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CSI:NY Masterlist


And We Are The Spaces In-Between
Danny/Peyton | PG-13 | 567 | alphabetasoup
And the whole point of this awkward little exercise in social interaction is so that neither of them have to face the freezing expanses of Waiting For Mac To Make His Goddamn Mind Up.

Bleeding Out
Crossover with House MD | Chase/Lindsay, Chase/Wilson | PG-13 | 1720 | fanfic100
Lindsay gets someone to bring him a coffee and is almost apologetic when she arrests him.

Bruising From You
Danny/Peyton | PG-15 | 875 | alphabetasoup & karaokegal
“Are you doing this because he chose me or because he didn’t choose you?” Peyton gasps, and that pisses Danny off because she’s not supposed to still be talking.

But They Never Do
Danny/Peyton, Mac/Peyton | NC-17 | 1413 | alphabetasoup
“I need you to come over,” she whispered, as though afraid of being overheard, and on the other end of the line, Danny laughed. “I’m already outside.”

Corner Of The Earth
Crossover with Torchwood | Mac/Jack | PG | 2055 | crossovers100
“Peyton screwed you over. Let me get a little defensive, Mac.”

Crossover with House MD | Lindsay/Chase | PG-13 | 2560 | 1sentence
Their eyes met over the dead body on the pavement, and it might seem like a weird way to ask for a date.

Oh What A World
Mac/Danny | PG | 590
So he watches Danny flirt with Lindsay and looks from one to the other and feels the distance between him and them yawn like a ravine he could kill himself trying to get through.

Opposite Sides Of Forever
Mac/Peyton | PG-13 | 1400 | 30randomkisses
I am not your wife and I am not going to die just so that you can miss me.

Postcards To No Man’s Land
Danny/Peyton | PG-13 | 3000 | alphabetasoup
“Shouldn’t you be in London?” Sheldon asks one afternoon, file of autopsy results in his left hand. It’s taken him long enough to notice.

Same Old Stuff
Lindsay/Reed | PG | 2000 | fanfic100 & psych_30
Lindsay can hardly blame him; being almost killed is either the making of you or breaks you completely.

Shades Of Red
Lindsay | PG | 1392 | fanfic100 & psych_30
Sometimes you think – and then you know – that you lost the knack of social interaction years ago, somewhere after- yes, well, that.

S/He Wants You
Lindsay/Peyton, Mac/everyone | NC-17 | 1175 | fanfic100 & psych_30
When she’s drunk it sounds more than ever like she’s deliberately putting on the English accent just to be pretentious.

Sleeps With Butterflies
Lindsay/Stella | PG | 3280 | fanfic100 & psych_30 & rivers_bend
Lindsay could tell her about the sleepless nights and the waking up to the sounds of the shots and the way your hands tremble on too many coffee mugs.

Snowed Under
Lindsay/Stella | PG | 820 | fanfic100 & psych_30
Lindsay is forced to reflect that, considering she spends 80% of her time around people who make up believably creative excuses, she really is a godawful liar.

Some Day, She Might Look Back On This And Laugh
Lindsay, Adam, Danny | PG | 1620 | fanfic100 & psych_30
When the blue lines appear and she’s double-checked the instructions, her first words are: “Oh my God, I’m such a slut.”

Some Days, The Miranda Rights Sound More Like A Prayer
Lindsay, team | PG-13 | 6102 | fanfic100 & psych_30
She leaves out the part where the city’s on fire two blocks away from her apartment. She doesn’t think her mom would appreciate it.

Something She Won’t [Can’t] Do
Danny/Lindsay, Flack/Lindsay | PG-15 | 5175 | fanfic100 & psych_30 & karaokegal
“Fuck it Danny,” and her tone is all twisted up but he still flinches when she swears, “Fuck it, Danny, I know.”

Something To Believe In
Sheldon/Lindsay | PG-13 | 1313 | fanfic100 & psych_30
She wonders if all his patients looked at him with his calm and empathetic expression and fell as hard as she’s falling now.

Sounds Nothing Like An Elegy
Danny/Lindsay | NC-17 | 1622 | fanfic100 & psych_30
The trembling starts somewhere after he turns the lights out, all impossible shards of dark, the air-conditioning in your apartment is less than functioning and everything tastes like heat.

Spitting Games
Lindsay | PG | 816 | fanfic100 & psych_30
It’s not her fault. It is. Never ending battle of nerves.

Stubborn Hues Of Fine
Lindsay | PG | 785 | fanfic100 & psych_30 & little_red_kite
In New York the crime scenes are more insane (tigers, dolls and subway lines; sounds more like a pretentious song lyric than a career).

Stumbling In Her Shoes
Lindsay, Aiden | PG | 1318 | fanfic100 & psych_30
Tripping you up on your first step as though to remind you that you weren’t in Montana any more and you weren’t even anyone’s first choice.

Suffocated By Everything She’s Not
Danny/Lindsay | PG-13 | 4036 | fanfic100 & psych_30
She’d rather fuck Danny while drunk on Chardonnay and panic than have to look him in those blue eyes and tell him the truth.

