September 7th, 2014

Johanna/oh the devil in me said

Beyond The Woods | The Hunger Games | Johanna-centric

t: Beyond The Woods
f: The Hunger Games
c: Johanna
ch: fic_corner (& fc_smorgasbord – 4. ingratitude)
r/wc: PG/1785
s: No one had thought all that much of Seven before a young woman ripped off her sheep’s demeanour and revealed the wolf’s teeth beneath.
n: Written for PorcupineGirl for the fic_corner exchange. My prompt was I'd love something that shows the world of Panem and The Hunger Games from the perspective of someone other than Katniss, and I thought Johanna would be an interesting one to write/read? Obvs a bit dark and horrible, because, Hunger Games, but not too awful.

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