killed)
Cassio/Desdemona | PG-13 | 1064 | 30randomkisses
They cling to each other like dying light in the bed with clean sheets made up for Othello and his bride.

Pirates of the Caribbean

Dead Men Tell No Tales
Crossover with Torchwood | Jack Harkness/Jack | PG | 2346 | silver_fic
“I’m not a representation of your subconscious,” Jack assures him.

The Price
Jack; Jack/Tia Dalma | PG | 1678
And because you were a different man then, one who hadn’t quite worked out that getting what you wanted shouldn’t entail losing what you already had, you agreed to hand over your soul.



Saving The World (And Other Extreme Sports)
Becker/Connor | NC-17 | 14,000
His flat isn’t exactly tiny, but he’s not used to sharing it with another person and two dinosaurs who might be quite small but make up for that by being as destructive as possible.


Lester, Becker | G | 258
Lester looks put-upon. “Most of this isn’t about you,” he says, in a tone that’s a strange mixture of snappy and comforting.

Get Out While You Can
Becker/Connor | G | 300
Connor feels brittle and thin under his hands, glaring at him with defiance and despair in his eyes.

Primeval RPS

Don’t Broadcast This Bit In The Saturday Teatime Slot
Crossover with Merlin RPS | Ben Mansfield/Bradley James | PG-13 | 2060
After seeing Ben as Captain Becker, striding about giving orders in his impractically tight uniform and looking far too comfortable with massive guns, Bradley honestly cannot work out how any members of the Primeval cast and crew actually get anything done.

Robin Hood

all bets are off, we’re on the dark side of the sun
Guy/Robin | PG-13 | 3560
This is not better, and he is sure of it. But it is new, and it is different, and it is entirely up to him.

Damn Right I’ve Sold Out
Guy/Allan | PG-15 | 1561 | 30randomkisses
This is probably suicide but there is a small chance that it might not be and besides, Allan has seen something other than contempt in Gisborne’s eyes.

La Plus Ça Change
Crossover with Torchwood | Guy/Owen Harper | PG-13 | 1000 | unsentimentalf
Guy wears a lot of black leather, which creaks in a way that is… interesting, and is really wearing far too much eyeliner for someone who isn’t in a nightclub.

Lies Don’t Stop Being Lies Just Because No One Believes Them
Guy/Allan | NC-17 | 6063 | paliphrase
A petty victory because Allan is losing so badly that there’s only one way this can end; it won’t be pretty and it won’t fall in Allan’s favour.

Romantic Poets RPS


Idle As A Painted Ship Upon A Painted Ocean
William Wordsworth/Samuel Taylor Coleridge | PG-13 | 2610
Samuel can never give his beginnings an end but he does fall for everyone he meets regardless.


And Wicked Fancies Cross'd My Mind
William Wordsworth/Samuel Taylor Coleridge | PG | 300
It is, frankly, embarrassing; the deepest of fatal flaws.

Romeo & Juliet


Thou Talk’st Of Nothing
Mercutio/Benvolio | PG-13 | 2715
“My father has never cared about me. So why do you, Benvolio?”


Mercutio/Benvolio | G | 207
Benvolio has never been certain if Mercutio is actually insane or merely over-enthusiastic, and that conundrum has become increasingly less important over the years.

There, Rust and Let Me Die
Mercutio/Benvolio | PG | 300
The lingering silences that used to be filled with Mercutio’s words are like suffocating, like a tiny death in and of themselves.

Mercutio/Benvolio | G | 212
Mercutio purrs softly, like a cat. “Bitter, too,” he says. “Careful, or I will not help you cheer up.”

Sarah Jane Adventures


And I Will Be Two Steps On The Water
Clyde/Luke | PG | 8000 | pod_together
Yes, Clyde's entire life can now be summed up with Harry Potter references, he's not sorry.

Blind Leading The Blind
Clyde/Luke | PG-13 | 2755
At the end of her message, Maria says: Clyde and Luke are easy. They’re dating; they just haven’t noticed it yet. Let me know if they ever figure it out!

‘But It’s Educational’ Is The Perfect Alibi
Clyde/Luke | PG-13 | 1000 | allyndra
And yes, Clyde is perfectly aware, thankyouverymuch, just how masochistic falling for his clueless and practically asexual best friend is.

Extracurricular Social Interaction For The Clueless And Inept
Clyde/Luke | PG | 4710
Clyde pulls his hand away quickly, like he does in the science labs when he gets too close to the Bunsen burners, and looks away.