Sunrises They Never Got The Chance To See
Lindsay | PG-13 | 3062 | fanfic100 & psych_30
It’s been eighteen months. She still dreams in different shades of blood.

Ticking Of The Clock
Danny/Lindsay | PG | 840 | fanfic100 & karaokegal
He needs her to tell him if it’s never going to work out between them and let him down now, because if she doesn’t then it’s going to drive him insane.

Unintentional Exacerbation
Danny/Peyton | PG-13 | 1130 | alphabetasoup
Danny offers to take her out to dinner, but Peyton can see in his eyes that there’s only one thing that he wants, and besides, there is a line.

Way Of Life
Team | PG | 1942
It doesn’t seem funny now and Mac grips Don’s hand, silently apologising to him and to her for not being enough to save them.

Who Is On The Other End Talking? Am I Even Home?
Danny/Peyton | PG | 875 | alphabetasoup
“How’s Lindsay?” Peyton sounds like she cares, which she can’t because that would be masochistic on a level that even Danny can’t achieve.


Lindsay for alphabetdrabble

Lindsay | G | 100
Lindsay became a CSI because it’s good to see things that others don’t.

Lindsay | G | 100
It didn’t make a blind bit of difference to Lindsay, because she’d made up her mind years ago that she had to get out.

Lindsay | G | 100
Lindsay’s hands always get odd looks; the curved scars that wreck her palms.

Lindsay/Stella | PG | 100
There seem to be too many bandages and it’s more than a little scary.

Lindsay | G | 100
Lindsay loves the reconstructions, however gruesome.

Mac/Lindsay | G | 100
It’s worth it for the grin that breaks over Lindsay’s face.

Lindsay | PG | 100
She actually realised that she was entering a room with a hostage and far too many guns.

Lindsay | G | 100
In the moments before she arrives to work, Lindsay takes the time to take a deep breath or seven.

Danny/Lindsay | G | 100
Really though, it’s a great start to each morning.

Lindsay | PG | 100
She needs a reason, she needs to know why a guy walked through a park, picked on a girl from Montana, killed her horribly, and then kept on walking.

Danny/Lindsay | G | 100
“Do you believe in fate, Montana?” Danny asks.

Danny/Lindsay | G | 100
CSIs are not supposed to be distracted by their attractive coworkers, no matter how adorable their smile.

Lindsay | G | 100
It’s Valentine’s Day and dead people are cropping up all over the city.

Lindsay | G | 100
The twisted mazes of streets are full of various degrees of evil and cruelty, and she smiles wryly.

Lindsay, Sheldon | G | 100
Your head is thumping, because you’ve spent the day in badly-lit bars drifting with cigarette smoke.

Lindsay | G | 100
Sensible shoes, protein bars and at least four hours of sleep a night had been Stella’s suggestions.

Lindsay | G | 100
They drink to Aiden and who she was and who she isn’t now, glasses clinking together.

Lindsay/OMC | G | 100
“I’m leaving,” Lindsay announces, waiting for the world to fall apart around her.

Lindsay, Danny | PG | 100
“You think I haven’t seen blood like that before?” Lindsay asks.

Danny, Lindsay | PG | 100
There are candles burning softly on the table, a bottle of white wine with the chill just starting to wear off.

Lindsay | G | 100
Sunday morning. Lindsay stretches out in bed, warm and comfortable, with the sunlight warm on her face as it filters through the blinds.

Lindsay | G | 100
Lindsay’s cellphone rings about five minutes into the intermission of Cosí Fan Tutte.

Lindsay | G | 100
She makes her way to the bathroom to be faced with her stark, exhausted reflection in the mirror.

Lindsay [/Mac, /Danny] | G | 100
They had late nights and too much caffeine and candy bars instead of proper food for three days straight.

Danny/Lindsay | G | 100
There’s something about that pretty face and the beatific smile that no one should have.

Lindsay | PG | 100
It’s almost unnatural, given that she, if anyone, ought to know you can’t control anything.

Drabbles for femslash100

Lindsay/Peyton | PG-13 | 170
It’s the accent that makes Lindsay change her mind from I shouldn’t be doing this to the complete opposite.

Lindsay/Stella | PG-13 | 114
Lindsay sometimes wonders if Stella knows her body better than she does.

Lindsay/Aiden | PG-13 | 250
They drink lattés in silence, trying to work each other out. Aiden is everything that Lindsay isn’t, and it stings more than Lindsay wants to admit.

Lindsay/Stella | G | 200
Lindsay passes her a tissue and they huddle together on the couch, ignoring the popcorn split on the coffee table.

Random Drabbles

Danny/Nixon | PG | 110
Once you know where to look, it isn’t difficult to find out where the Suicide Girls plan to be next.

the less you put out the less that's gone
Danny/Lindsay | PG | 300
Her eyes are exhausted but there’s a light sparking deep in them, a light he hasn’t seen in a long time. It makes all of this worth it.

Danny/Lindsay | PG | 100 | fanfic100
She can’t look him in the eye for weeks.

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