July 27th, 2009

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"Don't Broadcast This Bit In The Saturday Teatime Slot", RPS, Ben Mansfield/Bradley James

Title: Don’t Broadcast This Bit In The Saturday Teatime Slot
Fandom: RPS [Primeval/Merlin]
Pairing: Ben Mansfield/Bradley James
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 2060
Genre: Slash
Disclaimer: If this actually happened, I would die of squee. But it didn’t. Please don't send ninjas to break my legs.
Summary: “Ok,” Bradley says, “That’s it, you do not get to visit this set again. You can fuck off back to Dinosaur Land.”
Author’s Notes: I’m fully aware that this interests no one in the world but me, since it’s badly written and Special Hell inducing. But seriously, have you seen the boys playing Frisbee together?! It’s adorable, and I’ve wanted to write this since before I even knew who Becker or Ben were, and I was just like “look at that sensationally pretty man who is apparently going to be in Primeval hanging out with Bradley James!” (Seriously, where do you think I got the name Captain Pretty from in the first place? I called him that because I was hardly going to remember “Captain Becker”, was I?) And also, it’s only a minute and a half of a video clip, and the guys spend a good third of it gratuitously touching each other. I’m only human, and ever so easily led.

Oh, and just in case anyone does actually want to read this, apparently Ben was auditioning for the role of Arthur when the casting people were all “hey, go be Captain Pretty instead”. So that’s what I’m going on about.

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