September 28th, 2009

s/maybe i ain't used to maybes

"Don't Feel Like Dancin'", Britannia High, Jez/BB

Title: Don’t Feel Like Dancin’
Fandom: Britannia High
Pairing: Jez/BB
Rating: PG
Word Count: 5100
Genre: Slash
Copyright: Title is a Scissor Sisters song.
Summary: BB and Ronnie are touring Europe. Jez is trying to rebuild bridges with his father. And no one knows where Lola is...
Author’s Notes: Written in December, believe it or not. I dug it back out again and edited it to a degree that I’m happy with; it may still be silly, but hopefully it will be less so than it was to begin with. Written before I went interrailing, and therefore in no way based on my experiences. With lots of Ronnie because I love her.

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