December 30th, 2014

P/the way it feels to be just anyone

despite your heart of gold | MCU | Peggy Carter & Tony Stark

t: despite your heart of gold
f: Marvel Cinematic Universe
c: Peggy, Tony, Howard
r/wc: G/4315
s: Peggy doesn’t mention that she’s played chess for her life against Russian masters and won in more straightforward matches than the one she just played against her godson, over milk and cookies on a Sunday afternoon.
n: [Title from Xxx 88 by MØ] For some reason I wanted to write this before Agent Carter rocks up and switches all the canon again. Presumably I’m still having all the feelings about Legacy Babies etc. Important: I’ve followed the timeline roughly but inaccurately, don’t ask questions about, like, dates. Also, Peggy and her husband never had children, in this version of events. *cough*

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