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I thought I ought to do one of these, more for my benefit than yours but if you want to use it for your own nefarious purposes then do. Basically, I'm going to list everything I've got on the internet with links, crappy summaries and incompetent author's notes. Look and read if you like, but if not, that's fine too.

Slash that wasn’t written for challenges

Wishing It Was, Landed, Unlovable and Figured You Out
- A House/Chase series, and my first lot of House fic, come to think of it. Set over and between season one’s “Control” and “Love Hurts”. Mostly angst and tapers towards fluff at the end.

- House/Chase, House/Wilson, Wilson/Chase. Co-written with my darling drag_queen90. Heavily angsty, very dark, and absolutely no light. This links to all the separate bits in my memories and *should* work.

Oral Fixation
- Fluffy House/Chase; a series of vignettes set around what Chase has in his mouth at the time. Far less dirty than I make it sound.

Drag The Sunrise Down
- House/Chase. An AU version of how much better Rowan Chase’s death could have gone, and my personal favourite of all my H/C fics. Angsty and with some not too bad dialogue and imagery (even if I do say so myself; I was ill at the time of writing it).

Hail Mary
- House/Chase, kinda dark and angsty, set after Rowan Chase’s death and written during a latin exam so no one gets motives.

Blood Ties
- House/Chase, angsty and a bit fluffy, with violence and rambling, and second person, which is my thang, bitch. Also written during a couple of exams.

- My first Wilson/Chase. I’m not sure how to describe it. Written in the bath, if that helps. And it ain’t very long.

- Wilson/Chase, House/Chase- with yummy character analysis for everyone else. Chase is sleeping with Wilson because he can’t have House but it’s got other stuff… and albinolady drew me a really nice picture of Chase tied up in rosaries to go with it. *blush*

Wise Men
- House/Chase, House/Foreman, House/Cameron, Chase/Cameron, Foreman/Cameron. A cracky songfic I’d wanted to write forever about how badly House fucks up his team and why. No happy ending and a couple of weird sentences because I wrote it by hand before typing it up and my hand got tired.

- HOUSE/WILSON!!! (look, I do bother to do it sometimes) All H/W fans will hate it because it basically describes how Wilson hates and loves everything about House but look; I wrote it. Ha ha.

Sweet The Sting
- House/Doctor Who crossover as a present for justian, who asked for it. Cracky and actually quite bad, but what the hell :D

Sunlight On Blonde
- House/Chase/Wilson future!fic (and kinda cracky) for deelaundry.

Lightning Strike
- House/Wilson with angsty Tritter arc pain for deelaundry.

Coping Mechanisms (1/2)
- Chase/Wilson with the prompt "You bruise so easily". S3 angst for karaokegal.

Honesty Isn't Always The Best Policy
- House/Wilson. Wilson cheats. For apatheia_jane.

Het that wasn’t written for challenges (because I’m not a total slash bunny yet)

What Price Devotion?
- House/Cameron (I know, yum), set just after “Acceptance”, in which I tried to make it work. They are both drunk. Title taken from those totally wonderful English House adverts that took over my life for about three weeks (and are still on my living room wall and bedroom ceiling, looking at me all accusingly)

- House/Cameron. Written for realboatsrock’s birthday, as part of all those pairings she wanted (I might put some more on sometime). Kinda fluffy and not too bad, even if I say so myself.

Ways and Means
- Destructive!Chase/Cameron. Bwahahaha. Some day I’ll write some Cameron/Foreman where she doesn’t get kicked to pieces.

9 Crimes
- Cameron/Wilson for little_red_kite. Not a bad fic, all things considered, I just don't really like C/W. *sighs*

You That I Defend I Do Not Love
- Chase/Stacy. I love these two. So pointlessly destructive. An experiment in writing styles, this contains more colons than possibly anything should. :D

Entropy (And Its Detrimental Effect On Dinner Parties
- Chase/Cuddy. For leiascully. Tequila + fundraisers.

Can't Forgive/Won't Forget
- Cameron/Foreman. Set after "Euphoria". For leiascully.

Coping Mechanisms (2/2)
- House/Cameron, s3 angst, "you bruise so easily". For karaokegal.

- Wilson/Cameron drabble. Another "All In" tie-in.

My fanfic100 lot which aren’t actually all Chase/Wilson even though they are

The Interview (Beginnings)
- Pre-slash, mildly humorous.

