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Title: And They All Lived Happily Ever After
Fandom: House MD
Pairing: Cameron/Husband
Challenge/Prompt: 100moods, 048. Guilty
Rating: G
Genre: Het
Summary: David is dying. He knows that. Allison knows that too.
Author’s Notes: Writing the ‘fairytale’ bits was way fun. I wrote this sitting on the floor behind a till at a book event at work, and then did some editing when typing it up. Anyway, I REALLY WOULD LIKE SOME FEEDBACK FOR THIS. Thank you x


Once upon a time, there was a young prince, and a young princess, and they fell very deeply in love. So they did all the things that young lovers do, such as taking long walks and having picnics and making love by candlelight. It seemed that they would be happy forever. But the handsome young prince was cursed (although no one knew who had placed the curse over him) and he became sick, with a sickness that no one could cure, though many royal physicians tried. And the beautiful young princess was left with a difficult choice that she did not want to make.

David is dying. He knows that. Allison knows that too. She doesn’t say it but it’s twirled like ribbon through her movements, deep in her blue eyes, in her hushed voice and slim hands twisting together. She’s losing weight right along with him. The chemo is killing them both. Her hands clench and unclench and the wedding ring on her finger slides uncomfortably because it’s too big for her now. David doesn’t want the guilt but he also doesn’t like the loneliness.

He didn’t ask for this. He had his diagnosis and he was planning on breaking up with Allison, to save her from this. But although her eyes were sparkling she managed a broad smile, and the first words out of her mouth were:

“We should get married.”

David was shocked- so shocked- and he tried to tell her he didn’t want to put her through watching him break into pieces to crumble into inevitable death. Allison shook her head and told him that she wanted to be with him, that they should take their time together.

She is too young for this. He will always remember that.

David will remember that for the rest of his life and even after. After, when whatever happens will happen to him (and David chooses not to think about that), he will always know that he should never have done this to her. Not to beautiful, vulnerable little Allison. Oh no. She doesn’t deserve this.

The corner of her mouth twitches when she smiles, like she’s trying to keep the tears down. David feels a little sick, now, every time she tries to pretend she’s keeping everything together.

And when they were married, after a ceremony where she looked so beautiful in that soft, white white dress, life was close to normal. They’re so damaged now, his disease dragging them both apart. His shaking hands cup her cold cheeks, feeling the bone too close to the surface. So thin, dying just as much as he is. Fading away. David didn’t ask this of her but she gave it anyway. Allison is so selfless but it still hurts every time he hears her sobbing in the shower when she thinks he won’t know.

Allison has a life. She will have a life that he is not a part of, be a person in a world that he will never see. One day she’ll be a doctor and he hopes that he won’t mar her view of the patients. David loves her and he will always love her even in death but he doesn’t want to trap her with that love.

(Although he suspects she would love to be trapped by him forever.)

Dying slowly- it hurts him so much and he knows that it hurts her just as much. David falls to pieces and Allison tries to stick him back together and she fails and he wishes that she wouldn’t look so very wounded, like she’s convinced she’s got to save him from his disease, like love will cure the cancer eating through his brain.

And David wants to say things like please, go on, love people after me, don’t let me ruin you, please God don’t let me ruin you, but it sounds so very morbid and movie-like and part of him is suspicious as to whether she’ll actually listen.

At this point in time it seems a little unlikely.

“Ally, I’m sorry,” he croaks, in the hospital bed, knowing that he doesn’t have long. He’s terrified and he’s guilty and the tears stream down his face and Allison kisses them away and makes him promise that he won’t feel bad, that he has nothing to feel sorry for, but she’s crying too now and this is all just so wrong.

She is too young for this. He will always remember that.

And soon the charming prince, who was not nearly as good-looking as he once was, fell into a deep sleep. And the princess knew that it was the curse and that he would not ever wake up again, but she still sat by his bedside every day and watched his chest rise and fall and told him all the stories she knew even though she also knew he couldn’t hear her, and wept a little in the middle of the night. She almost fell in love with the prince’s royal advisor, his most trusted friend, but she always stayed true to the slumbering and grievously ill prince. In time, the prince left to join the land of his ancestors and no longer felt any pain. And the princess cried so many tears that a sea came to surround the kingdom that no man could swim across to save her.

And they all lived happily ever after.

Tags: challenge: 100moods, character: allison cameron, tv show: house md
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