March 8th, 2014

R&S/you were my picket fence

Girls That Glitter Love The Dark | Once Upon A Time | Red/Snow

t: Girls That Glitter Love The Dark
f: Once Upon A Time
p: Red/Snow
ch: cottoncandy_bingo – art & fc_smorgasbord – 1. ostentatiousness
r/wc: PG/2005
s: Band AU. Snow is Red’s very favourite thing in the world, in a reasonably short life full of things she hasn’t gotten to keep.
n: [Title is a song by Hannah Fury] Why yes, I do have a band AU sickness, thanks for noticing. Well, this one is the one where Red and Snow are a fairytale cabaret feminist duo/band thing, with corsets and things. Like Amanda Palmer and Emilie Autumn and stuff I guess. I’ve been trying to write this idea for like two years, so go me! Now I just have to get my shit together and write the AU where they all work in a fairytale-themed stripclub, because, want.

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