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Title: Definition of Wrong
Fandom: House MD
Characters Ensemble. Kinda
Challenge/Prompt: 100moods, 004. Annoyed.
Rating: Gen
Genre: Gen
Copyright Title comes from a truly excellent song by Travis.
Summary: House gets bored and lots of feelings get hurt. Cameron POV!
Author’s Notes: Literally a snapshot. There's no plot. Nothing at all. It's just... a moment or two in a bored day. :D BTW: HTML for this was a complete bitch.

Look in any dictionary- well, any dictionary in Princeton/Plainsboro Teaching Hospital, anyway- and under the title adultery, you’ll find the following entry. Adultery: voluntary sexual intercourse of married person other than with spouse. Favourite activity of James Wilson. The second part has been added in with blue biro, and Allison Cameron finds it one afternoon when she’s alone in the office, flipping through the dictionary because she’s bored out of her mind. She feels slightly shocked to see it written down- she always knew Wilson had cheated on his wives, he admitted as much to her- but it seems unnecessarily cruel for it to have been added to the dictionary. Just because House gets bored so very easily.

Cameron continues to leaf through the dictionary, trying to see if there are any other notes. She finds her own name underneath idealism (Idealism: 1. Representation of things in ideal or idealized form, imaginative treatment, practise of forming or following after ideals. 2. System of thought in which the object of external perception is held to consist of ideas. 3. Permanent state of mind for Allison Cameron.), which hurts slightly, because it’s not as though she spends her whole life wandering around looking at kittens and hunting for the best in everyone.

She finds further biro notes underneath dictator (Dictator: absolute ruler, especially one who suppresses or succeeds a democratic government; chief magistrate with absolute power; person with absolute authority in any sphere; domineering person. Lisa Cuddy), hell (Hell: abode of the dead; abode of devils and of condemned spirits in torment; place or state of wickedness or misery; den for captives in prisoners’ base. See also: clinic duty), useless (Useless: serving no useful purpose, unavailing. Robert Chase) and usurp (Usurp: seize, assume power wrongly. What does Foreman think he’s doing?!) before House comes in to tell her to get on with some actual work. Cameron looks at him with hurt in her eyes, and House’s gaze flickers from the dictionary to her expression, and he smirks.


“I’m not useless,” Chase announces in general to the room. Foreman sniggers into his coffee and Cameron gives him a sympathetic look.

“And do you have any proof, or are you just speculating as usual?” House enquires.

“I’m not useless!” Chase says angrily, and Cameron realises that he must have read the dictionary as well. Then she frowns, because she can’t imagine why so many people are reading the dictionary in the office; being a doctor isn’t that boring.

“Have any of us ever called you useless?” House asks, feigning confusion. Chase bites his lower lip; Cameron knows it’s because he can’t exactly say- the dictionary told me I was. House looks triumphant and Chase looks awkward and Foreman just looks bored; he’s obviously never been driven to reading the dictionary. Cameron sighs and House gives her a challenging glance.

“Being an idealist isn’t a weakness,” she says, tucking a lock of hair behind her ear.

“Are you calling me a liar?” House pretends to look offended.

“I think we’re all trying to say that you’re not in full possession of the facts,” Wilson replies, arriving silently and carrying food as usual. Neatly ironed shirt and carefully co-ordinated tie. Sparkling white lab coat. He’s the complete opposite of House, as ever, but not quite the polar opposite.

“Yes, Jimmy, but there isn’t a word to describe your attitude to marriage,” House tells him, and Wilson’s face crumples. Cameron turns her glare onto House, but notices that Chase is considerably quicker off the mark than she is.


Loyal: Faithful, to duty, love or obligation; faithful in allegiance to sovereign, government or mother country. I know you’re reading this Chase; take note. Cameron… you can ease off a little.

Dispensable: Not necessary; can be done without. See also: easily offended diagnostic fellows.

Tags: challenge: 100moods, character: allison cameron, character: eric foreman, character: greg house, character: james wilson, character: robert chase, tv show: house md
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