December 14th, 2008

s/maybe i ain't used to maybes

"Your Boundaries Become Yet More Semantics", Spooks, Lucas/Ros

Title: Your Boundaries Become Yet More Semantics
Fandom: Spooks
Pairing: Lucas/Ros
Present For/Prompt: yorkshirewench | Toys
Rating: PG
Word Count: 1000
Genre: Het
Summary: “You know it’s not just a drink,” Ros reminds him softly. “It never is.”
Author’s Notes: Spoilers up to and including 7x05. Set vaguely around that time period. No, I did not go down the “sex toys” route ;) It should probably be noted that I wrote this while my temperature was so high I was only a couple of degrees off hallucinating (because I’ve got to entertain myself while flu-ridden, haven’t I?).

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