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Lost masterlist


Accidents In Rooms With Closed Doors
Shannon/Boone | PG-15 | 1647 | 100_women
“We’ve played this game before,” she mutters, withdrawing her own hand and leaving his between her legs. “You always lose.”

And She
The girls | NC-17 | 4212 | rivers_bend
She may have lost absolutely everything, but she’s damned if that means she’s going to turn her back on the habits of a lifetime.

And The Harder They Hit Me The Less I Seem To Bruise
Jack/Sawyer | PG-13 | 800
“First sign of madness, talkin’ to yourself,” remarks a voice from behind him. Jack refuses to turn his head.

Jack/Sawyer | PG-13 | 714 | 7snogs
“Shut up, Sawyer,” Jack orders, “For once in your fucking life, just shut up.”

Calling It Quits
Jack/Sawyer | PG-13 | 1770 | 7snogs
He leans back to watch the man in the tattered black suit attempt to hold the world together (it’s impossible, but Sawyer gets a good view of Jack’s ass as he tries, so all is not lost).

‘Cause The You I Knew Is Fading Away
Shannon/Claire | PG-13 | 3015 | 5_roses
She can’t sleep any more. There’s a chance it’s Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Maybe she’s just going out of her mind.

Daisy Chains
Shannon/Claire | PG-13 | 1108 | 5_roses
She let him stay thinking like that, and everyone else too; it was easier to be Sayid’s Girl than sink into oblivion under the moniker of ‘that bitch’.

Deep Honey
Kate/Ana Lucia | NC-17 | 1070 | 30randomkisses
They’re both more vulnerable than they’ll ever willingly admit, not that it’s ever acknowledged, and in daylight they’ll barely look at each other.

Forget What You Don’t Know
Jack/Sawyer | PG-13 | 870 | 7snogs
You ain’t a child but it’s becoming increasingly clear that you’re the only one who knows that.

Just The Horizon You Run To
Jack/Sawyer | PG | 1655 | 7snogs
There’s blood on Sawyer’s face and his shirt is torn. But he’s there, damn real, hair still a little too long and grin still a little too wide.

Sawyer | PG | 626 | entangled_now
Self-loathing kept him going for a while, but it’s always been anger fuelling his steps, his bastard smile, his resolve as bit by bit he became what he always swore he wouldn’t.

Shannon/Claire | PG-13 | 690 | 5_roses
Claire wants white roses, to throw by the handful onto the small bundle that is apparently Shannon. But it can’t be Shannon because Shannon was never that small and-

Show Me A Bloodless Road, Tell Me: Why Does Someone Have To Lose?
Shannon/Claire, Claire/Ana Lucia | PG-13 | 2413 | 5_roses
“Can’t help it if you stray onto my patch of the beach,” Ana points out. “If you’re having your domestic troubles in my front yard, there’s nothing I can do.”

The Things They Take You Can’t Get Back
Jack/Sawyer | PG-13 | 2490 | 7snogs
They don’t count the days any more, but it’s got to have been at least a month that Jack’s been wandering about like a ghost, and Sawyer is starting to hate him.

Why Sand And Time Lords Really Don’t Mix
Crossover with Doctor Who | the Doctor | G | 570 | rivers_bend
He’s getting sand in places that no one should have sand and there’s a dangerous chance that the leather jacket will never be quite the same again.

With One Hour Left Before The World Ends
Jack/Sawyer | PG-13 | 960 | 7snogs
“I don’t normally do this sort of thing,” he whispers, needing, for some unknown reason, to clarify.

You Look Good When Your Heart Is On Fire (It’s A Matter Of Taste)
Jack/Sawyer | PG-15 | 657 | 7snogs
Jack knows that Sawyer’s got a gun. Got lots of guns. Perhaps this will get him killed. Perhaps it won’t.


Drabbles for femslash100

Claire/Sun | G | 120
She imagines that words taste different when she kisses them from Sun’s lips.

Shannon/Claire | G | 100
Before the island, Shannon wouldn’t have looked twice at Claire, except maybe to think that she needed some conditioner.

Ana Lucia/Shannon | PG-13 | 250
There’s a woman sitting in the back row, looking very bored and toying with one of the crappy airline alcohol bottles.

Ana Lucia/Claire | PG | 100
The not knowing is often worse.

Kate/Ana Lucia | PG-15 | 250
Ana draws you in and traps you, and Kate hates her for that, because she seems to be good at nothing except pushing people away.

Kate/Ana Lucia | PG-13 | 250
“What is this, high school? Think I’ve stolen your boyfriend?”

Claire/Ana Lucia | NC-17 | 320
They don’t talk and they fuck in the sand with the fear of the whispers in the forest as slick on their skin as sweat.

Random Drabbles

Shannon | G | 100
Shannon tries not to think about the life that isn’t hers to want.

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