(if you knew what i know)
Clyde/Luke | PG-13 | 6205
“Have fun,” Clyde says, as light as he can when it feels like his stomach is strangling his throat and he might be sick any moment. “Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do.”

Not Everything About Growing Up Has To Involve Aliens
Clyde/Luke | NC-17 | 7210
(After all, you know you’re in trouble when you’re picturing humping your best friend’s thigh while sucking popcorn salt off his fingers.)

The Difference Between Theory And Practice
Clyde/Luke | G | 1000 | miniminkie
The look on Luke’s face as he tips his head back and is covered in snowflakes pulls Clyde’s mouth into a grin without him even realising.

There Isn’t A Section On Apocalypses In The Teen Advice Books
Clyde/Luke | PG-13 | 3555
“Besides, we’re best mates, right?” Clyde’s smile isn’t quite normal, but Luke can’t work out why.


There Aren't Rules For This
Clyde/Luke | PG | 300
Luke studies him for a moment, frowning slightly, and then pulls him into a hug.

Clyde/Luke | PG | 290
The first time he sees Luke in a pair of skinny jeans, straight-cut and well-fitting, Clyde can’t help looking on them as some kind of reward for a good deed he hasn’t done yet.

Secret Diary Of A Callgirl

Caravan Girl
Hannah/Ben | PG-13 | 3615
At first, Ben thinks it's a joke, Hannah's latest way of fucking with him.


Half The Truth AU Series

And Tell Me What I Never See
Adam/Lucas | PG | 1340
Lucas laughs, and the damage flutters to the surface. “No one here is that nice,” he amends.

Everything In Full Swing
Adam/Lucas | PG | 1510
Lucas North wants only what he can definitely have, and has narrowed himself down to match his deadened aspirations.

A Lot Of Bad Behaviour
Adam/Lucas | PG | 2500
Lucas turns his head slightly, an almost involuntary movement; his breath rushes out, too warm against Adam’s hand, and his lips brush across Adam’s palm.

Waste Of Paper
Adam/Lucas | PG-13 | 2070
“You have to stop trying to be everyone’s centre of emotional stability,” Lucas tells him with more patience than he really feels.

‘Cause A Ghost Don’t Feel Love Or Nothing
Adam/Lucas | PG-13 | 2305
Lucas’ relationship with Harry has been fragile to say the least; the determinedly unspoken you left me to rot in Russia that Adam can see in Lucas’ eyes far too often.

One Two Three (But Only You And Me)
Adam/Lucas | PG-13 | 3000
“If you come in…” Lucas begins slowly, as though testing out the sound of the words. “If you come in, we’re crossing a line.”

Looking Through The Mirror
Adam/Lucas | NC-17 | 3273
They’re stripped bare, sheets tangled around their legs, but they’ll never be naked for each other.

And I Should Know Better
Adam/Lucas | PG-13 | 1885
“Because I’m too fucked-up, I’m too fucked-over, and I’m too fucking tired to be anything other than what I am.”

Other Stories

Something It’s Not
Adam/Lucas | PG-13 | 1000 | doctor_who_rulz
Adam is counting hours, and Lucas is mostly silent but for occasional words that slide out onto the strained skin between Adam’s collarbone and his shoulder.

Your Boundaries Become Yet More Semantics
Lucas/Ros | PG | 1000 | yorkshirewench
“And I don’t want to talk about your ex-wife, your eight years in a cell, or what your tattoos mean,” Ros adds as they’re walking out.

Stargate SG-1

Jack/Sam | G | 100 | alphabetdrabble
She’s got an edge to her that makes her a great major and scientist.

Jack/Sam | G | 100 | alphabetdrabble
Daniel taps a pen against his folder and watches Jack trying not to openly stare at Sam.

Jack/Sam | G | 100 | alphabetdrabble
Sam blushes even at the memory.

Jack/Sam | G | 100 | alphabetdrabble
O’Neill is being unspeakable to her, which is in itself kind of ironic, since he’s not actually speaking to her at *all*.

Jack/Sam | PG | 100 | alphabetdrabble
The air is full of tension and heat and taking it slow just isn’t going to cover it.

Jack, Sam | G | 100 | alphabetdrabble
"Sir," Carter cuts him off. "Don't. Just- don't."

Jack[/Sam] | G | 100 | alphabetdrabble
There’s silence here- complete silence, and it makes a change from all the noise in the rest of his life.

Jack, Sam | G | 100 | alphabetdrabble
“We have got to get ourselves a new hobby.”