And At Least The Trains All Run On Time But They Don’t Go Anywhere… (Middles)
- Ooh, I’m *proud* of this one. A bit incomprehensible but still. Angsty and stuff. Dedicated to justian.

Hopes and Fears (Ends)
- 12 different break-ups set to the titles of Keane’s first album. Angst, obviously. Also contains House/Wilson and Chase/Cameron.

Promising (Months)
- Chase’s first year at PPTH, also contains why he and Wilson never talk to each other now. Really not bad although riddled with typos. Songfic to the song RSL sings in the film “Chelsea Walls”. Also contains House/Chase. Dedicated to little_red_kite

Black Cherry (Years)
- A highly unlikely and mildly OOC look at the past and future of PPTH. Songfic to Goldfrapp’s Black Cherry. And should go down as having Chase and Cameron’s horizontal tango set to the entire album. Also contains Chase/Cameron and House/Chase.

Slow Motion (Colourless)
- A supershort ficlet about how Wilson and House wreck Chase in different ways. Was much better when I originally wrote it because I wrote it with my left hand (I’m right-handed) in pink biro in a notebook so it was way symbolic and shit, but sadly I couldn’t scan it in because it was almost completely illegible. Now it no longer matters.

Tequila (Sunrise)
- A very bad fic involving the ducklings at a bar drinking tequila sunrises. Need I say more?

Keeping Me Up All Night (Too Much)
- Set around “All In” (best episode ever? I think so, although I have a formalwear fetish), with Chase watching Wilson and being all unrequited and sad. Slightly songfic to “Keeping Me Up All Night” by Matt Willis.

Not Enough (Not Enough)
- There had to be a poem at some point. This is it. Written at a poetry conference when I was *extremely* high on caffeine (i.e the day I discovered how extremely I react to it. Don’t believe me? Ask the members of wirdnsscrusade who were all there and putting coats on my head to try and get me to stop giggling.)

Lifeline (Taste)
- Short part of a not much longer fic that I tore to shreds to use in different circumstances (although I haven’t found a use for that para of Chase/Foreman yet, come to think of it), involving a late night, my boys, and a kitkat, which I’m fairly sure American people have.

Just (Triangle)
- Chase belongs to House and he makes that abundantly clear but that doesn’t mean that Wilson can’t borrow him from time to time. I love this fic which no one has ever read because I didn’t advertise it anywhere. It’s one of my stream of consciousness ones, features House/Chase and is dedicated to __bleed_me__.

Is It Any Wonder? (Circle)
- Written to help me get over my dad’s death, it covers Chase and Wilson in both 1990 and today, is actually gen, and really isn’t bad considering the mood I was in at the time. Plus features the reason Jimmy’s first marriage broke up (*cough* House), and is dedicated to realboatsrock.

Moonlight (Moon)
- Fluffy. My boys drinking on the roof. Features a proposal and lots and lots of Chase being pretty and too many brackets.

The Crash (Diamond)
- … Or why you shouldn’t revise chemistry and write fic. Is very rambly and full of unrequited stuff, and set around the Vogler days.

The Morning After (Breakfast)
- Chase/Foreman, Chase/Cameron, Chase/House, Chase/Cuddy, Chase/Vogler, Chase/dude from “Hunting”, Chase/OFC. Would have had Chase/Stacy if I’d remembered to put it in (crackiest pairing ever). Contains one of my favourite paras of H/C.

Let It Slide (Spring)
- First person *gasp* with dark!Wilson and plenty of angst and swearing. A Rowan death fic because it’s not like I haven’t milked it enough or anything.

Pre-Lapsarian (Fall)
- Another Vogler one but I like this one because it’s written in lots of short symbolic paragraphs and mostly at about one in the morning watching QVC (plus has my proud line “wings not so much clipped as torn out feather by wicked feather”).

Kind Words and a Loaded Gun (Passing)
- A BLACK HUMOUR DEATH!FIC. Slightly sick and apparently made some readers laugh aloud. Side effects of too much Green Wing methinks. I am obscenely proud. Also made little_red_kite cry, so what do I know?

Vectors (Snow)
- Written instead of doing my maths homework on, yep, you guessed it, vectors. Chase is crying his eyes out during “Deception” on Wilson’s balcony in the snow. Wilson watches and eats cereal. It is *that* good.

Reasons (Thunder)
- Wilson’s highly crappy reasons for wanting to break up with Chase. House/Wilson if you *squint* really hard. Written on a tissue during my last GCSE exam.

