May 27th, 2014

Wanda/daisy dead petals

smacked upside of the head with the harsh daylight | DOFP | Pietro/Wanda

t: smacked upside of the head with the harsh daylight
f: X-Men: Days of Future Past
p: Pietro/Wanda (well, implied)
ch: cottoncandy_bingo – adventure/quest
r/wc: PG/2600
w: Vague movie spoilers?
s: “Bad idea,” Wanda sing-songs.

“I haven’t had a good one since nineteen sixty-three,” Peter replies.
n: [Title from Beauty of Speed by Tori Amos. ] It’s not a spoiler that Wanda isn’t in the movie, but I ship Wanda/Pietro so damn hard, so I wrote it like she was anyway. The movie calls him Peter for dumbass reasons, so I’ve called him “Peter” in this fic for continuity movie tie-in purposes. And it’s possible I’ve messed with the DOFP 70s timeline a bit, I’ve only seen it once and I’m not sure how much time it takes place over? So suspend your disbelief. I’m not sure how to do seventies slang so I didn’t try? Hopefully it’s not too… messed up, anyway. A couple of more spoilery notes under the cut.

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