February 27th, 2014

Kate/her heart's like crazy paving

Who The Fuck Wants To Die Alone | Young Avengers/Hawkeye | Kate/America, Kate&Clint

t: Who The Fuck Wants To Die Alone
f: Marvel comics: Young Avengers (v2) & Hawkeye (Fraction)
p: Kate/America, Kate & Clint (background Billy/Teddy, Cassie/Jonas)
ch: cottoncandy_bingo – babysitting
r/wc: PG/7240
s: Normal!AU. “I don’t know why I have to get involved in this anyway,” Clint huffs. “Or haven’t you told this chick that you’re working a job you don’t need and live in a magical Disney palace?”
n: [Title from Some Nights by fun.] So, like, the amount I ship America and Kate kind of snuck up on me? And then I got thinking about Kate bringing America to meet Clint, and then THIS HAPPENED INSTEAD, oops. Loki in this is the later Young Avengers/Agent of Asgard Loki, because, teen Loki with that hair is my favourite. Well. Everyone’s my favourite, let’s face it. Anyway. AMERICA AND KATE BEING PRE-GIRLFRIENDS AND CLINT AND KATE BEING FOREVER BROS. THE END.

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