Riders On The Storm (Shade)
- 200 words and one full stop. I love writing really long sentences. Has hints of The Doors in it. And yes, I heart it.

Confusion (Who)
- Wilson is giving House a blowjob while considering the merits of sleeping with Chase, but without any graphic content. H/W shippers, be pleased.

Blind Hatred (What)
- House has found out Chase is sleeping with Wilson and is not best pleased. Doesn’t actually make much sense.

If not now… (When)
- Gen! Ha ha! Wilson waits for Rowan to die and keeps an eye on Chase.

Tadzio (And)
- Oh God yes. I could not be more proud of this one. I wrote it while very very ill, on my laptop on the sofa. It’s a complete and utter stream of consciousness, and I am very, very proud. Go read it now.

Bleeding Out (She)
- Crossover with CSI:NY, and the one that got me thinking “Hey, Chase/Lindsay, that makes *perfect* sense!” UST and the most unlikely everything ever, written in the form of 100 word drabbles. Dedicated to widowedanthem because she doesn’t watch either show.

Distraction (Work)
- Fluffy, Wilson mooning over Chase for a change, written for a set of prompts I picked outta a dictionary, and kind of adorable in about three places.

Uncertainty (Birthday)
- Suspiciously fluffy birthday Wilson/Chase, where they go to dinner and it could be a date and then again it might not be. Heh. Should be much, much better than it is.

Who Can Love You And Still Be Standing? (Thanksgiving)
- Jimmy and his wives, and Chase and House in there somewhere, all very written late at night and therefore not entirely lucid, but not too bad considering.

Bells For Her (Sight)
- Strange, slightly sick C/W entirely from the POV of a Cameron/Cuddy one (includes OOC voyeurism). It is very, very odd. Uh... yeah. That's all I can say.

Home One Two (Home)
- A slightly epic one with the interpersonal relationships of everyone at PPTH, Chase/Wilson, House/Cameron, Stacy/House, Foreman/Cameron, Cameron/Wilson, House/Chase, House/Cuddy UST etc etc.

Mr November (Broken)
- Chase getting a breakdown after his father's death. Sound familiar anyone? ;) Second person, and very trippy.

Sugar (Dinner)
- Gen Chase and Wilson, sitting around at home, doing nothing. Pairingless and carefully edited to show their similarities or something. Dedicated to z_oexspoons

Please (He)
- Aspects of a destructive C/W relationship from their POVs. I really like this. It works for me ;)

What You Meant (Heart)
- Fluffy without being totally fluffy, this is House, Chase and Wilson sitting around on Valentine's Day with too much time and candy. And I wrote it on Valentine's Day, as you can probably tell.

Number Forty-One; Shapes
- No punctuation, no plotline, images and hyperlinks instead of words... this is my version of art.

Burn (Fire)
-Otherwise known as The One With Far Too Many Metaphors. Throw-away Vogler arc piece.

At Least The Dark Don't Hide It (Writer's Choice: Lines)
- Kinda Wilson/Chase, kinda House/Chase, mostly ambiguous snapshot moments. *snicker*

How Soon Is Now?
- House/Wilson/Chase in a style unlike my normal one. And I have got to stop naming things after Smiths songs I don't even really like!

Intermission (Sound)
- A gen Chase-Wilson fic set after House's death. Apparently quite upsetting, but it isn't too bad. *grin* Death!fics R Us over here...

Champagne (Sunset)
- Crack!fic in which Chase and Wilson meet in the future at Foreman and Cameron's wedding, therefore getting two pairings I love in one fic. Not my best fic but who really cares?

The One You Love (Choices)
- Written all the way back in January and therefore not particularly good. My own fallout etc for "Hunting". With Rufus Wainwright Lyrics.

But Poetry Is Not For Me (Dark)
- Chase/Wilson smut. *gasp* I produced smut! Written also for karaokegal's fanfic Halloween party. :D

... In Which Everything Is More Than A Little Fucked Up (Outsides)
- Chase/Wilson, Chase/Cameron, Chase/Stacy, Cameron/Foreman, House/Cameron, UST between practically everyone else. Does what it says on the tin, or at least would if it had a tin. Why don't I have a tin?

Nothing I Do (Fixed)
- With implied Cameron/Foreman. After Grace’s death, Wilson needs someone to turn to. And Chase just wants someone to rip apart. Surprisingly vicious in places ;)

Miscellany (Club)
- Very fucking weird Chase/Wilson in dinky little pieces.

