February 16th, 2009

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"Oh, For We Are Decadent And Broken", Demons, Rupert/Jay, Rupert/Mina

Title: Oh, For We Are Decadent And Broken
Fandom: Demons
Pairings: Rupert/Jay, Rupert/Mina
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 2460
Genre: Slash/het
Summary: “Do you keep watching it in the hope one day he’ll do something different?” Mina asks.
Author’s Notes: Ok, well, spoilers for the finale, though a lot of this is set either before the show or during the early episodes. I am really going to stop writing fic for this fandom soon, I will! It’s just… I really want to try and write the characters the way they ought to have been rather than the way they, you know, are. With love to widowedanthem, because Demons wouldn’t have been half as much fun without her, even if she has buggered off to Peru and stuff and therefore won’t read this.

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