November 6th, 2014

Tripp/not like friendship

Some Turn To Dust Or To Gold | MCU/Agents of SHIELD | Antoine Triplett/Sharon Carter

t: Some Turn To Dust Or To Gold
f: MCU/Agents of SHIELD
p: Trip/Sharon
ch: writerverse’s November Table Of Doom – affinity & genprompt_bingo – past, present, future
r/wc: PG-15/8025
s: “Let me guess,” Sharon Carter says, “my aunt was your kind of weird jack-off material back in the day, and you think I’d like to know that. Or, hey, you’re pretty sure banging me gets you one step closer to actually being Captain America.”

Antoine can’t help screwing up his face. “People say that to you?”

“The first one,” she shrugs. “The second one I’ve extrapolated.”
n: [Title from Centuries by Fall Out Boy.] Originally I wanted to write this for writerverse’s quick fic the other week (for the prompt you looked too small in their big, black car to be a threat to the men in power - Kate Bush), but the words didn’t come fast enough, so, have it now. I actually mostly just want these two to be forever bros, but I do ship it a bit too, which is how this came about.

Three relevant bits of information for this fic:
1. We don’t know for certain that Gabe Jones is Trip’s granddad, but I needed a name.
2. Peggy Carter and Gabe Jones totes dated in canon.
3. I have probably screwed up the timeline a bit and maybe some SHIELD Academy details; that’s on me, sorry.

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