May 16th, 2010

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"And Fill The Trees With Apples", Doctor Who, Amy-centric

Title: And Fill The Trees With Apples
Fandom: Doctor Who
Characters: Amy, the Doctor, Jeff, Rory [Rory/Amy]
Challenge/Prompt: 100_women, 050. Nurture
Rating: PG
Word Count: 3080
Genre: Gen
Summary: AU. “Oh,” Amy says quietly. “This could be a problem.”
Author’s Notes: Gah, I’m not sure how to describe this story without spoiling the recent episode - Amy’s Choice - for everyone who hasn’t already seen it. Let’s just say that I picked up on idea in it and was intrigued and therefore dashed off a quick AU for it, because of course I have an essay to do and therefore this seemed like a really good idea. I could be tempted to write more, possibly, if the mood strikes. And no, I’ve never been tempted to write fic like this before, but I am weirdly inspired and interested. Additional, less cryptic, spoilery note under the cut.

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