Forever Is An Inconveniently Long Time (Life)
- I really like this. It's a House POV where I feel I've pinned him down. Set during "Forever", Wilson offers miserable!Chase comfort and House mocks everything and everyone. Set because in "Forever" there's the perfect screencap C/W moment that I keep meaning to get.

Things I'll Probably Never Get Around To Saying (Insides)
- Sort of a prequel to outsides. Very very strange but not entirely hideous. Very introspective etc.

Reasons Why James Wilson And Robert Chase Really Shouldn’t Ever Drink Together. (Drink)
- Title says it all (again). I quite like this because it was crack to write.

Crumb By Crumb (Teammates)
- A present for fallen_arazil, who wanted slut!Wilson. Therefore, this is only just Chase/Wilson, because there is so much Wilson/other people. It took a lot of effort to write and I think it maybe paid off...

Seven Things That [Probably] Never Happened During Chase’s Week Of Suspension (Winter)
- Have decided obvious titles are quite nice, but I will probably go back to using obscure song lyrics. Written for karaokegal, this is angsty and kinda strange because most of it was written at 3 a.m whilst having a nervous breakdown. Seven ways of looking at the fucked up C/W dynamic.

I Get The Feeling That If It Hadn't Been You It Would Have Been Someone Else (Strangers)
- Five ways the boys never met. I think I got the title before I got the fic, to be honest, but it was fun to write even if it isn't fantastic to read, and there is priest!Chase. Always yay.

In The Jacket That I Save For Funerals (Death)
- Chase, Wilson, death. Mostly gen, a teensy bit slashy. The guys have to deal with death in all sorts of ways and I sort of slumped into a depression while writing it, cuz these things happen.

You Pick Me Up And Try Me Out In Shades Of Silver Blue (Light)
- Dark and disturbing and violent and sadistic and non-con ish and utterly terrifying. Written for karaokegal who wanted some decent hate!sex. Although I fear this all got a bit out of hand. But don't say you weren't warned.

The House Of The Rising Sun (Summer)
- The fic that can't work out if it wants to be angsty or amusing, and if the title is a metaphor or not. Fills in the spaces between seasons two and three. Cuz yay.

Existential Angst (How?)
- Written for rivers_bend, all I can say about this is that it is extremely... poetically strange.

Losing Judas One Two (Why?)
- "Finding Judas" tie-in fic. Wilson and Chase and how Wilson wound up selling House out. So much fun to write!

I Am Not Meredith Grey And I Refuse To Let You Be My McDreamy (Independence)
- Slightly mad (just look at the title) and doesn't really achieve anything, but in a lovely and enjoyable way. Well, I like it anyway! And it's my favourite title ever.

Vegas In Green Tiles (Hours)
- I really, really like this. It's written in 100-word drabbles and charts the breakdowns of Chase and Wilson (and the others in PPTH) in the hours after House's shooting. One of those ones that when you're writing, it just flows.

Two Wrongs And All The Things They Don't Make (Square)
- Incredibly bitchy, because of all the Chase/Cameron in s3. Based around the idea that the flowers House gave Wilson are the ones Chase gave Cameron. I like it, I can't help it :) Also written for un_love_you.

Things That You Insist On Blaming Me For (Family)
- Based around the episode "Family". Chase and Wilson have moved on from their apathysex, except that they sort of haven't. I quite like some of the dialogue in this, but it's not fabulous. Also written for un_love_you.

My Grey Gardens 'verse

If you're reading this, chances are you've read Grey Gardens, seen the posts or heard me complain about writing it, if not all three. But just in case: it's Chase/Wilson, heavily AU, written for the prompt "if" at ff100 and dedicated to drag_queen90. Here are my links:
One Two Three Four Five Six Seven Eight

- April Fools (Or: How James Wilson Found Himself Married [And Divorced] Four Different Times, Lost Most Of The Muscles In His Right Thigh, Weathered Through A Very Destructive Friendship, Developed A Drug Addiction and Realised That He Was Maybe Slightly Gay)

This is my prequel to Grey Gardens, with how James ended up the way he did.

Part One Interlude Part Two

- Natasha
Another prequel/companion Piece/Sequel to Grey Gardens and April Fools. House and Cuddy (and a little bit House/Cuddy).

Just a one-shot this time

Movies Of Myself
Snapshots of Grey Gardens life.