Jack/Sam | G | 100 | alphabetdrabble
Jack doesn’t even try to help piece her together.

Jack[/Sam] | G | 100 | alphabetdrabble
Jack could have been retired for the rest of his life.

Jack/Sam | G | 100 | alphabetdrabble
But some big/little part of him does dwell on Sam.

Jack/Sam | G | 100 | alphabetdrabble
Jack strokes his fingers through her hair, silently vowing that if she dies, Nirrti will go down in flames for this.

Jack/Sam | G | 100 | alphabetdrabble
Jonas would find it hilarious if it wasn’t quite so confusing.

Jack/Sam | PG | 100 | alphabetdrabble
“Pete finally popped the question then?” asked Jack, wishing he were keeping his mouth shut.

Jack/Sam | G | 100 | alphabetdrabble
Everything hurts vividly but indirectly, and that could be painkillers or it could all be imaginary.

Jack/Sam | G | 100 | alphabetdrabble
Sam leans against the DHD, hair fluttering in the breeze.

Jack/Sam | G | 100 | alphabetdrabble
What are you waiting for?

Jack/Sam | G | 100 | alphabetdrabble
Sometimes Sam feels like asking him exactly what it is that he wants from her.

Sucker Punch RPF

I Couldn't Bare Myself Before A Crowd
Emily Browning/Vanessa Hudgens | PG | 2176 | finkpishnets
"Also Zac was orange a lot of the time," Vanessa adds, and they both break into laughter.

Top Gear

Beep Beep, Beep Beep, Yeah
Crossover with Ashes To Ashes | Richard/Alex Drake | PG-13 | 1225
“There will not be a chapter on how I madly conjured up Richard Hammond and then proceeded to… well, whatever I proceed to do. You will not be in my book, understand?”

V For Vendetta

Evey/V | PG-13 | 2055 | 100_women
V promised that the hate and anger would become something prettier. Purer. She’s still waiting.

Evey/V | PG | 452
“So that’s it then,” she says, voice sounding a little thick to her, like later on she’ll cry for hours. “Now I know.”


If I Don’t Say It Then It Can’t Be True
Glinda/Fiyero | PG | 3655 | 100_women
He scrapes up a smile, but Glinda thinks that maybe it’s not actually for her.

Wide Sargasso Sea

For What You Have Done
Edward/Antoinette | PG | 1076 | 30randomkisses
Wine glasses slipping between trembling fingers and shattered on the floors of this house, where she promised happiness and gave him this.

X-Factor UK 2010 RPS

Hang On There, Paper Shoes
girl!Liam Payne/girl!Louis Tomlinson | PG-13 | 5025
Liam laughs, curling her arms around Louis. “I’m not your favourite,” she says. “Harry and Aiden are your favourites. I’m, you know, all right.”

It's Wrong To Wish On Space Hardware
Liam Payne/Louis Tomlinson, Matt Cardle/Aiden Grimshaw | PG-13 | 13,800
Sometimes, when Liam thinks his life is too stupid to actually be happening, he goes and listens to Aiden talk for about five minutes. It really puts things in perspective.

Our Clothes Were (Never) Off
Matt Cardle/Aiden Grimshaw | NC-17 | 6510
Except that Aiden isn’t acting much like Aiden at the moment. He’s too quiet and then he’s too loud and bright, smile stretching until it looks like it hurts.

{send my love to the dancefloor}
Matt Cardle/Aiden Grimshaw, Liam Payne/Louis Tomlinson | NC-17 | 12,000 | FICMIX
“I think it’s my turn to ask you to dance,” he says when he gets close enough to be heard, and the guy grins, curling a hand around Matt’s arm and pulling him to the dancefloor.

When It All Comes Crashing
Matt Cardle/Aiden Grimshaw | NC-17 | 5360
Aiden feels empty, watching, like the one thing he had that he was good for has been taken away and stolen by someone who can hit high Cs and doesn’t have crazy eyes.

When I Tell The Punchline Wrong
Matt Cardle/Aiden Grimshaw | PG-13 | 3350
“It’s not that ridiculous,” Aiden tells him. “It could be way more ridiculous. I could be telling Heat magazine.”

Would You Blame Me (If I Wrap My Words Around You)
Matt Cardle/Aiden Grimshaw, Liam Payne/Louis Tomlinson | NC-17 | 13,070
“I lead the least rock n’ roll lifestyle ever,” he remarks to the empty room. And then writes it down because maybe he can work it into a song later.
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