September 24th, 2014

s/hot damn can i make you my boo

Drabbles: The Amazing Spider-Man, Elementary, The Hunger Games

I've been playing drabbletag over at femslash100, which I love doing and you should all go do it too because it's got out of hand, so I'm popping my fills over here too.

t: Learning Curve.
f: The Amazing Spider-Man
p: Gwen/Gwen
p: Clones.
r/wc: G/250

Collapse )

t: Like, Ever
f: Elementary
p: Joan/Carrie
p: Reconciliation // fc_smorgasbord #2. grudge
r/wc: G/250

Collapse )

t: i don't want anything in-between
f: The Hunger Games
p: Johanna/Enobaria
p: Hiss // fc_smorgasbord - #27. negativity
r/wc: R/250

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