Stop Me Falling Down, Stop Me Making Movies Of Myself (Petra/Foreman)

House General Series for 100moods

Indian Summer (Crushed)
- Cameron/Stacy because there really isn't enough of that pairing out there. Very fun to write, believe me. Mildly smutty.

Spark (Confused)
- Cameron/Chase/Cuddy because karaokegal told me to write it and I thought I'd give it a go. I highly recommend you don't give this a shot.

Hear Me (Thoughtful)
- A House/Chase with a twist at the end. Bwa ha ha. (I should eat something)

Glory Box (Sick)
- A House/Cameron for people who don't like House/Cameron! Genius! Unfluffy, downright dark and mildly disturbing in some places, and partially inspired by the truly excellent Portishead song "Glory Box", but in an ironic fashion ;)

Sour Times (Exhausted)
- House and Stacy break up for the first time. It's mean and shouty and fun to write.

And With A Wink And A Smile (Enthralled)
- House and Wilson and the first time they meet, written in a very odd first person future kinda way. It is probably very bad but I very much enjoyed writing it, so who fucking cares?

Take Me To The River (Morose)
- Wilson/wives in fragments. Way fun :D

Definition of Wrong (Annoyed)
- House gets bored with a blue biro pen and everyone else gets annoyed/upset. Cameron POV for once! Just a snapshot with no discernable plotline. :D

What Price Ambition?
-Yet another one inspired by the channel five ads. Foreman/Cuddy for a change (are you excited?) and requested by fallen_arazil. I fall between loving and hating this.

And They All Lived Happily Ever After (guilty)
- Not one of my best works, I acknowledge this, but it's not half bad. Cameron/dead husband.

Red (Sinful)
- Chase/Annette. Once again, slightly crap, but not bad and there should be lots more of this pairing out there! *gets off soapbox*

Grazed Knees (Lonely)
- Cuddy/Julie. Teh yay. Written for house_femfest.

Pale Yellow (Pessimistic)
- Cameron/Cuddy, once again for house_femfest. A little different for me, but I'm really proud of this one :D

Helen Of Troy (Angry)
- Cameron/Foreman at the end of season two and the space between the seasons, trying to make it work and almost succeeding. I really love this.

We Weren't Supposed To Pay His Price (Predatory)
- House and Cameron are breaking up an est relationship and this turns around in an interesting fashion on Cuddy. Cameron/Cuddy. Dark and very bitchy.

Five Ways To Talk To A Dying Man (Frustrated)
- Set post "Half-Wit", where House pretends he has cancer, these are five conversations he has with his staff and friends and everyone vents their hurt and frustration in different ways. I think it works. And I do so love awkward dialogue!

Good Golly Miss Molly (Embarrassed)
- House/Ali, and I listened to too much rock and roll while listening to it, as you can SEE. Ali comes back when she's legal.

Love's Not A Competition (But I'm Winning) (Optimism)
- Chase/Cameron, written for karaokegal's fanfic Halloween party. It's a little fluffy, it's very OTP-y, and not bad considering how Chase/Cameron actually makes my skin crawl.

The 38th Parallel (Drained)
- Cameron/Foreman. Super angry, set after Euphoria, in snapshots. There are no books on what to do when your co-workers try to kill you and how you’re supposed to function afterwards. Also? I love my title!

Other People's Aftershocks (Flirty)
- Chase/Kalvin crackfic. Kalvin runs into Chase in a bar, and mild silliness ensues. No angst!

This Didn't Happen To Farrah Fawcett (Determined)
- Amber/13 pre-femslash set during Guardian Angels. Involves bitchyness and shower nudity. Yay!

Case Studies In Humiliation (Uncomfortable)
- Cameron, Chase and Foreman struggle to cope post the whole quitting/firing thing. Spoilers for early season 4.

Wilson/Cameron for alphabetdrabble

No Reason All The Wrong Reasons
- Oh yes. 26 drabbles and I’ve totally ruined W/C forever. Destructive!hatesex. Yes yes yes. Sex is *unbelievably fun*. And such cracky angst to write. *swoon*

House/Chase 40_mixed lot.

Thicker Than Water
- Prequel/companion piece/sequel to Blood Ties, but from Chase’s POV, and just as angsty/fluffy/violent as the last one.

Hear Me
- A House/Chase with a twist at teh end. Kinda.

This Is How It Goes
- Written for johnirae. It's House/Chase snapshot fiction twisted with a linear narrative, charts three years of working, and took way longer to write than I thought it would. I like it. *shrugs*

- Sequel to Blood Ties and Thicker Than Water. Cameron's outside look at Chase's almost-death and then his relationship with House, because I quite like kicking her and the writing style I used for these was fun.

