February 4th, 2009

JezBB Hug

"Wandered Where The Ice Was Too Thin", Britannia High, Jez/BB

Title: Wandered Where The Ice Was Too Thin
Fandom: Britannia High
Pairing: Jez/BB
Rating: PG
Word Count: 1425
Genre: Pre-slash
Copyright: Title is from Missing Person.
Summary: “Does your flat have heating?”
Author’s Notes: Yay, unashamedly fluffy snow!fic. Ok, so I’m unsurprised about the whole BH-being-axed thing, but still: *weeps* On the plus side, Jez&BB and their love are completely and totally canon now, because no one can prove they didn’t get together. Oh boys. I’m so inappropriately emotionally invested in your non-existent relationship. Chronologically set somewhere before the finale, but also set on Monday. If that makes sense.

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s/maybe i ain't used to maybes

"Black Ice Ribbons Her Liberty", Doctor Who, Lucy

Title: Black Ice Ribbons Her Liberty
Fandom: Doctor Who
Character: Lucy [slight Master/Lucy]
Challenge/Prompt: doctorwho_100, 067. Snow
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 2002
Genre: Gen [Het]
Summary: But the flakes that caught on her eyelashes and scattered through her hair were warm, and they were ash.
Author’s Notes: Another piece of Epic Snow Situation celebration, because I love Lucy a lot. Anyone know if there’s going to be another series of Hotel Babylon so I can squee over Alexander Moen and her awesomeness?

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