August 25th, 2014

s/and set fire to my heart

(be) the lightning in me that strikes relentless | The Mortal Instruments | Clary/Jace/Simon

t: (be) the lightning in me that strikes relentless
f: The Mortal Instruments
p: Clary/Jace/Simon
ch: rarepairfest for sandrine
r/wc: PG/3020
w: SPOILERS for City of Heavenly Fire
s: [Futurefic] She didn’t notice then; she thinks that she might now.
n: [Title from Snow Patrol's The Lightning Strike.] Technically I've got 10k of a Clary/Isabelle college AU on my laptop, but this is the first Mortal Instruments fic I've written that's made it to the internet, so, hooray! Really, if you haven't read City of Heavenly Fire, this will spoil the crap out of it for you.

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