Lady Paperclip (paperclipbitch) wrote,
Lady Paperclip

Title: Deep Honey
Fandom: Lost
Pairing: Kate/Ana Lucia
Challenge/Prompt: 30randomkisses, 002. Ocean Breeze
Rating: NC-17/R
Genre: Fem[me]slash
Summary: Merciless PWP. On a beach. Kate always likes to be in control.
Author’s Notes: This was not supposed to be written. I don’t do smut. But, um, this is a PWP. There is nothing but sex in it. Um… oops?

Kate wonders, sometimes, looking at the stars while sand ingrains itself in her skin and Ana’s fingernails leave marks on her hips, whether Jack and Sawyer would make noises of disgust at what the objects of their affection (or obsession, or whatever) get up to when no one else is around, or whether they’d get popcorn from the stash the Dharma Initiative left hanging around and come watch. She laughs once, and Ana bites down on the inside of her thigh hard enough to make it bleed, and after that she behaves herself and keeps her mouth shut.

It’s probably about the gratification, or about the fact that Ana’s so used to being Queen Bee that now she’s come here and no one likes her because she killed Shannon and she’s not exactly done anything to endear herself since, she needs to be close to someone, or maybe it’s because there’s this edge of dark in them both and it mingles and combines in a way that Jack would never understand and Sawyer would probably half ruin with his own issues.

They don’t kiss; it’s not about that, and Kate finds herself smothered in nail marks and bruises and scratches and never says thank you and reciprocates only when Ana physically grabs her head and pushes it between her thighs, hot and wet and needy and selfish, and Kate would almost refuse to obey but she loves the way she tastes and she loves the control she has over Ana, the edge she gets because Ana chose her, never the other way around. She’s got one over on Ana and she never lets her forget it. It’s all about control.

They’re both more vulnerable than they’ll ever willingly admit, not that it’s ever acknowledged, and in daylight they’ll barely look at each other. It’s not even like they’re paranoid that someone will figure out just what they’re doing- as if anyone ever would- but it’s a mutual dislike. Ana’s got a body Kate would kill for and her skin tastes so good and she thinks that Ana likes some aspects of her too but it’s nothing more than lust and fucking by the sea. Won’t last, neither of them want it to. Flesh twisting under eager fingers. And my God the marks-

Ana doesn’t make a sound, never makes a sound, biting everything down inside her mouth until Kate thinks it must be physically painful for her, but she doesn’t mind. She bites down on one of Ana’s nipples until the other woman begins panting, slides teasing fingers up the inside of her thigh, feeling just how slick and wet she is. For Kate. For no one but Kate. She flirts with Jack and with Sawyer but it’s Kate right now pushing Ana’s bare legs apart, pushing a finger inside and watching Ana’s back arch with hungry and desperate anticipation.

One finger. Two. One. Kate rubs Ana’s clit with her thumb, feels the other woman arch and moan helplessly, biting down on the sound before she’s even finished. She smirks and thrust three fingers into Ana, feeling her gasp and lift her hips, trying to get more, eyes clenched shut. Kate likes being in control like this. It feels so good.

She draws her fingers out tantalisingly slowly, watching Ana groan, and impulsively leans over to kiss her. Ana’s tongue is slick in her mouth, battling Kate’s for dominance, nipping at her lips and Kate pulls away abruptly. It’s always about control with her. It has to be. Kate has so little left in her power that having Ana needy and begging is exactly what she craves. She thinks Ana likes this. Ana has to spend so much time being strong that it makes a change to be the broken one for once.

Ana’s dark eyes open wide as Kate sits back, spreading her legs and giving her a look. Ana bites her lip like she’s angry but she obediently shuffles onto her knees, burying her tongue deep in Kate’s cunt. Kate takes a deep breath because Ana knows exactly what she’s doing, tongue sweeping over her clit and then pushing inside her, and Kate shifts her hips against the other woman’s mouth, head tilting back.

The stars blur in front of her, shifting and changing as Ana pushes two fingers inside her, sucking relentlessly on her clit until all Kate’s breath rushes out of her, lips opening in a desperate, silent scream. Ana sits back and wipes at the corners of her mouth as Kate tries to calm her breathing. It’s so hot here but there’s a breeze from the sea brushing over her skin. Perfect.

Ana is panting but she is waiting. Almost patient but she won’t stay that way for long. Kate pushes Ana onto her back again, moving over her, skin to skin, kissing her again, hard and deep, tasting herself on the other woman’s tongue. Ana groans deep into her mouth, shifting her hips in the hope of any kind of friction, making frustrated little sounds when she doesn’t find any. One of Kate’s hands closes over Ana’s breast, mercilessly twisting the nipple, and Ana gasps in a mixture of pain and pleasure. Kate smiles broadly, replacing her hand with her teeth, biting down and sucking hard as her fingers thrust into Ana’s cunt without warning.

One finger, two, three. Ana moves her hips restlessly, but it’s not enough, and Kate knows it. She’s wet again just watching Ana, and her little finger slides into Ana’s cunt carefully. A helpless moan drips from Ana’s damp and swollen mouth, and Kate sucks her nipple again as she pushes her thumb in too. Ana’s mumbling something in Spanish, probably a stream of expletives but Kate isn’t listening as she pushes the rest of her fist in, deeper and deeper, and from too little stimulation it’s too much. Ana’s moving wildly, trying to keep silent, Kate buried up to her wrist in her hot, wet cunt.

Kate is almost disappointed when Ana comes, biting her lip bloody, breath rushing out in a hiss between her teeth. She slides her fingers out as swiftly as she can without hurting Ana, wiping her damp hand across the other woman’s stomach, and gets up to leave even as she feels her own wetness slide down her thigh. She doesn’t say a thing and doesn’t look back.

That isn’t what it’s about.
Tags: challenge: 30randomkisses, character: ana lucia cortez, character: kate austen, pairing: ana lucia cortez/kate austen, tv show: lost, type: femslash
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