December 8th, 2014

H/yeah but he's drop dead gorgeous

put it in reverse and hit him again | Agents of SHIELD | Lance Hunter/Bobbi Morse

t: put it in reverse and hit him again
f: Agents of SHIELD
p: Hunter/Bobbi (background implied pre-Fitz/Mack)
r/wc: R/15,400
w: Spoilers for 2x08, and everything up to then.
s: Is it any wonder, these days, that he opens his mouth and Bobbi just pours right out?
n: I have a few notes for here, eek.
1: I had a go at making this canon-compliant, but I didn’t try that hard, so sorry if I’ve messed up the timeline/canon relationships between characters etc.
2: This is set between 2x08 and 2x09, like, if there was a month between them instead of… not a month.
3: PEOPLE: thanks to laria_gwyn and torakowalski for betaing/handholding the first half (the second half is all on me, guys); and the stuff in scene 7.5 was taken (with permission) from ideas by @goshilovearrows. Thanks!
4: Linking to AO3 for this one, because it's too long for one LJ post. I CAN'T BELIEVE I WROTE SO MUCH.

Bobbi is annoyingly collected for a woman who just came so hard she fractured the sun roof.