April 27th, 2009

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"One Two Three (But Only You And Me)", Spooks, Adam/Lucas

Title: One Two Three (But Only You And Me)
Fandom: Spooks [Half The Truth AU]
Pairing: Adam/Lucas
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 3000
Genre: Slash
Spoilers: 7x06 [and slightly the deleted 7x01 scenes on the BBC website]
Summary: “I don’t know if Lucas even likes you and I know he doesn’t trust you, but I think you’re the only one capable of stopping him from coming straight back here in an hour’s time.”
Author’s Notes: Part six (good grief, how’d I get here?); now things start getting a little more interesting. I’ve got part seven done so I just need to check through it and then I’ll get that online; then it’s just part eight and I’ll get this done before I leave the country. Thanks for sticking with me and being patient; I’ve been enjoying writing this series so much!

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