August 22nd, 2014

s/if i'd known you were coming

Ugh look here is a thing that I will link places because no one uses LJ.

I fancy faffing around writing ficlets. As per usual, I'll demand prompts from you lot and then won't write any of them and feel bad about it, but YOU NEVER KNOW, and, well, yeah.

Hit me up with a character/pairing and a prompt, and I may or may not knock something together.

To narrow shit down, I've picked the fandoms I want you guys to pick from, so I'm not whinging as much about my inability to write stuff!

Agents of SHIELD | Being Human (UK) | Disney Princesses | Doctor Who | Elementary | Guardians of the Galaxy | High School Musical | The Hunger Games | Marvel comics you're pretty sure I've read | MCU | The Mortal Instruments | X-Men | Young Avengers

I think those are the fandoms I feel most confident in atm, but tbh if you fancy something else and you know I know the material hit me up anway :P

- Big fan of obscure characters in all these fandoms, as we all know.
- If you're not sure if I've read, for example, a comic, my icons are pretty up to date in terms of OMG I LIKE THIS.
- I haven't seen all of season two of Elementary yet.
- I'm fine with all ratings and pairings but I'm not doing noncon.

And now I'm going to go nap copiously and forever.