House/Chase/Wilson for drabbles100

This is my table. Lots and lots of H/W/C angst-ridden drabbles (seriously, only about five of these are happy). Enjoy.

House/Cuddy 7snogs

Guilt (7. Milk)
- Post infarction H/C with the two of them being all awkward and grrr. It’s my first stab at this shit, so…

Taxi Ride (3. Embrace)
- More post-infarction H/C stuff, with H/W friendship, and Stacy stuff, set during "Need to Know".

But Inside I'm Screaming (4. Sunset)
- Set during "Detox". UST-bickering. With an imaginary kiss. (is that cheating?)

What Price Honesty? (1. Uniform)
- Vogler story arc, both fluffy and destructive (cuz that can work). Another one to go with the excellent channel five adverts.

Apollo's Frock (2. Jealousy)
- Set after "All In", it's House and Cuddy and a snapshot moment of general drunkenness.

Natasha (5. Rumour)
- Part of my Grey Gardens universe.

Pain Relief And Other Misnomers (6. Argument)
- House and Cuddy and that little thing called morphine. Written horrendously late at night and in first person, which is always kind of a strange area for me, but it's not entirely crap.

House/Cuddy for 100_prompts
(using a 30-prompt table because I'm not entirely braindead. At least, not yet.)

Green Tea (Awkward)
- Written for leiascully. Set at the end of series one, this kinda angsts, and it's both hatesex and nearly fluff. Very odd. But not bad.

White Lines (Compromise)
- Slightly smutty slightly fluffy slightly strange. Well, at least I like it :D

Gold Star (Found)
- A bit fluffy, a bit strange, was written in under an hour somewhere around midnight. It's very pretty though.

Bronze Medal (Open)
- Set as an alternate end to "Cane And Able", because it could have SO been more H/C oriented.

Pale Blue Silences (Remorse)
- Written for leiascully. "You plus me is bad news". Have you noticed the pattern in the titles for this series yet?

Cream-Coloured Ponies (And Crisp Apple Strudel) (Cut)
- Set after the end of the Tritter arc, an awkward conversation as Cuddy lets House know he's not quite forgiven (and with a fucking sexy title). And I like my House voice here too.

Raspberry Beret (Tactile)
- Set after the season 3 finale. Wilson won't talk to House so House takes to stalking Cuddy instead. Nothing to do with the Prince song, I promise (I've never even heard it!).

Red-and-White Striped Candy Canes (Plead)
- Set during Merry Little Christmas, gen, kind of angry and desperate.

House/Cameron for 1theme

No More False Heavens. No More Damned Magic.
(A multi-part story with each chapter standing alone. Ooh etc.)

Drabbles for femslash100

Love One
- Cameron/Stacy

Love Two
- Cameron/Stacy

Hate One
- Cameron/Stacy

Hate Two
- Cameron/Stacy

House/Wilson for 5sentence_fics

- Apples and Oranges 25 moments of House/Wilson. All it took to convince me that I don't like the pairing. Dedicated to rivers_bend.

Cameron/Stacy for femslash100 (alphabet soup challenge)
- Untitled is 26 Cameron/Stacy drabbles. Some are better than others but still: yay!

Cameron/Cuddy for femslash100 (aroundtheclock challenge)
- is my drabble masterlist :D

Entry for hw_fest
Pretty Things
- Angsted up House/Wilson (with House/Cameron) to a Rufus Wainwright song. It took a lot of work, which is yet anothe reason why I don't do H/W. Enjoy what exists.

Robert Chase for 1character
- You're Not The Only One That I Know (And I'm Far Too Proud To Talk To You Anyway) is fifty sentences on Chase. No duh. ;)

Cameron/Stacy for 1sentence
- Everything's Made To Be Broken is fifty sentences of Cameron/Stacy and I hate them (sentences, not pairing).

Chase/Stacy for 1sentence
- I Fell Out Of Favour With Heaven Somewhere And I'm Here For The Hell Of It Now is fifty Chase/Stacy sentences because it is the best crack pairing EVER.

Chase/Lindsay Monroe (CSI:NY) for 1sentence
Fingerprints is a crossover between House and CSI NY because I take delight in being awkward. And right now I seem to be having an allergic reaction to crackers. That can’t be right. I didn’t know you could do that.

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