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Title: Can’t Stop Now
Fandom: Torchwood
Pairing: Gwen/Suzie (teh ultimate crack)
Challenge/Prompt: femslash100, challenge #100 (using challenge #97- Justice). It being challenge #100, I got 1000 words to play with.
Rating: PG
Genre: Femslash
Summary: Suzie doesn’t shoot herself. But what changes?
Author’s Notes: Um. The ending took me a little by surprise. Just to let you know. But this is what might have happened in episodes 1-8 had Suzie still been alive, in fragments cuz I didn’t have all that many words. So maybe I’ll expand on this sometime.

But I can’t stop now, I’ve got troubles of my own, ‘cause I’m short on time, I’m lonely, and I’m too tired to talk.

Jack moves like lightning, breaking Suzie’s wrist as he forces the gun away from her chin. The shot goes wide; the bullet clips Suzie’s face and she’s bleeding and crying, and the gun skitters across the ground, as Jack forces Suzie’s wrists down by her sides and she sags into his arms, weeping helplessly, muttering obscenities and about how much she hates him.

Gwen reaches for the gun and throws up instead, winding up on her knees, cold seeping into her jeans. Suzie is still sobbing and Jack has his comm to his mouth and is shouting: “Ianto! Clean up on aisle three! Get your ass up here!”

Gwen wants Rhys.

“You wiped my memory,” she says dizzily. Jack turns to look at her in disbelief.

“You want to go into this now?” he enquires. Gwen gives him a weak smile, and is about to attempt to form a coherent sentence when Ianto calmly materialises behind Jack. He looks around and takes in the scene without raising an eyebrow or turning a hair.

“Ah,” he says quietly.

Suzie is literally screaming into Jack’s chest with her hands clenched in his coat, clearly in pain.

Gwen looks at her but doesn’t feel like justice has been served.


Gwen sits and shivers in Torchwood’s vastly unfriendly base, hands wrapped around a mug of hot tea Ianto shoved at her. It’s strong, and sweet, and she suspects that there’s more than a drop of brandy in there, but it’s not masking her nausea and it isn’t really helping.

She can see Toshiko editing CCTV footage, Ianto packing the Glove and its accompanying knife into a safe, Jack stamping around looking angry and betrayed. Owen and Suzie have disappeared so he can bind her wrist and patch up her bleeding face. She’s no longer screaming, and Gwen suspects sedatives are involved somewhere. Gwen is sure that she shouldn’t be here, but Suzie had her at gunpoint and she doesn’t feel even slightly sane and there’s no way she can go home to Rhys in this state.

“Will she be punished?” she asks, “Will you turn her in?”

Jack looks at her like she’s crazy.

“No,” he says. “The killings will stop. We’ve locked up the knife and the Glove. We’ll take care of Suzie. That’s all that matters.”

But that isn’t justice either.

“You bastards,” Gwen says quietly. Jack shrugs, then looks at her for a long moment.

“You want in?”


So, somehow, Gwen joins Torchwood.


She thinks Suzie resents her, blaming her for the fact that everyone figured out she was killing people, but Gwen refuses to feel guilty. Suzie is kept under constant surveillance and not allowed near alien technology. Jack forced her to move into the Hub and he’s never been seen to smile at her (Gwen begins to think that maybe Suzie is being punished after all).

One evening, when they’re apparently trying to track down fairies, of all things, Gwen brings her a mug of coffee.

“I thought you might like-” she begins. Suzie cuts her off with a sharp glare.

“I don’t,” she snaps, but drinks it anyway.


Gwen never intends to pity Suzie. Or like her. She intends to hate her for the innocent lives she took, for the people she stabbed in the back. Suzie will never be sent to prison for her crimes, never tried and found guilty. Jack avoids her gaze and Ianto and Owen are awkward around her and Gwen will barely speak to her but it isn’t forgiveness and it isn’t right.

So it comes as a complete surprise to Gwen when she finds that instead of going home to curl up on the couch and talk to Rhys, she ends up staying in the Hub and attempting to make conversation with the silent and bruised Suzie. Today was trying on all of them; investigating disappearances in a quiet country village turned into the team being kidnapped and almost eaten by insane cannibals. And Gwen has no idea what to do with herself.

“It’s madness,” she whispers, while Suzie studies her fingernails and says nothing. “It’s all fucking madness. And who do you talk to about it?”

“There’s no one to talk to,” Suzie replies simply. “But you should let it out somewhere. Otherwise you go insane.” Her smile twists. “After all, I would know.”

Owen offered Gwen sheet-ripping orgasms tonight if she wanted, but right now he’s the last thing on her mind.

“Why did you do it?”

Suzie looks up at her.

“Think of what we could have done with a Glove that could bring back the dead,” she points out.

“So you killed innocent people.”

“For future good.”

Gwen knows she should hate Suzie. But she believes her. And she blames the way that she kisses her on desperation and exhaustion.


Suzie is on her knees but her broad, not-entirely-nice smile as she pushes Gwen’s thighs apart reminds them both that this is anything but penance.


There is a couple, torn to shreds, side by side on their bed, their blood splashed across the walls, and one word written above them: TORCHWOOD. Nausea rises in Gwen’s throat but she’s surprised at Suzie’s reaction; the woman stares expressionlessly at the corpses, then she pushes past them all and runs for it.

It takes a moment for it all to click, then Jack mutters shit and tells Tosh and Gwen to stay with the bodies, he and Owen running out after Suzie. It hits Gwen so hard she almost faints; these deaths are all Suzie’s fault. She makes it to the front door in time to see Jack and Owen taking the safeties off their guns, pounding down the road after Suzie, who is running for her life.

Jack saved her once. But he won’t do it again. Gwen knows that Jack and Owen will shoot to kill and she turns back into the house, wondering if she’ll ever be sane again, unsure if this is the justice that she wanted.


Tags: challenge: femslash100, character: gwen cooper, character: suzie costello, pairing: gwen/suzie, tv show: torchwood, type: femslash
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