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Title: Reasons
Fandom: House
Pairing: Chase/Wilson
Challenge/Prompt: fanfic100 069. Thunder
Rating: PG
Genre: Slash
Summary: Wilson can only think of really bad reasons why he should break up with Chase.
Author's notes: Written on a tissue smuggled out of my final GCSE exam. That's gotta count for something.

It’s ridiculous, really, but Wilson can only think of really, really bad reasons why he and Chase should break up. Stupid reasons like he can’t tell whose ties are whose any more in the closet, so he ends up wearing Chase’s ties to work and House, for some ungodly reason, always knows. And Wilson can’t cope with the smirks from his friend all day, ridiculous little smug looks that tell Wilson that he’s in for years of teasing.

Or the hair. It bothers him. Wilson knows that it shouldn’t, because it’s definitely one of Chase’s few attributes, but it frustrates him any way. It gets all over the place in its soft, blonde way, and Wilson is frankly sick of pushing it out his own eyes all the time. It’s all very well if Chase wants to look at the world through a curtain of shiny blonde, but it is not what Wilson signed up for and he can’t help feeling he’ll go blind if this keeps up. And he won’t even go into the way Chase steals his hairdryer in the mornings, or the fact that, for God’s sake, nothing on Earth can mess it up, and that’s just not normal.

And Wilson also knows that it shouldn’t annoy the hell out of him that Chase has dozens of plain, perfectly normal (even, dare he say it, nice) shirts hanging up in his closet, and yet he inflicts the multicoloured monstrosities on everyone for kicks or something. It is incredibly frustrating and Wilson tries not to let it bother him but the problem is that it really does.

Perhaps the most annoying thing is that oral fixation Chase has got going on. Once, when they were very drunk, House told Wilson that was the one thing in the world that would make him want to sleep with Chase- watching those perfect lips working on pencils every day made him want to know else he could do with that mouth. Wilson agreed at the time, but right now, it doesn’t work for him. Not really. Sure, it’s hot watching Chase do that to pencils and candy canes and coffee stirrers and lord knows what else; but it’s not convenient. Wilson has a job to get on with (not that, you know, you could tell from the way he hangs around House’s office doing fuck all), and he doesn’t have the time or the stamina to get watch Chase biting a biro pen and looking suggestively at him, and get horrendously turned on before he has to pull himself together and tell a mother of three that she’s terminal ten minutes later.

The accent doesn’t bother him as such. He knows it would be absurd to resent the boy for his nationality, and God knows he’s resented people for enough stupid reasons like that. No, it’s not the accent he has a problem with. It’s the way Chase uses it, the way he flirts and uses every drop of sex appeal he can wring out of the vowels (certainly enough to drown a normal mortal in). Wilson doesn’t get jealous-much-when he sees Chase flirting with the nurses or with the patients but he resents the way that Chase could persuade anyone- anyone- to sleep with him and yet he’s chosen Wilson. It makes him feel uncomfortable and angry and he isn’t sure why.

The age difference isn’t huge but Chase looks and acts younger than he actually is. Not deliberately. Wilson is sure it isn’t deliberate. No one could keep up that wide-eyed wounded innocence every day and not get tired of it, not let it slip for a few seconds at a time. As far as Wilson can tell, Chase never does. Wilson is jaded and tired and he can’t help feeling that some of that must rub off on Chase, and he feels guilty about if from time to time, which drives him mad. After all, Chase is far from being squeaky-clean or even a little bit clean, but his manner makes him seem like he’s still a virgin, like he’s never got around to hurting anyone.

Wilson knows, though, that when he comes around to telling Chase that they’re over, the reason he will give is that Chase isn’t himself any more, not really. He’ll cite arguments they’ve never had. He’ll talk all about how House is corrupting him, changing him, carving him into a carbon copy of himself (but with silkier hair). He’ll tell Chase that he’s becoming too careless, that he doesn’t think about the patients any more, that he thinks only of himself, that he spews out “everybody lies” with such conviction far too often, that Wilson is with Chase to get away from House, not to watch Chase convert in front of his eyes. And it’s funny, because that’s the one thing about the relationship that Wilson honestly doesn’t mind.

I'm going home, I promise I'll stop posting stuff.
Tags: challenge: fanfic100, character: james wilson, character: robert chase, pairing: house/wilson, pairing: robert chase/james wilson, tv show: house md, type: slash
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